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A Chi Imbalance

March 18, 2019

– I was going through all of my Superfood Herbal formulas and found my bottle of Truth Calkins Shapeshifter I bought awhile ago. I used it once and didn’t much care for it. I looked it up and learned that this formula was a Spleen-Chi formula that dealt with Edema in the area of the digestion (a problem I have). So . . . I decided to give it another try. Overnight the dampness in my groin went away. Today I went looking for these same herbs in a pill/tablet form. I found them in a Chicago chinatown herbal shop. I’ll post those herbs here later.

 – I have long known that (1) I live in my head, (2) live in a stream-of-consciousness state of mind, (3) am considered head strong, etc. In the past couple of days I have moved to using downward draining herbal formulas.

Here are the formulas that I have been using for my Chi Imbalance:

Joel Penner’s Shi Pi Yin

Joel Penner’s Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin

Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang (Perrilla Seed Combination)

Eagle Herbs Easy Flow

For two days I have been using the above formulas. Today, as a result, I slept 12 hours straight in a prolonged healing crisis.