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Bupleurum – I finally get you.

November 26, 2018

Bupleurum – I finally get you.

I already knew that Bupleurum was used for liver issues, but I hadn’t yet gained that experiential familiarity to it. So – I ordered the raw herb and brewed a tea of it. I immediately ‘got it’.  I observed the changes in my body from taking it and incorporated those changes to my liver. I then thought about my liver herbal formulas. I chose Free And Easy Wanderer. I looked at the label and saw that the top ingredient in Free And Easy Wanderer was none other than Bupleurum.

Going forward? I still have liver/detox issues, so – I’m going to investigate the other Bupleurum based liver formulas.


A couple of months ago a professional herbalist told me that I had allergies/sensitivities to beans. I didn’t believe her. A few days ago I thought – lets try a different protein. I made a pea/lentil soup. I can really feel the difference. Another step forward!