Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine



Additional Commentary And Advances

February 29, 2016

Recently I learned some interesting concepts with respect to my health.
From  I first learned of “induced deficiencies” and “secondary, teritiary and deeper deficiencies”.  These words struck a note with respect to my many years of experience.

Over my many years of struggle with internal ecological illness I keep incurring deficiencies of one  nutrient or another. How or why do I keep experiencing these “induced deficiencies”?
My life experience of ecologic illness, I have come to believe, is beginning from my weaning (which occured around 1950 or so-I was born in 1949). After my weaning I was fed at least in part cows milk and cereal from some kind of grain. Both of these I have genetic intolerances. So my long term toxins/gunk got built up from very early on. These toxins are the cause of my life long spectrum disorder. I was always a ‘wallflower’, ‘out of it’, or ‘slow’. I have always lived in a fog. So around 1975 or so I experimented with large doses of Niacin and saw the light: my problems, my life long longing to be normal, had a biological origin. I ended up trying to heal myself and particularly, heal my brain. It later dawned on me that I was in fact ‘detoxifying’ my brain via ‘straining’ or concentrating on it. Sound strange? So how did this go?

I found out, from painful experience, that as a result of detoxifying the bad stuff (long term toxins, candida, fungus infections, phlegm, bacterial slime, etc) I was also drawing out the good. I was giving myself “induced deficiencies”. Now, these induced deficiencies are different from that as described in the above cited phoenixrising website. But this is as good a description as can think of right now. So why is this effort bringing me out of this fog? Is that build up of gunk causing a blockage of ‘metabolic pathways’ and thus depriving my brain of vital nutrition? Or was my brain itself, over the long years of my life, somehow poisoned as well?

Now, you might say, can someone detoxify their brain? In the current issue of Scientific American there is an article titled Brain Drain.  It describes a system of drainage called the glymphatic system.  After reading this I immediately recognized that this is what I have been using.  All these years of concentrated effort at detoxifying my brain was making use of this system.

What about the blood brain barrier? The webpage states that “the blood-brain barrier breaks down, as is the case in some brain cancers and brain infections”.  I’m convinced that I had these infections from a very early age.

All I can say is, I am emerging from a fog, most definitely, and this emerging is from this detox effort of mine. And how does the brain detoxify? The current Scientific American issue describes a newly described lymphatic system that is particular to the brain and nervous system. The authors describe it as the ‘glymphatic’ system. Now the authors describe this system as the system that the brain uses to ‘cleanse’ itself.

Today I experienced my closest experience to reality yet.  I can just tell. My brain tells me. My body tells me.  I can only surmise its  result of all my efforts over the previous years.  On thing stands out. Yesterday I was researching methylation, and I found a piece of information that I did not know before.  In particular the article mentioned a group of nutrients, in concert, acted to improve methylation.  They are calcium, magnesium, methionine and vitamin B-6.  So two days ago I took 1 tablet of Hydrilla Calcium, 500 mg of Methionine and 500 mg of vitaamin B-6. Three days ago I  took 1 capsule of liposomal magnesium.

The thing I remember: Around 1980 I spent five weeks as an outpatient in a bio-ecologic psychiatric facility. The M.D. in charge kept after me to keep taking my P-5-P (pyridoxial 5 phosphate).  “So you can join the living”.  He just kept after me about my B-6 problem. So yesterday I am thinking my perception breakthrough is with respect to the B-6.  But this B-6 had to come along with the Calcium, Magnesium and Methionine, along with my years long cleansing of my long term toxins.