Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine


Month: June 2020

Zeroing In

June 27, 2020

Water Retention: I’ve started to use a Dragon Herbs water retention formula to control my chronic bloat and water retention problems. Improving My Health: I’m finally zeroing in on what formulas to use that address my chronic fatigue and brain fog issues. These formulas include Dragon Herbs Return To Youth, MicroCosmic Orbit and Rehmannia 6. … Continue reading “Zeroing In”

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My Pyridoxal Deficiency

June 21, 2020

Today is the first time that I have experienced a correction of my Pyridoxal Deficiency (diagnosed way back in 1982). To accomplish this I took B-6 and P-5-P orally and applied a liquid B-6 solution to various parts of my body. Of note: in the week prior to this I have been using Traditional Chinese … Continue reading “My Pyridoxal Deficiency”

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Being Mindful

June 17, 2020

Today while out on the local mass transit I experienced an emotion rising within me. I then found myself examining it, labeling it, and letting it go. I’ve been reading about this exercise or practice of being mindful but today for the first time I actually experienced it. How does this ‘skill’ of mine come … Continue reading “Being Mindful”

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A Few Updates-Modified

June 14, 2020

Oops. Forgot about Kreb Chelates. I’ve long known that I had problems with my Krebs Cycle. This morning I took two tablets, and within an hour I noticed relief. Booyah! I’ve had success with using Jing formulas, but not Qi or Shen. But last week I began to use my Qi formulas with good results. … Continue reading “A Few Updates-Modified”

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