Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine



February 2019 – Week 4

February 27, 2019

I want to summarize what has happened in my long struggle to overcome my lifelong systemic Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It has been a matter of solving a puzzle. Here are some of those puzzle pieces i have solved in the past week or so: Leaky Gut/Stasis In My Lower diaphragm: I have 8 or 10 … Continue reading “February 2019 – Week 4”

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Summary Of My January 2019 Supplements

February 13, 2019

Listed below is a summary of the supplements I took during January 2019. I should note that the supplements I choose to take are after careful consideration. I have been a self-hacker for over forty years. I am not sure how to phrase it – I have an experiential knowledge of nearly all of the … Continue reading “Summary Of My January 2019 Supplements”

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Feb 2019-Week 1: Abe Scott Peck

February 4, 2019

I remember reading The Roadless Traveled in the 1980’s. I pointed this out to one of the managers where I worked. His response? He mentioned the title of Abe Scott Peck’s second book: The People Of The Lie. I suffered from mental illness at the time and was confused by what he meant. Looking back, … Continue reading “Feb 2019-Week 1: Abe Scott Peck”

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January 2019, Week 4, 3rd Post

January 30, 2019

Okay, here is a summary of my self-hacking doings since my last post: Is there a “Fourth Treasure”? Over the past year I have learned what the Three Treasures are (Jing, Qi and Shen). But Dragon Herbs describes their “Will Strengthener” herbal formula in those terms. But – taking those herbs have aided me in … Continue reading “January 2019, Week 4, 3rd Post”

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January 2019 – Week 3

January 18, 2019

A short update: I am still struggling with my chronic systemic ME/CFS. But, as a result of my continued self-hacking efforts I do make headway. Enzymes: Biotics Research makes a number unique enzyme formulas. I have discovered that taking one capsule from each of 7 or 8 of their formulas at one time makes makes … Continue reading “January 2019 – Week 3”

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