Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine


Month: March 2016

Citric Acid Metabolic Cycle & Aspartic Acid

March 31, 2016

Today while out walking i had a revelation: I need Aspartic Acid. I remembered a couple of summers ago that I took Aspartic Acid and I got a boost of energy. But back then when I tried the Aspartic Acid thats all I got – a boost of energy.

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Summary Of Past Week

March 28, 2016

In the past week I have been trying new herbal formulas with great results.  Just in the past 24 hours I had a detox event that occurred in my cranium.  The result was a jump in cognitive and perceptual clarity.  It happened during the night.

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More Methylation Efforts

March 16, 2016

I’ve been having short term memory problems the last couple of weeks.  Upon thinking about it, the thought of ATP came to mind. So two days ago I took Niacin and Riboflavin, both co-factors of ATP.  Along with the  Niacin and Riboflavin I take NADH and Riboflavin-5-Phosphate.

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March 12, 2016

While out walking and meditating about my health and what to work on next it dawned on me that I needed to work on my gut flora.  I also knew that I would need to take more than your standard dose.

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Summary Of Recent Activity

March 7, 2016

(1) This morning I took a group of herbs that I felt led to relief of dampness in my lower abdomen.  I can’t seem to get a handle on this chronic problem.

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