Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine



I’m Making Progress With Yin

April 17, 2020

Beginning about a week ago I started concentrating on two things: I have always had reddish facial skin, Rosacea, Sebhorriac Dermatitus, dandriff, etc. Finally getting around to treat it. Herbal formulas that deal with my hair, skin and nails: Dragon Herbs Hair & Nails formula, Plum Flower’s Seven Treasures For Hair, Heaven & Earth’s Ten … Continue reading “I’m Making Progress With Yin”

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April 2020, Week 1, Important Update!

April 4, 2020

I’ve learned a lot about myself. I am now using, with great success the following groups of herbals formulas and supplements: Wind Formulas Release The Exterior Formulas Phlegm Congestion Formulas, in particular those with infection fighting ingredients. ChineseHerbsForYou have a number of these formulas. Herbal formulas that treat inflammation and redness. Eagle Herbs have a … Continue reading “April 2020, Week 1, Important Update!”

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Important Developments

March 28, 2020

During the past week: Today, March 27, 2020 I took a ‘stack’ of Phlegm Infection, Wind and Release The Exterior formulas. WOW. This is what I needed. A couple of hours ago I thought: add to the above ‘stack’ Dragon Herbs Will Power, Strength Builder formulas, Imperial Garden and Supreme Creation formulas. This I will … Continue reading “Important Developments”

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March 2020 – Week 1 Update

March 2, 2020

About a week ago I began experimenting with and using all the different forms of Ginseng with good success. Codonopsis, Dang Gui, American Ginseng and Chinese Ginseng. The ‘good success’? For example, last week I got a break in my chronic bloating. As a result I experience, with respect to my cranium, less congestion, more … Continue reading “March 2020 – Week 1 Update”

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Protein Synthesis – Updated

February 12, 2020

Two posts ago I wrote abut my protein synthesis solution: Threonine, Serine and Leucine. Yesterday I modified my approach, replacing Leucine with all three of the Branch Chain Amino Acids – Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. As I write this, 24 hours later, I feel once again an improvement to my health. I’m more sure of … Continue reading “Protein Synthesis – Updated”

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