Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine


Month: July 2016


July 25, 2016

A couple of evenings ago I took 8 grams of Methionine. All that night I felt it absorbing throughout my system. Yesterday while out at the movies I had a brief exchange between myself and a cashier, and I sensed that my verbal skills had improved.

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Back To Methionine

July 3, 2016

Two days ago I took 3 grams of Methionine, and all through the night I experienced a healing detox of long term toxins.  All through my gut and cranium I felt it happen.  In my cranium – a hissing sort of sound.

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Too Acidic

July 2, 2016

Something happened within the past couple of days.  In particular, last night I took Lysine Ethyl Esther, and overnight it dawned on me that (1) this is the form of Lysine that

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