Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine



December 24, 2020

Recent developments:

In the past week-started to use Free And Easy Wanderer, Rehmannia Six, Guang Ci Tang’s Skin WindClear(XIAO FENG PIAN) and Eagle Herbs Ginseng and Longan(Gui Pi Tang). These four formulas made my chemistry a lot better, but I knew I still had to get better.

After asking my body what it needed besides these four it occurred to me to try an immune formula. The formula that came to mind, from my past experience using it, was Dragon Herbs Virugo Max. I took it and again I experienced a notable incremental improvement in my overall health.

About an hour or so ago, after once again asking my body what to take next, was to take another immune formula. This was Plum Flower’s Jade Screen. I’m sitting here and the results from taking this formula feel very promising.