Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine



Recent Self-Hacking

May 24, 2020

Listed below is a detailed summary (from my own private journal) of the supplements I have been taking. Without detailed explanation it will seem ad hoc, but I assure the reader there is a strategy involved. Before I list that summary I share the areas and conditions of my chronic illnesses that I am working … Continue reading “Recent Self-Hacking”

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Neurotransmitters & More

April 30, 2020

Within the past week or so I have corrected a Tyrosine deficiency and thereby correcting a dopamine deficiency AND corrected a Tryptophan deficiency and thereby correcting a serotonin deficiency. Over the past few days I have taken supplements that corrected a Leptin and a Lectin problem. Also of note-I took Life Extension’s Mitochondrial Optimizer. Based … Continue reading “Neurotransmitters & More”

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Alanine And Tyrosine

April 24, 2020

‎23 ‎April, ‎2020,10:54:43 PM: I’ve been struggling with my health, trying to get over that hump, trying to improve my health: Three days ago: 3 grams alanine-I have been pigging out on sugar laden stuff-thought I needed this. It worked-something about glucose levels, etc. Two days ago:Dragon Herbs Cellular Detox-The need for this just came … Continue reading “Alanine And Tyrosine”

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More Improvements

April 19, 2020

I have a medical cannibas card. Upon taking 2.5 mg THC someone reminded me that cannibas has an effect on Dopamine. It reminded me specifically of the DOPA Max and Dopa Max ES formulas (which contain Tyrosine) and that Dr Thomas Stone prescribed Tyrosine all those years ago. So yesterday and just now I took … Continue reading “More Improvements”

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I’m Making Progress With Yin

April 17, 2020

Beginning about a week ago I started concentrating on two things: I have always had reddish facial skin, Rosacea, Sebhorriac Dermatitus, dandriff, etc. Finally getting around to treat it. Herbal formulas that deal with my hair, skin and nails: Dragon Herbs Hair & Nails formula, Plum Flower’s Seven Treasures For Hair, Heaven & Earth’s Ten … Continue reading “I’m Making Progress With Yin”

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