Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine


Month: January 2021

Getting It Together

January 23, 2021

I took the herbal formula Si Ni San a couple of days ago with great improvement. Putting it all together I now have the following maintenance stack: Dragon Herbs Microcosmic Orbit (for Qi) and Return To Youth (for Jing), Si Ni San (for liver), Free And Easy Wanderer, Hepatatone Plus (for liver), Kan Herbs Lucid … Continue reading “Getting It Together”

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Lactose & Gluten Intolerance

January 15, 2021

Due to my own efforts and insights, via the use of various Complementary Alternative Medicine’s, I have reached the stage where I can feel that, upon eating foods containing lactose or gluten, I can actually feel that the lactose or gluten is a substance that is unnatural or foreign to my body.

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Jan 2021 Week 2

January 12, 2021

A lot of small incremental advances during the past two weeks as I advance towards my goal of “going clear” from my lifelong depression, brain fog and chronic fatigue. I will list them in an upcoming installment. During the past two days: I used two Traditional Chinese Medicine formula’s that worked for me: a formula … Continue reading “Jan 2021 Week 2”

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Mistakes I Made

January 4, 2021

1 – Not correcting my diet to eliminate gluten (I have non-celiac Gluten Intolerance). 2 – Not correcting my diet to eliminate dairy products (I have a lactose intolerance). 3 – Not correcting my chronic constipation. 4 – Not concentrating on my liver issues (I think I have long had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease).

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