Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine



Currently Active In My Pharmacopoeia

October 10, 2021

I have been a self-hacker for quite some time now, and through trial and error have found that certain nutrients have been helpful for my particular genetic makeup and medical history.

My current goals are:

(1) An internal deep cleansing of my many layered buildup of long term toxins (in the last year I have lost 40 pounds).

(2) Overcoming chronic ME/CFS and brain fog.

I am currently using the following:

Herbal Formulas

A digestion formula

Two Qi formulas

Three Teas for Qi

A number of Wind formulas

A formula to fight bacterial and viral infections

Amino Acids

BCAA’s with Sustamine. Lysine and Serine

B Vitamins

B-1, P-5-P, R-5-P and Pantethine (for CoenzymeA support)


Magnesium Malate (for CoenzymeA support)

Prior Post of May 2019:

I have been a self-hacker for quite some time now, and through trial and error have found that certain nutrients have been helpful for my particular genetic makeup and medical history. At the end of this post I list my daily journal for the past year or so.  Forgive me for my very poor prose.

Updated May 2019


Boy do I have a stagnation problem. Probably due to my continuing poor diet. So-in the last six months I have learned the following:

My need to address my stagnation issues in the lower part of my body.

My need for ‘downward draining’ formulas.

My need to address my Spleen Chi problems.

Also what I have learned is that I have to address all of the above issues at the same time. I will be more specific about the above in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Nitric Oxide: Occasionally I find myself suffering from a particular kind of deep depression that responds to boosting my Nitric Oxide. I take Arginine, Ornithine and Citrulline.

Vitamin B-1: My ongoing sugar and junk food addictions result in my having B-1 deficiencies. The result: low morale. Vitamin B-1 isn’t known as the “morale” vitamin for nothing. I take both thiamine mononitrate and benfotiamine.

Eagle Herbs “Acceptance” Formula: This herbal formula corrects a particular chemical imbalance that I tend to have. This chemical imbalance I think arises from my gluten, milk, egg and soy intolerances.

Xiao Yao: This is a formula from traditional Chinese Medicine. It is also known as Free And Easy Wanderer. It is used to help in enhancing mood and reducing stress.

Poor Jing: My poor diet and poor constitution tends to run down my “Jing.” Dragon Herbs produces a number of wonderful Jing herbal formulas. My favorite is Rehmannia Six Combination. I take this at the same time as Eagle Herbs Acceptance and both seem to have this synergistic effect on my mood and well-being.

Candida: There are a number of formulas that address candida infection. I have had a lifelong problem with candida and only recently had success in dealing with it. I have found that only by attacking the infection using multiple formulas (listed below) did I have any success. Specifically I have had success with to treat my candida: Dysbiocide, CanXida, Gut Bug, Candida Normalizer.

Going Clear:I have been having success with Dragon Herbs Micro Cosmic Orbit, Dragon Herbs Will Power and Eagle Herbs Easy Flow.

My daily journal:   Forgive me for my very poor prose.

19 February, 2018,8:36:49 AM:last night I took some GABA and this morning I feel it.  My neurotransmitters suffer from ‘excitability’ and GABA treats that. Also, earlier this morning I took Micro-Cosmic Orbit and already I feel it. According to the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system. Its principal role is reducing neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system.

18 February, 2018,8:58:16 PM:this evening at the AMC-21 I had pretty bad “restless legs”, my best gue4ss is that I need GABA and other Dopamine contributors. SO I will work on that tonight.  Also, last night I took Swanson’s R-5-P (which as Leucine in it) and I immediately felt its effects.  Also, this afternoon I felt clogged up, then realized that I need that channel de-clogging herbal formula called Micro-Cosmic Orbit.

18 February, 2018,9:24:46 AM:last night I took 3 grams of l-glutamine.  This morning I wonder-then-yes, I need more.  So – at many muscle-building websites you can see amino acids stacks made up of the BCAA’s and l-glutamine, so there is a synergy there. So this morning another 3 grams.  Also. I take 8 capsules of Intrinsi-B-12 (methyl-cobalamin and Methyl-folate). I notice that my energy levels are low. Also I take 3 capsules of All-Basic-Plus, a multi-amino acid.

16 February, 2018,10:07:47 PM:I just took three capsules each of Heaven And Earths Golden Cabinet Digestion Regulation Formula and CoQ10 Activator Formula (I have an experiential familiarity to CoQ10 effects and, after getting a Leucine-BCAA ‘cell repair’ action deep in my gut I sort of feel now that I need some CoQ10 action down there.

15 February, 2018,10:32:33 PM:1.2 grams leucine this morning, 2 grams leucine plus one 8:1:1 BCAA tablet (to get the isoleucine and valine) and I feel that bloat-ball-of-indigestion starting to disappear!!! Booyah!!!

11 February, 2018,8:29:04 PM:tonight with my homemade goulash I take 7 each of vitamin K2 (45mcg each), vitamin d3 (5000IU each) and vitamin A natural beta carotene (25,000IU each).

11 February, 2018,11:04:10 AM:last night I applied a solution of Mo-Zyme, Bio-FIlm Defense and Bio-Film Phase-2 Advanced to my face, scalp, chest and groin as well I took one capsule of each orally-  Almost immediately I felt the effects-this gunk in the front of my face immediately began to dissolve.  This morning I amlmost think the front of my face is clear.  This morning I took 100mg 5-HTP, 500mg Tryptophan and 500 mg Phenyalanine.

7 February, 2018,11:04:02 AM:last night I applied (to my groin, chest, scalp and face) a ‘tea’ based on Shun Chi Wan, a liver formula that I recentyl began taking.  All night I got a healing, and this morning I got good ‘uninflammed’ color in my face. This morning with lamb stew I take  fifteen teapills of Shun Chi Wan plus 500mg Carnitine, 1 gram of acetyl-carnitine and 1 gram of Peak ATP (ATP and propionyl-l-carnitine). Why the carnitine? I have this ‘vacantness” in my cranium that I have found through experience and experimentation that this helps with it.  What about Niacin? For my mental blankness? Over the past few days I have taken pantethine, methyl-folate, R-5-P (B-2) and P-5-P.  So now I take a multiple B.

5 February, 2018,10:11:03 PM:earlier this evening I took 60mg R-5-P, a handful of Intrinsic B-12 (which includes methyl-folate) and 30mg P-5-P.  Last evening I took two capsules of Pantethine, and 30 mg P-5-P.  All the rest of the night I felt the P-5-P seep into my body.  This morning I felt lighter on my feet than ever.  Earlie3r yesterday I took 60 mg R-5-P.  Earlier this evening I took 6 teapills of Shun Chi Wan, a herb I got from Lisa’s Herbs, a herbalist I saw earlier today.  Just now I took about 8 – 10 teapills of this formula.  I already feel a de-acidification throughout my body.  Three days ago I took one gram each of Threonine, glycine and serine in an attempt to de-acidify-it didnt work.

2 February, 2018,6:16:57 PM:wow-i woke up this morning with a very light head-last night I underwent a prolonged detox.  Was it from the deep tissue massage therapy I received last Tuesday? Or the medicinal herbs I have been taking over the past two weeks?

2 February, 2018,1:47:13 PM:this morning with soup I took 3 capsules each of Shilajit and Bentonite.  Just now I took 5 tablets of a mushroom blend.

30 January, 2018,8:32:21 AM: last night I took two capsules each of eagle herbs ‘Easy Flow’ (a downward draining formula), eagle herbs ‘Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang’ (a ‘lift digestion’ formula), and Hewaven And Earht’s ‘Prostate Health Support Formula’.  THis morning I definitely feel a clearing in both my cranium and in the area of my bottom two chakra points.

28 January, 2018,10:14:02 AM:last night I took 3 grams of lysine and 1 gram of proline (they are often sold together as they both synergistically aid connective tissue).  All night I felt this healing going on.  Just now, upon waking up, I feel a clarity in my cranium (and deep gut), from a dteoxing of gunk from my cranium (and deep gut). A sorto of improved mind-body connection.

27 January, 2018,12:57:46 PM:yesterday I took 3 capsules of Shilajit and 4 capsules of Bentanite, both natural forms of complex minerals.

25 January, 2018,11:46:08 PM:amazing results from using a tea made up of three “resolve toxins” herbs.  I orderd a fourth.  I plan to now make a tea out of these four herbs plus Kudzu root, He shou Wu, Shilajit, etc.

Wednesday, 24 January, 2018,10:10:13 AM:last night I took 2 capsuels of Dragon herbs Pearl Shen and it sort of became ‘stuck’ in my cranium. I am not sure what to make of it.  Perhaps it is a healing crisis, etc.  Also, this morning I am taking a N. O. boost of 2 grams arginine, 1 gram ornithine and 1 gram citrulline. Two days ago I took 3 capsules of Micro-Cosmic Orbit and two capsules of Perilla Clear, and within hours I was back on my feet, free of depression.

23 January, 2018,9:32:51 AM:this morning I took 3 capsules of Microcosmic Orbit and two capsules of Perrilla Clear, last night i took 3 capsules of a multi-B vitamin, yesterday afternoon I took 3 capsules of Shilajit, 4 days ago I took a handful of B-12 and the next day experieenced a lift from a general depression,

17 January, 2018,7:32:41 AM:very early this morning I took 2 capsles of DragonHerbs Free The Lungs.  All the rest of the morning I felt this healing in the front of my face.  The morning before I trook three capsules of Dragon Herbs UnLock. All yesterday I felt a healing deep in my gut/groin area.  Very much needed.

15 January, 2018,11:20:09 AM:last night I took 1.5 grams of glutamic acid.  All night i had this hissing sound in my cranium.  This morning, i feel more calm, more brain activity, and a non-inflammaed face.  Tonioght-a transdermal application of a glutamic acid solution.  Also, very early this morning with juice I took some Shou Wu CHih.

January 14, 2018,10:24:30 AM:this morning with soup I take a new gram level amino acid formula:3 all basic multi capsules, 4 grams threonine, 3 grams lysine, 2 grams proline, and 1 gram each of methionine, phenyalanine, tryptophan, alanine, and 2 tablets of 8:1:1 BCAA’s.  About four days ago took a similar gram level dose of amino acids (different ratio) and had good results.  Also, I have started to take magnesium butyrate, malate and orotate and have had a very positive change in my chemistry.  Even did a foot soak with a solution. Last night I made a tea out of Fo-Ti, Astragalus and, for flavoring, hibiscus.  Very powerful! All night I felt the Astragalus.  I plan to add a Kudzu root tea laterltoday.

7 January, 2018,1:31:38 PM:for the past 2 – 3 days I have had waves of nausea (and one throwing up episode) plus diahrea.  On Friday after the first wave of throwing up and diahrea I had this amazing experience of being aware of my self.  This due to my being detoxified.  This morning it dawned on me that it is the sleep herbs that I have been taking that are causing my problems.  I am not totally sure, so I am going to see an herbalogist to make sure.  In particular, for assistance with sleep and diahrea.  ALso two days ago I took a gram of Lysine and regained som ehigher brain function.  There is hope yet that I can regain my higher brain function.  Just about an hour ago I either had (1) an TIA (a mini-stroke) in my left back lobe, or I was hit by the RNM’s.  This event was accompanied by a very vivid dream where a asian male, about 30, and I were in a room with about 4 or 5 computers and monitors, the asian just stared at me, then the RNM hit. Dont know yet the reality of all this..

3 January, 2018,7:34:49 PM:Sometime late summer/early fall 1971 I had a large blister/red oval in my left underarm. I remember showing it to one of my roommates and ehe said “you’d better get that checked out.  Well, a couplew of years ago while researching B-6 deficiencies and Pyluria I found an article that told me what it was.  It is called a “herald patch”, associated with the disease pityriasis rosea.

3 January, 2018,7:07:39 PM:started to use Shou Wu Chih with juice.  I really like it.

1 January, 2018,11:11:08 PM:forgot to mention-two days ago I took a couple of grams of tyrosine and 100mg of 5_htp. I’m thinking of a proposed amino-acid stack.  Lots of threonine, then proline/glutamic acid (for protein synthesis), tryptophan/5-htp, plus a multi-amino acid.   Tomorrow, I will make a Er Chen Wen tea and apply it to my face, scalp, chest, groin, etc to try to eliminate a phlegm buildup.

1 January, 2018,1:45:58 AM:i just now took ten teapills of Er Chen Wan (to dispel phlegm), one capsule each of Garcinia Cambogia (to burn fat), Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced and Kirkmans’ Biofilm Defense. These three (the other-resolve toxins) to attack my remaining gunk.

31 December, 2017,5:35:24 PM:last night I experienced two “spontaneous adjustments” in my body.  I have had this lifelong right side structural imbalance.  But these two adjustments were with respect to an “upward energy” kind of imbalance.  What brought about these spontaneous adjustments was the application of a three “resolve toxicity” herb solution to my chest, groin, underarms, and scalp and face.  The next morning I felt this layer of detox at the top of my cranium, a sort of killing off of a bio-film. This bio-film had produced an upward stress that stressed my right shoulder (the first lesser adjustment) and my left shoulder (a MAJOR adjustment) that had me jumping out of my bed for fear that the RNM’s had induced it via RNM. Now, this comment doesnt belong here in this scie4nce journal, but just now a fvoice just said “i wish he would take this seriously) when, having my priorities straight, I very definityely take my body and its health very seriously, i think about it non-stop, every day.

29 December, 2017,5:52:58 PM:4 gems of life extension vitamin E, 8 gems of Solaray’s Food Carotene (Vitamin A) and 8 capsules of Garden Of Lifes Raw D3.

28 December, 2017,10:13:51 AM:last night I applied 500mg of Proline disolved in water and applied the solution to my face and scalp.  Just now upon waking up I looked in the bathroom mirror and I could percieve the mirror glass.  Another layer of gunk has come out, and another step closer to reality, and that remaining layer of gunk beneath the front of my face stands out in relief. I think that layer consists of body fat, phlegm and ?

27 December, 2017,9:40:56 PM:I am taking 1 gram of carnitine, and 2 tablets of A.T.P., and wrt life extension, 2 capsules of Optimized Carnitine and 2 capsules of GLycocarn.

26 December, 2017,11:49:54 AM:with soup I am taking 4  capsules of all-basic-plus and 2 grams of proline.

26 December, 2017,8:28:17 AM:this morning I add one capsule each of Heaven And Earths Major Intstinal Detox Digestion Formula, Drain The Fire Formula, Abundant Health Formula and Forever Youthful Anti-Aging Formula into a bottle of juice.

25 December, 2017,9:58:55 PM:last night I put a solution of three of the four herbs that make up Samsara’s BioFIlm on my scalp, face, chest, underamrs and groin.  All night I got this hissing soud.  In the morning I showered it al off and felt this thin layer of grime kind of wash off.  Now I am takign 2 grams of niacin, as tonigh while riding the red line i had this inspiration/educated guess that this is what i neded for my continued short term memory/dementia problems.  This morning I took 3 capsules each of Heven And Earths “Drain Fire” and “Return To Youth” formulas.  Each of thes formulas have three herbs that “resolve toxicity”.  RIght this moment I feel up.  No, I am not bi-polar.

24 December, 2017,11:15:14 AM:4 grams threonine, 1 gram arginine, 3 capsules arginine/ornithine, 70 mg R-5-P, 6 caps multi-B’s, 1 gram citrulline.  All last night I got this clearing in my cranium, especially what felt like a lump of gunk in my mid fore-brain.  So – I continue on my way towards living a liberated, in-the-present secular buddhist life, clear minded, and defginitely with me in control of my own brain and living independantly with free will.

24 December, 2017,7:39:13 AM:just now, lying in bed, I was feeling like my death was within the next couple of months, feeling like “am i going to make it” for a couple of months?” The voices began again. “Are you allright?” Then someone “through a switch” and that feeling left, and a feeling of relief took over.  A female darth voice began asking for forgiveness, saying “we have to know” and “people are paying us” and “forgive us”. I write this in desperation.

23 December, 2017,1:33:08 PM:i just now took 7 capsules each of: DHerbs B-12, Intrinsi-B-12 and Wonder Labs TrinFac-B (folic acid, B-12 and intrinsic factor), and Heaven And Earths CoQ10 Activation Formula.  All this to try to get a handle on my short term memory loss/confusion problem.

21 December, 2017,7:00:25 PM:i just received my third Biofilm formula in the mail:Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced, made by Dr Paul S Anderson. I am taking 3 capsules. Tomorrow morning – what effect?

21 December, 2017,5:00:52 PM:I just took, with soup, two capsules each of Eagle Herbs Stephania and astragalus combination (bloating and puffiness), Zhi Shi Ping Wei San (bloating), Huang Qin Tang (digestion), Jian Pi Wan (digestion), Gui Pi Tang (spleen-digestion general tonic).

21 December, 2017,8:45:17 AM:last night I took gram level doses of the stack lysine/methionine/glutamine (now that i think of it, I should add proline).  Also last night/very early this morning I took 3capsules of Kirkman Labs Biofilm defense (a formula made up of a dozen or so enzymes).  What I just now felt as I waled down the street back to home?  Another layer of ‘gunk’ is being eaten away behind my nose and in the front of my cranium.  I have come up with the term “high talker’.  I think this is going away as a result of this layer going away. And no more ‘thinking in words in the front/center of my cranium’.

20 December, 2017,7:58:41 AM:last night I underwent a very bad healing crisis, very bad.  This morning, wow.  All this morning while waking up i feel this “milk thistle. jerusalem artichoke,silymarin” liver thing going on in my body. I get up, and I feel light on my feet, easy to get out of bed, and I have what i think is called “identity”, or a sense of self.  Wow, last night I went out, around 10:00 – 10:30 and put on a show all over the neighborhood.  All those who noticed (did they even notice?) will remember the sahow and not learn anything about the power of medicinal herbs.  So sad.

18 December, 2017,11:22:42 PM:just took 5 caspsules of eagle herbs Kudzu (for alcohol that I have been drinking), 3 tablets of magnesium and two tablets of krebs cycle chelates.

16 December, 2017,7:34:05 AM:with soup I take 4 capsules of all basic plus, 2 grams threonine, 2 grams l-glutamine, 2 grams tryptophan, 200mg 5-htp, two tablets of arginine/ornithine.

14 December, 2017,9:01:50 PM:this morning I took half teaspoon of threonine powder.  Tonight I took 3 grams threonine.  Yes, threonine is an essential amino acid and is critical for neurological health.  As I type this I feel my brain “emerge” from the “waterlogging”.  Has my brain gone “soft on me” as Dr Thomas Stone warned me about way back in the early 1980’s at the Center For Bio-Ecologic Medicine and Psychaitry (in Rolling Meadows)? Here’s a clue: for the past 4 or 5 months I have not been able to do my filing of my bills, receipts, etc.  As I type this I can feel that brain function return.

13 December, 2017,8:20:03 PM:more progress.  Last saturday, at my dr’s office I noticed that upon meeting his gaze i no longer had that “shortcircuiting” like instability./  Instead I could hold his gaze.  Big step towards “joining the living”. I still have, in the front of my cranium and down through to my upper abdomen, a mix (i think) of body fat/phlegm/bacterial slime. I think a related point, this blob of gunk, tends to be on the right side of my abdomen.  Why? One thing-I have this scar in my right forehead.  I think I got this from falling/hitting my head around age four, and without physical therapy that right side imbalance stayed me throughout my life.  And this blob still prevents me from being totally in contact with reality.  So – more self hacking until i get it all cleared out.

12 December, 2017,8:27:19 PM:as a result of taking the eagle herbs anti-bloat formulas I am getting a “going clear” perceptual gain that seems to be located at the horizon.

12 December, 2017,8:38:40 AM:very early this morning I took 4 grams of l-glutamine.  L-glutamine really does reduce my sugar cravings. WIth soup this morning I am taking 2 capsules of arginine/ornithine, 1 gram of citruline and 1 gram of arginine. Late last night I took 3 capsules ech of eagle herbs Stephania and astragalus combination (for bloating and puffiness) and Zhi Shi Ping Wei San (for bloating).

11 December, 2017,9:40:42 AM:this morning with soup:3 tablets of Mag SRT, 3 capsules of OGF and 2 capsules of Methyl Guard.

10 December, 2017,3:30:08 PM:this morning I took 500mg B-2 and 50mg riboflavin-5-phosphate.  Also this morning I took 3 capsules each of eagle herbs Stephania and astragalus combination (for bloating and puffiness) and Zhi Shi Ping Wei San (for bloating).  I already feel better.

9 December, 2017,12:48:25 PM:an hour ago I took one each of Dopa Maxx, Dopa Maxx ES, tyrosine, phenyalanine and mucuna pruriens. Now I am taking 3 capsules of all basic plus (a multi-amino acid). Earlier this morning I took two krebs cycle chelates, one magnesium malate and one magnesium glyciniate.

7 December, 2017,7:57:45 AM:2 to 3 years ago I saw a female herbalist in chinatown (referred by a chiropracter at BodyGears) who gave me a number of formulas.  Last night while tidying up I found the formulas and made an inventory/description of each of the formulas.  One of the formulas description intrigued me so last night I topok about 8 of the teapills.  The formula-Xiang-Sha-Yang-Wei-Wan is for “lost appetite, acid reflux,abdominal fullness and flatulance”.  This morning I really felt it and resolved to order more.

6 December, 2017,7:52:28 AM:yesterday I strted to use colloidal silver-i felt an immediate response.  Yesterday I took two caspsules each of Plantain, Cardamom Seed Pod and Ginger Root-to promote healthy gut flora.  This morning with soup I am tasking two capsules each of Dandelion, Marshmallow and Mullein Leaf to produce healthy gut flora. Also with soup I took 3.3 grams of Lysine.  Once again over the past couple of days I feel this ‘crimping’ or congestion of something like toxins deep in my gut, and I seem to remember that Lysine helped me in this situation.  Lets see. Obviously , i’m still trying to get at my ideal amino acid ‘stack’.

3 December, 2017,11:13:52 AM:this morning with soup i take 4 cpsules of all basic plus (a multi-amino).  Very early this morning I took two tablets of Krebs Cycle Chelates.

2 December, 2017,6:50:38 PM:two evenings ago I took ten capsules of RKMD’s OGF, and three capsules of Methyl-SP.  Today while out I noticed another advance in my perception.  Another layer of ‘gunk’ came off.

29 November, 2017,10:19:02 AM:i’m still detoxing/healing from the OGF. Also, last night I took 4 capsules of Vitamin E and 5 capsules of Biotin.  I think going forward I should emphasize the anti-oxidents: OGF, vitamin E, astaxanthan, etc.

28 November, 2017,1:02:04 PM:this morning I took gram level doses of citrulline, arginine and ornithine.  Also, today I plan to take Dragon Herbs Rehmannia Six Combination, Eagle Herbs Acceptance, Dragon Herbs Four Things Combination (it is a blood mover formula), and Heaven And Earth’s CoQ10 formula ( a blood tonic).

28 November, 2017,8:20:26 AM:my body is still changing from the OGF glutathione formula.  But there is something underneath that is resisting.  Is it the body fat?  Also I still have that leaky gut/lack of a healthy biota.

24 November, 2017,10:07:11 AM:last night I took 5 capsules of RKMD OGF, a glutathione formula.  Feels pretty good.  Also, two days ago I took 4 tablets of sustained release magnesium malate.  I exptected more of a reaction but so far dont feel a noticeable change.

21 November, 2017,4:09:38 PM:earlier today I took dragon Herbs Four Things COmbination, a blood yin tonic. Also, very early this morning I suspected I was suffering from an nitric oxide kind of derpession (dark mood).  SO I took one gram of arginine, two tablets of arginine/ornithing, and one gram of citrulline. Booyah! It worked, an here it is about ten hours later and that depression is gone. But-I think underneath all that I have now a tryptophan/5-htp deficiency.  So right now I will take that.  I need to come up with an appropriate detox ‘stack’: arginine-ornithine/citruline/glutamine/tryptophan/5-htp/biotin/pantothenic acid-pantethine/anything else?

21 November, 2017,12:23:25 AM:what is going on? Those Heaven And Earth formulas have cleared away a lot of gunk. The past 4-5 days I have been trying to figure out where I was. First, I thought:I need magnesium malate.  I applied some (in a water solution) and it did its ‘magic’.  Then two days ago I took one capsule each of my eight or so different Dragon Herbs Liver Formulas.  Again I think that is starting to take effect Going forward, in this light, I hope there is hope. Apparently those heaven and earth herbal formulas cleared away the gunk, and underneath I found major deficiencies that are partly from life long issues and partly due to my forty years long detox efforts when I didn’t know what i was doing. Just now, I took two capsules each of heaven and earths’s sinus clearing formula and super sinus clering formula.

20 November, 2017,10:10:17 AM:last night I applied a magnesium malate in water solution to my face, scalp, chest, groon and feet.  This morning I feel that large areas of my body have had a magnesium deficiency and now those deficiencies have been treated. Also, I think the Super Sinus Infection Clearing Formula is still working even now 4 or 5 days after taking it. I plan to take another does today or tomorrow. Also, yesterday with soup I tok a large dose of B-12.

17 November, 2017,6:13:04 PM:two eveinings ago I took 4 capsules of Heaven And Earth’s Super Sinus Infection Clearing formula, and overnight I felt the difference.  Another ‘gunk’ layer has been cleared away.  Once again my perceiption is clearer, and I am one step closer to being in contact with reality. The next day ater taking this formula, I felt the distinct feeling of walnut shells.  Tonight, with soup, I take 3 capsules each of Heaven And Earth’s “Dry Lung, Infection & Cough Formula and 3 capsules of “Yin Chiao Plus-Flu, Cold, Allergy & Infection Formula”. Onward and Upward.

16 November, 2017,12:55:39 AM:two days ago I took lysine/proline/methionine-and the effect is like i can perceive the innards of myself and others whereas before i perceived the world and living things as if they were a postcard or picture-in other words i’ve gained another step towards being in contact with reality

14 November, 2017,11:16:15 AM:with noodle soup this morning: 3 tablets magnesium carbonate, 2 tablets calcium carbonate, 10 capsules l-glutamine (7.5 grams), 4 capsules all basic plus,

11 November, 2017,12:41:09 AM:a few hours ago I took calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.  Questin:do I have a “carbonate/carbon” problem? Is there such a thing as a “carbon” deficiency in humans? Also, the taking of the l-glutamate really helped.  Yesterday out walking I could feel the difference. I gotta keep up the l-glutamine.

9 November, 2017,11:29:54 PM:two days ago I took some RNA/Iosine capsules.  RIght now I am taking 6.5 grams of l-glutamine (trying to beat the sugar cravings).  Last night I took 4 capsules of Heaven And Earths Major Intestinal Detox Formula.  All through the night I felt this ‘amazing detox action’, my abdomen and cranium feeling a clearing away of gunk.

7 November, 2017,12:41:11 AM:a couple of hours ago I took four capsules of Heaven And Earths Sinus Inferction Clearing formula.  The prior evening I felt/experience4d a crystal clarity of my perception, another step on my long journey of going clear.  Three days ago I remembered my 4-5 months ago experience wrt Krebs Cycle and its importance wrt going clear/detoxing.  I had taken some magnesium carbonate (see the below entry) and felt marvelous from it.  Still eating/consuming junk food.

3 November, 2017,12:58:11 AM:yesterday evening I took maybe a half teaspoon of magnesium carbonate, and once again corrected a deficiency that I was unaware of.  I’ve lived my life with “somethign interfering with my krebs cycle”, as Dr Thomas Stone once told me way back around 1982 or so (at the Center For Bio-Eologic Medicine and Psychaitry).  I really should keep in mind taking some “krebs Chelates” multi mineral going forward.

2 November, 2017,12:31:28 PM:just now i took 3 capsules of Heaven And Earth’s Golden Cabinet Digestion Regulating Formula. Yesterday I took 4 capsules Of Heaven And Earths CoQ10 formula, and within 24 hours I really felt the difference, especially in my brain.

30 October, 2017,12:04:02 AM:earlier this evening i took one capsule each of about six different herbs that promote a healthy digestive biome. Two days ago I took 3 grams of Glycine and felt it was something i needed, especially for brain health.  I did some research and found ou tthat Threonine is used by the body to produce glycine and serine.  Yesterday I took a heaping i/4 teaspoon of threonine, and yet agin I felt some needed healing.  Tonight I plan to take serine and phosphatidyl serine.

27 October, 2017,12:41:01 AM:out today I really felt that “Drain The Fire” formula.  I experience it as a lymph drainage formula.  Yet another layer of gunk has come out.  I’ve gained yet another level of “mind-body” connection to the various tissues in my cranium.

25 October, 2017,12:33:45 AM:abut an hour ago I took 4 tablets of magnesium.

22 October, 2017,11:32:09 AM:this morning with soup I took a handful of Intrinsi B-12.  Very early this morning I took 4 capsules of Heaven And Earth’s Abundant Health.  Last evening I took 4 capsules of Heaven And Earth’s Uplift Central Chi.  Too early to tell about these.

21 October, 2017,1:42:09 AM:I think over the past few months I’ve gained a level of absorption that I odnt think I’ve had since i dont know when.  Two days ago I took a handful of B-12.  The next day I felt this really insane level of clarity. Was it the carnitine or the B-12?  Then a day ago I took a handful of folic acid.  The next day I felt this increase in brain function: When thinking about coca cola insted of think9ing about the advertised brand, I thought of all of the ingredients.  Amazing.  Do I have brain damage?  Only thing to do is to push on with my health and spirituality/healawake work (despite all the forces allied against me).

19 October, 2017,9:29:41 AM:early this morning i took carnitine and i can really feel it.  I did ome research and found out that (1) carnitine is synthesized from lysine and methionine, (2) should be taken with omega 3 faatty acids, (3) works to eliminate body fat, and (4) the acetyl form is able to ross theblood brain barrier.  Also, a few days ago I started to really feel the water of life tea.  I was so impressed that I ordered a few more heaen and earth herbal formulas, including one for my core, which has felt week for the past couple of years.

14 October, 2017,7:18:22 PM:all day today I have felt this fatigue.  I have been eating a lot of ice cream lately.  Is the fatigue the result of my lactose intolerance? Last night/early this morning I took 2 grams of alanine for lingering high glucose levels.  It worked. About an hour ago I took two tablets of 8:1:1 BCAA’s.  About a half hour ago I took 2 capsules of Silbutiamine and 4 capsules of Benfotiamine for vitamine B-1.  All afternoon and still as of this writing I feel this ‘thin layer of gunk’ in the front of my face.  Solution: He Shou Wu? Primal Yin Replenisher? Last night I brewed a pot of Heaven And Earth’s ‘Water Of Life’ tea, which is, according ot its label, a Kidney Yin Formula.  I have drunk some and yes I can feel its positive effects.

13 October, 2017,12:03:51 AM:wow, this afternoon I felt clearer and more normal than ever.  I had this distinct feeling, this distinct realization of what I have been missing all these years, since age 6 or 7.  Tonight, I take 4.5 grams l-glutamine, as earlier this evening I felt this “waterlogging” of my leg muscles, a clue that I had lost that ‘sveltness’ that tells me I need l-glutamine, BCAA’s, etc.  Tonight I try a new combo: one capsule each of eagle herbs “blood mover”, eagle herbs 16 Herbs COmbination (for lymph drainage), dragon herbs Frame Builder, Dragon Herbs Strong Bones, and two capsules of Dragon Herbs Imperial Garden

11 October, 2017,9:48:27 PM:yesterday I took 3 tablets of vitamin C (3 grams) and earlier this evening I felt yet again “clearer” in my perception.  Tonight I took 4 grams of vitamin C.

10 October, 2017,11:41:10 PM:this morning I woek up feeling that the Life Extension formulas I took the night before wasnt right for me.  Now I am not sure.  I’ll set them aside for now.  Earlier this evening I had insight that I needed phenyalanine.  Taking all those tyrosine and Dopa Max formulas are okay for dopamine but, and here is my layman’s unstudied opinion, there has to be an adequate supply of phenyalanine for my body to produce the dopamine.  At least I think.  So I should remember going forward to use phenyalanine.  After all-it is an essential amino acid and there fore cannot be produced by the body-i have to get it externally either by diet or by supplementation.

9 October, 2017,10:39:20 PM:Yesterday I took 3 capsules of Dragon Herbs Imperial Garden and I really like the effect: sort of like a fog disappeared and my internal orghans appeared-i can make a mind-body connection to them. A neccessary step to “going clear”. I plane to use the Imperial Garden along with the Eagle HErbs Lymph drainage “16 herb combination” formula to really clear out my ‘innards’.  Tonight I will take two capsules each of Life Extension’s Immune Modulator With Tinofend and Peony Immune.  This is in an effort to boost my very tired immune system.

9 October, 2017,9:42:49 AM:i’m back to the Dopamine efforts.  IN the past two days I have taken Mucuna Pruriens, GABA, Dopa Maxx, Dopa Maxx ES and yesterday n-acetyl-tyrosine and l-tyrosine ethyl ester.  This morning I felt that my ‘excitability factor’ had gone down quite a bit.

5 October, 2017,8:59:28 AM:For the past couple of weeks I have been feeling this muscel weakness in my groin area and of my gluteal muscles, so yesterday I took three tablets of Solgar’s Lipotropic Factors (Choline, Inositol and Methionine).  All night last night I got this “correction-healing-detox”.

2 October, 2017,12:44:24 AM:last night I took 3 grams of vitamin C (Ester-Calcium ascorbate).  I woke up with an impressive level of detox.  I still have issues.

30 September, 2017,2:23:14 AM:yesterday while out (friday) I had this 2-second dizzy spell/blanking out.  I firmly believe that it was the 5 capsules of eagle herbs 16 herb combination taht I ate friday morning along with soup.  almost immediately after I experienced and noticed a new level of perceptual clarity (bushes).

28 September, 2017,9:35:33 PM:I just noticed a new gain in my perception-I sort of feel it as a gain in my perception going out ‘horizontally’.  i.e., I can see people in a 3-d sort of way.  Here is the confusing part: For the past 2 hours or so since I left the HW Library I have been given a ‘talking to’ by what I think is someone who I have nameds as the ‘mastermind’.  Has that played a prt in this new perceptual capability?  Or – have one or more of the darths ‘turned the dial’ so to speak, i.e., tweaked the RF’s to make a change in the way I was ‘spotlighted’?

27 September, 2017,11:19:32 PM:I just took three capsules each of Eagle Herbs Kudzu LV, Lymph Drainage and a formula that drains heat.  I’m still struggling with that life long chronic systemic deep rooted gunk (bacterial slime, fungus, candida, phlegm, body fat) that also infected my brain (by crossing the blood brain barrier via a bacterial infection).  And this struggle to clear this brain infection took everything out of me, all else took a secondary place in my life, i.e., I was “being there”, a “goofy smile bill murray cheeseburger cheeseburger” character operating in a brain fog.

27 September, 2017,9:29:35 AM:all night i have this “sugar-alcohol” clearing from the A.T.P. related stuff i took th enight before.  This morning I feel tired and sluggish.  Is this a ‘TCM blood’ problem.  SO I take three capsules each of dragon herbs Four Things Combination (a Blood Yin Tonic) and Eagle Herbs Blood Mover Tonic (a blend of 14 herbs).  I do feel ‘dried out’ so to speak, and i know its healthy but there still is something missing.  I have a demenita/severe short term memory loss.

26 September, 2017,11:01:55 PM:Two days ago I took two tablets of A.T.P. and this afternoon I really felt it. A revelation.  I googled A.T.P. and found the website and learned that I should also use Ribose, Carnitine, life extensions mitochondria optimizer and CoQ10 for mitochondria optimization. So just now I took all of them.

25 September, 2017,2:49:20 PM:I just took one tablet magnesium malate, one capsule magnesium threonate, one tablet krebs chelates and 3 tablets MoZyme.

25 September, 2017,6:35:04 AM:last night i got a spontaneous re-alignment of  the structure of my upper abdomen-earlier in the day (or was it yesterday?) I did a “high velocity upper abdomen pull down and in”.  This is the second re-alignment incident of my body in the last few weeks.

24 September, 2017,9:13:10 AM:very early this morning I took 4 or 5 capsules of Eagle Herbs Kudzu LV formula, and all throughout the remainder of the morning until i got up there was this ‘eating away’ of some of the layer of gunk underneath my face.  So – going forward I will use all three eagle herb formulas Kudzu LV (alcohol abuse, has the three ingredients Polygonum, Kudzu root and Chrysanthenum flower-i have this in tea form bbu tdont much like its taste), Long Dan Er Miao San (drains damp heat) and Shi Liu Wei Qi Yin (Lymph drainage).

23 September, 2017,3:27:58 PM:last night I took 2.5 grams l-glutamine and 5 capsules of all-basic-plus.  Out today I felt a chemistry change coming on.  At first I thought it was the l-glutamine.  But – about a week ago I did a “high-velocity” pull in of the right side of my abdomen and felt something give.  A few days later, in the wee hours of the morning O awoke with a start.  I thought at the time it was one of the darths playuing a game-i felt a sort of tickle in the same right side of my abdomen.  Now I am thinking I have gotten a sturctural release that makes me more balanced, and just maybe a resulting chemistry correction.  Just now I take tryptophan and 5-htp.  I feel I ned ti as i feel a sort of toxin/gunk buildup in the front of my face.

21 September, 20176:43:55 AM:this morning with soup i take E3’s AFA (7caps), CAMU CAMU (5caps) and blue majik(3caps).  I awoke this mornng with significant ‘hissing’ going on in the front of my cranium.  Up and around i felt yet again ‘more normal’ with respect to my perception (i.e., no fog)

20 September, 2017,10:10:40 AM:woke up this morning and felt that all the fat and congealed shit inside me had liquified.  This is the effect ot the eagle herbs “lymph drainage” formula that I took last night. This morning I take 7 capsules of E3 AFA, an algae protein supplement alng with my soup.  THis morning I weigh 210.

20 September, 2017,12:41:47 AM:yesterday I took 2 grams of B-3. I’m feeling it today but it is not the main source of my problems.  But – throughut today (yesterday) i felt even closer to reality, with just a very slight “film” or layer of brain fog.  I am really getting closer to being “clear”.  and now – I take 4 capsules of an eagle herbs “lymph drainage” herbal formula, namely, Shi Liu Wei Qi Yin (16 herbs combination).

19 September, 2017,4:54:12 AM:I just applied eagle herbs “Long Dan Er Miao San” disolved in water to my scalp and face.  This formula is uset to drain damp heat.  Two days ago I used this formula along with a formula that “lifts digestion”.  Then the following night I felt a detox event under the bridge of my nose.  That same morning I saw what I thought a lessenign of my “Rosacea”, especially at the top of my nose. Also the last couple of days I returned to He Shou WU.  This herb alone does a remarkable “cleansing” of toxins in my body with an accompanying lifting of my mood.  Yesterday I weighed  myself-208 lbs.  For the last couple of years I have weighed over 210 and once i reached 215. For the past two weeks I have only had one twenty oz coke. But I have been eating ice cream.  I’m still fighting the sugar addiction.

15 September, 2017,11:06:59 PM:I just took 2 capsules each of dragon herbs Shou Wu Formulation and Primal Yin Replensisher, both kidney herbal formulas.  I think the base thing I have to work on is kidney, not liver as i once thought.  Or maybe both are eqully important.  Also out today I continuer to really feel my skeleton/frame.  Just from a one time dose of 4 capsules of dragon herbs Strong Bones formula.

15 September, 2017,10:38:44 AM:last night I took 2 capsules each of eagle herbs Long Dan Er Miao San (to drain damp heat) and Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (to lift digestion).  This is the first time I have taken these formulas together.  TOgether, it is a sort of ‘centering’ combination.  One to ‘lift’ and the other to ‘drain downward’.  Very nice.

14 September, 2017,11:53:39 PM:I just took 4 caps of alkalinizers.  I have made my own tea made up of schizandra berries, rhodiola roots, and chaga mushrooms.  The rhodiola has a very nice effect.  Erlier this mornign I took 2 grams of tryptophan.  I absolutely need to take tryptophan, everyday, multiple gram level doses.  I need to mix in with it 5-htp and a multi-amino acid.

13 September, 2017,11:30:20 PM:earlier this evening I took two pills of ChuiFong Toukuwan, as earlier in the day I once again experience pain in my left foot.  I still have problems with bloating, due to bad diet (lots of ice cream).  Still I gain strength in my core.  Two days ago I started to eat Zinc lozenges, and once again I learn of another deficiency.  The zinc correctionis improving my cognition, from the zinc removing another layer of gunk.

12 September, 2017,9:20:36 AM:very early this morning i felt again this ‘hisssing” sound in my cranium.  I am afraid that I am going to end up in a walker or an electric cart.  I think-amino acids: 2 grams glutamine, one gram tryptophan, 5oomg 5-htp, and one tablet BCAA 8:1:1. Note to self: I should up the glutamine to 3 or 4 grams, and I should add Alanine and one or two tablets all basic plus.

11 September, 2017,9:13:29 AM:this morning I experience a new level of perception, that of “seeing” or “perceiving” in such a way that I no longer have to “wonder”, so to speak, i.e., I have reached a new level of being in contact with reality.  Very good.  ALl this I think a result of getting my digestion to a new level of health.

9 September, 2017,5:38:28 AM:yesterday I was really feeling the Shu Wu Chih, especially in my gut.  My deep gut has always felt this ‘deadness’.  This shit is bringing it back alive, at least, that is my very definite feeling.  Also, two days ago I took 4 capsules of Host Defense ‘Brain’, a blend of medicinal mushrooms (Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps) along with Bacopa, Gotu Kola and Ginko Biloba).  I especially feel the change in my deep gut environment.

8 September, 2017,9:18:37 AM:last night I took Shu Wu CHih with tomato juice, and this morning I definitely feel the improvement.  Especially in my gut-a loss of bloating.

5 September, 2017,6:37:56 AM:this morning with soup I take:400mg melatonin, 5 caps of 5-htp, 3 caps of tryptophan, 3 caps of all-basic-plus, one BCAA 8:1:1 and one cap of 3 form BCAA.

4 September, 2017,9:19:46 AM:all night last night i felt this creeping in into the front of my cranium (beneath my face) this 5-htp/melatonin/molybdenum effect/detox. This morning my complexion was whiter than ever.

3 September, 2017,5:10:32 PM:last night I took one capsule each of five dragon herb liver formulas.  Overnight I felt a difference in my body.  This afternoon while riding the red line i was inspecting my body and asking it what it needed and – voila – Lysine.  So today I take – lets say – two grams.  Also, still going at it with the tryptophan/5-HTP and melatonin.

31 August, 2017,9:09:39 AM:last night I took 3 capsules of Thorne’s Methyl-Guard Plus, late evening: 5 capsules of Gui Pi Tang (Ginseng and Longan), early this morning I took 4 capsules of Huang Qin Tang (Scutelleria Decoction)-Digestion

30 August, 2017,8:04:24 AM:very early this morning I took 2 grams of methionine and two capsules of tryptophan.  All this morning i felt this lay er of gunk in the front of my face be eaten away.  I am sensing this change in my predeliction to “fantasize”.  Is my very early in this healing true?  Throughut today i will find out.

29 August, 2017,10:31:08 AM:early this morning I took one tablet of 8:1:1 BCAA and two tablets of BioTrust’s BCAA’s (mostly 4:2:1)

28 August, 2017,8:32:10 PM:this evening i had this insight-i am affected by excitatory neurotransmitters-so-is DOPA the remedy?  Right now I am taking 2 capsules of Mucuna Pririens (200mg), one tablet of GABA (100mg), one capsules of IP Formula’s DOPA Maxx ES (10mg of B-3, 6mg B-6, 2.5mg P-5-P, 200mg Folate, 600mg belnd of N-Acetyl-tyrosine, N-A-C, PEA and Bioperine), and one capsule of IP FOrmula’s DOPA Maxx (600mg Tyrosine, 200mg N-A-C).

27 August, 2017,9:28:52 PM:last night I took 3 tablets of Magnesium Glycinate and one tablet of Krebs Chelates.  All through the night I felt it creeping into the front of my face.  This morning I felt this layer of grease that was sort of relased from the front of my face.  I sort of scraped it off.  Good. Now-this evening, examining my body, I feel the need tor a megadose of glutamine (how can I tell? I have learned that for me to attain optimum health I need that ‘sveltness’ feeling in my muscles, especially my legs.  Right now my legs feel watery) and a small dose of the BCAA’s.  So – I just took 6 grams of l-glutamine and one tablet of 8:1:1 BCAA’s.

26 August, 2017,7:50:14 AM:yesterday early afternoon I took 3 grams of Alanine and I felt this immediate relief of my healing crisis/hypoglycemic depression.  And I felt this ‘carnosine’ kind of feeling (alanine and carnosine have a close relationship in the body).  Why wonder if I need alanine, all i have to do is check my body to see if I have that ‘carnosine’ feeling.  If i dont then take alanine (and maybe carnosine).  Last night I took 3 grams of N-Acetyl-Cysteine.  All night long I got this healing as the N-A-C did its work.  Especially I felt this feeling in the front of my face. This morning yet again my face looked less inflammed and less toxic. Yesterday evening, during my I.O.P. session i began to think of a potential ‘stack’.  This is what I am thinking:

Potential stack: Alanine, N-A-C, N-A-L-T(this is n-acetyl-tyrosine), Tryptophan, 5-HTP, B-2, R-5-P (riboflavin-5-phosphate), P-5-P, a multi-B vitamin, Molybdenum (for sulphur utilization), a multi-mineral.

23 August, 2017,11:24:44 PM:My body is still going through a healing from the Chui Fong TouKuwan.  What an amazing formula.  At least, for my unique condition, that formula was and is a godsend.  Believe it, as a result of that formula I have established a mind-body connection to my skeletal bones, including my pelvic bones.  Also, the R-5-P/P-5-P connection I just learned about.  Another key puzzle piece.  Just now I am going to take 500mg threonine, 500mg tyrosine, 250mg tryptophan, 100mg 5-HTP, 500mg taurine.  This amino acid mix I thought up throughout the day, asking my body what it needs, etc. Also, I am going to take some molybdenum, for sulphur utilization.  Also, I have started to drink a tea for phlegm.  I can feel it working.  I plan to, in the near future, to apply the tea to my cranium and chest for transdermal absorption.

22 August, 2017,10:53:58 AM:last night I took one capsule each of garcnina cambogia, hoodia gordonii and life extension’s Anti-adipocyte, all fat burning herbs.  Just now I took 4 teapills of chuifong toukuwan (for rheumatism-to treat left ankle).  Just now I am drinking a sinus buster tea, called mingan cha.  I immediately notice the beginning of a meltingof my buildup of phlegm. Earlier this morning I took 2 tablets of P-5-P.  All late yesterday afternoon I felt this creeping in of B-6!  Why? I only took one tablet of P-5-P earlier. My theory: my B-2/R-5-P correction is enabling the P-5-P.  WHy would I suspect this. I found a couple of websites stating that R-5-P is a precurso to the bodys use of P-5-P.

19 August, 2017,5:30:52 PM:all night last night I underwent a healing crisis as the B-2/riboflavin-5-phosphate seeped into my B-2 deficient system.  This morning my face was un-inflammed more than ever.  This morning before I wetn out I took a handful (about 20 teapills) of Poria and Peony Combination.  A few minutes ago I felt this never before “in the present” feeling, a sort of “regaining my identity” attainment.  Marvelous.  Going forward: MOre B vitamins, especially P-5-P, plus Buddha’s Yang, Poria and Peony Combo, Primal Yin Replenisher, a Blood Tonic, He Shou Wu Formula, etc.

18 August, 2017,9:43:25 PM:i just took a shit load of B-2 and riboflavin-5-phosphate

17 August, 2017,2:06:01 PM:just now, along with soup, I m taking 9 capsules of l-glutamine(750mg each), 3 capsules of all-basic-plus, 1 gram of citrulline, three caps of arginine (1.5 grams), and three caps of arginine/ornithine, 1 gram of tryptophan and 400mg of 5-HTP.

17 August, 2017,7:15:24 AM:i’m really feeling the Buddha’s Yang.  All night long I felt this weakening/numbness in both of my arms.  I thought this was the beginning of a stroke or I was going to end up in  COMA.  I awoke to a new level of clarity, so it looks like all last night I experienced a healing crisis.

16 August, 2017,8:07:48 PM:while out today I really felt the effects of the Tryptophan/5-HTP I took the day before.  I really do have a tryptophan/5-HTP problem.  I do have a bag of tryptophan powder, and I am going to applyu it transdermally tonight.  Also, today I felt the effects of the Buddha’s Yang-this is really a nice formula.  Yes-I have tried it in the past, but the build-up of long term gunk was too much for me to appreciate this formula before now.

16 August, 2017,1:03:44 PM:last night I applied a little bit of the Blood TOnic to my face and scalp.  During the night it felt like there was some healing going on but I am not sure.  I’ll try it again.  Just now, I took 8 capsules of Dragon Herbs Buddha’s Yang.  I’m tryiing to think of somethign that will treat my dementia/mental blankness.  Thought I’d try the Buddha’s Yang.

14 August, 2017,11:23:11 PM:i’m starting to use the blood tonic in earnest now.  Why? Can it cure that toxic hole in my gut that is causing my leaky gut? My Theory? Isn’t the gut surrounded by blood? Just suppose that this blood tonic can cure that toxic hole. I just thought of that on my walk to the local supermarket earlier this evening. Its worth pursuing.

14 August, 2017,8:13:44 PM:i’m drinking orange juice spiked with Nature’s Essence Blood Tonic.

14 August, 2017,9:37:13 AM: This morning along with soup I take eagle herbs Scutelleria Decoction (2 caps), Stephania and Astragalus Combination (2 caps), Zhi SHi Ping Wei San (2 caps) and Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (to life digestion-2 caps).  Plus I take 6 grams of l-glu8tamine and 4 capsules of all basic plus, a multi amino acid.

11 August, 2017,8:22:04 PM:today, i’m really feeling the ‘liver health’ advances I have been making. Also, last night I really felt the effects of the Poria and Peony Combo formula, a sort of degunking of my internal organs.  Also, last night from the Shou Wu Chih I hade this maybe half hour long, what it felt like:a lowering of my body temperature.  It felt delicious, great sleeping kind of feeling.

10 August, 2017,6:44:14 PM:This evening I took 8 teapills of Poria and Peony Combo extract.  Also, started to drink Shou Wu Chih (a he shou wu formula).

10 August, 2017,10:36:23 AM:took 3 capsules of dragon herbs rehmannia six, two capsules of eagle herbs Free And Easy Wanderer modified, two capsules of Life RIsing Free And Easy Wanderer , 500mg of arginine and one capsule of arginine/ornithine.

9 August, 2017,8:37:45 PM:I just took 2 tablets of Magnesium Malate, one tablet of magnesium chealte, and one tablet of magnesium threonate

9 August, 2017,9:25:24 AM:last night I applied a solution of schizandra tea, milk thistle and artichoke leaf to my scalp, chest and groin for transdermal absorption for liver support.  This morning I awoke to even more clarity.  Now, I sense phlegm build up, so I am going to start to use Er Chen Wen, a herbhal formula for phlegm dispersal,

8 August, 2017,10:15:30 AM:this morning with soup I am taking 3 capsules of All-Basic-Plus, 6750mg of l-glutamine, a ‘handful’ of vitamin A.

8 August, 2017,12:16:01 AM:last night I awoke, around 3:00, and had a healing crisis.  I couldn’t walk, my arms were weak, I almost needed a walker to get to the bathroom.  I felt I had had a stroke.  I went to sleep assuming that I did have a stroke.  THis morning I awoke to realize that I had underwent a very good detox event around the front of my face.  It felt “like liver’, dry, astringent, etc.  I still have a ways to go, but last nights advance was strategic.  I have started to drink schizandra tea (very good for the liver).  Also two days ago took another three capsules of Rhodiola.  Yesterday morning I took one capsule of Krebs Chelates.

5 August, 2017,2:40:34 PM:last night I took 3 capsules of DHerbs FLuid Release, and this morning I felt even more “dried out”.  Also, last night I took one capsule each of Solgar’s Carnitine (250mg), Best VItes Acetyl-carnitine (500mg, 333mcg of biotin, and 150mg alpha lipoic acid), LE’s Optimized Carnitine(400mg acetyl-carnitine, 150mg arginocarn and 150mg glycocarn) and LE’s PEAK ATP(500mg GlycoCarn and 50mg PEAK ATP-adenosine 5′-triphosphate disodium).  Just now I took 3 capsules of Rhodiola.

2 August, 2017,1:49:49 PM:I just took 6 gramsm of l-glutamine.  Last night I took, seperately, proline and lysine.  This morning I awoke with a mind-body connection to my veins and arterys.  On line upon doing research I read that dr linus pauling claimed that lysine-proline works at clearing arterys and lowering cholestral.  I think that is true.  THis afternoon I will buy proline and proline/lysine (I am just about out of both). Last night I took DHerbs Fluid Release capsules, and all night and this morning I have been urinating, a lot.

1 August, 2017,11:13:00 PM:a couple of hours ago I took 1.5 grams l-glutamine, 1 gram proline, 1.5 grams pyroglutamic acid and 500mg glutamic acid

1 August, 2017,8:48:54 AM:1 gram phenylalanine, 1.5 grams tyrosine, one 8:1:1 BCAA, 1.5 grams aspartic acid, 2 grams tryptophan, 150mg 5-HTP, 3 capsules all basic plus multi amino acid, 4 grams glutamine, 2 gram lysine, 1 gram taurine, 1 gram cysteine, 1 gram methionine, 1 gram threonine

1 August, 2017,3:38:10 AM:yesterday I awoke to a vast improvement.  The day before I took 2 grams of Tyrosine and about 8 tablets of NutriCology’s B12 Adenosylcobalamin.  I think I have an amino acid formula going forward: 3 or 4 grams glutamine, one BCAA tablet, a gram of tryptophan, a gram of aspartic acid, 200mg 5-htp, 3 or 4 capsules of All Basic Plus multi-amino acids, and perhaps some tyrosine and taurine.

30 July, 2017,10:29:29 AM:this morning, with soup: 6 capsules of LE’s tryptophan plus, 3 capsules of All Basic Plus, 6 capsules of Intrinsi-B12, one capsule each of eagle herbs for digestion and bloating

29 July, 2017,9:22:27 AM:last night I put castor oil on my left foot, this a.m. feels better but the internal ‘sprain’ is still there.  This morning, along with soup, i am taking: two tablets of 8:1:1 BCAA’s, three tablets of calcium carbonate, five capsules of montiff’s all-basic-plus (a multi amino acid), 1 gram of alanine and one gram of aspartic acid (in the early eighties I spent 5 weeks as an outpatient at the center for bio-ecologic medicine and psychaitry, where the M.D. diagnosed me as having “something is interfering with your citric acid metabolic cyucle”, where the citric acid cycle is the same as the Krebs cycle-anyway he had me take this substance called ‘citri-spar’ which i thin was a combination of aspartic aCID AND CITRIC ACID)..

28 July, 2017,10:33:34 AM:last night i applid tryptophan powder to my face and scalp and all night long i felt this detox/healing.  This morning I took 1 gram of tryptophan with oatmeal and goji berries.

27 July, 2017,7:28:47 PM:i have this constant feeling that i’m missign something: just now I took 1.5 grams of histidine (an essential amino acid).  Then, try: phenyalanine, BCAA’s, a multi-amino acid, B6, alanine, arginine/N.O. boosters, calcium carbonate (i have an acidity problem, calcium carbonate is what rolaids is made from), etc. 8:06:49 PM:I just took 3 grams of phenyalanine.

26 July, 2017,7:36:04 PM:with soup tonight-i take 1 gram tryptophan, 200 mg 5-htp, and fo rliver support: two capsules of life extensions palmettoguard, 4 capsules of artichoke leaf extract and 4 capsules of european milk thistle. This morning I had a bowl of oatmeal and goji berrys along with one capsule/tablet each of magnesium glycinate, chelate, orotate and amino-chelate.  Two days ago I felt for the first time the health benefits of goji berrys.  VERY NICE.  I’m going to be eating/consuming a LOT more goji berrys from now on.

25 July, 2017,7:07:17 PM:i’m making progress with my glutamine efforts-this evening with soup i am taking 10.5 grams of it

24 July, 2017,9:21:04 AM:Yesterday I had a boost of energy after taking the 6 grams of glutamine. This morning I take 2.333 grams of Lysine.

23 July, 2017,4:03:55 PM:late last night I took 1 gram cysteine, 1 gram N-A-C and 500mg MSM.  Just now I took 6 grams of glutamine.

23 July, 2017,8:57:00 AM:last night I took two mo-zymes, one perrilla clear, one isatis supreme and one micro-cosmic orbit.  yesterday, my perception was once again less clouded-while walking to movie theatre I noticed that when i looked at buildings, other metal surfaces, etc, I had this ‘direct cognitive experience’ with their surfaces and what they were made of (like, thats cement, thats aluminum, etc-i had the experience without haviong to think about it or “ask my brain what it was)

22 July, 2017,1:15:59 PM:i just took one cap of arginine/ornithine, three caps (1.5grams) of arginine and one cap of citrulline, plu benfotiamine and sulbutiamine.

Thursday, 20 July, 2017,10:24:22 PM:just now i took one czpsule of manganese, two tablets chelated molybdenum and one tablet mo-zyme.

18 July, 2017,4:52:50 PM:this morning i took 4 capsules of co-ensymated B complex.  Later in the morning, along with my soup, a tiik a “handful” of vitamins A and D, plus dragon herbs: two capsules of young lungs, one capsule of Imperial Garden (a return to youth formula) and one capsule of Diamond Mind.

16 July, 2017,9:13:08 AM:i just had a large bowl of soup, along with two capsules each of DHerbs Colon & DIgedstive Tract and Metabolism Booster.  I also took two tablets each of magnesium chelate and magnesium malate.

15 July, 2017,7:46:53 PM:yesterday eveining with soup I took one capsule each of DHerbs Colon & Digestive Tract and Metabolism Booster.  This morning, I felt this clarity of perception that reminded me of the clarity I get from using Dragon Herbs Microcosmic Orbit.  Could it be? Am I moving towards attaining that a normal experience of that level of clarity?

14 July, 2017,2:00:15 PM:this morning with soup i took a “handful” of vitamin A and D, molybdenum, zinc and manganese.  Yesterday with soup i took 4 capsules of dragon herbs optdigest.  The day before nothing.  Theday before that two capsules each of AMerican Dragons Downward Draining formulas.

7 July, 2017,8:39:45 PM:for the past 4-5 days I have had a very sore left ankle.  Just now I took one capsule each of:Vitaminne shoppes glucosamine/chondroitin MSM (for joint, mobility and flexibility), vitaminne shoppes BioCell Collagen II, Source naturals N-A-G (for connective tissue support)and Genoma Nutritionals Phloxicin (for healthy joint response)

5 July, 2017,7:19:03 AM:i have been using eagle herbs bloating formulas, brain formulas, and eagle herbs lifting formula.  This morning i awoke to a more paler face and complexion.

2 July, 2017,11:32:16 AM:over the last couple of days I have been (1) using E3Live’s products for general nutrition, plus AMerican Dragon’s downward draining herbs.  This morning I used 3 capsules of Eagle Herbs Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, which, according to Eagle HErbs website, “lifts digestion”. I have long felt that my digestion was weak, and had “fallen through” to my groin area.  Perhaps this formula wil help.

28 June, 2017,28 June, 2017:I’ve backed off the anti-candida formulas for a few days and have slided backwards somewhat-nonetheless I am further out of my lifelong brain fog.

27 June, 2017,10:23:30 PM:two days ago I took two tablets of CanXida.  The day before I took one tablet each of CanXida, Gut Bug, Dysbiocide and Candida Normalizer.  Also, two days ago I took one capsule each of Radiant Energy’s Brain TOnic, Shen Clinic’s Memory Pill, Maharishi’s Intelligence Plus, Banyan’s Mental Clarity, Genoma Nutritional’s Attentia and Balanceuticals Britemind Elder. Also two days ago I took 1 gram of L-glutamine and 500mg of GABA.

22 June, 2017,6:45:40 AM:a few days ago I started to use life extensions Mitochondrial Optimzer and, finally, it works, at least, I can feel it working and feel what it does.  Especially, when I get up from a sitting position it is no longer an effort.  Also, last night I prepared a solution of the three “dysbiocide” herbal formulas and applied it to my face, scalp, chest and groin.  All night i felt it transdermally absorb.  This morning I will take three capsules each with my soup.

20 June, 2017,11:07:49 PM:today I felt much closer to reality.  It seems that a few nights ago when I got that “snapping” event it wasnt a detox event but a structural alignment event.  Since then my left foot/leg has been sore-i’ve been walking with a limp.  Also yesterday I got a detox event across my forhead of a very greasy/oily layer of gunk.  This evening I started somethign different.  I am trying to establish a healthy gut flora.  So this evening mixed into a protein drink I mixed two capsules each of the following: DHerbs Candida Normalizer, Biotics Research Dysbiocide and Panaxea’s Gut Bug.

18 June, 2017,7:39:56 AM:wow-moving on! First, I continue with the vitamin C, that I needed and it really is a powerful anti-oxidant and an immune system boost.  It has helped my immune system since I began taking it. Second: two days ago I began to take Manganese (Pure Encapsulations Manganese aspartate and citrate) and Molybdenum (Biotics Research Mo-Zyme).  Overnight I had this chemistry change and I awoke mid-morning with a “snapping sound” as I underwent a deep detox.  Last night I disolved one capsule each of the molybdenum and manganese in water and applied the solution to my scalp, face, chest and groin.  Almost immediately I felt, in the front of my cranium, especially in the right-front of my cranium, this “frozen, solid mass of long term toxins” that the mineral solution went up against (the transdermal absorption was almost instantaneous). Also all last night i got transdermal assimilation.  This morning my face and chest feels “dried out” from the gunk. At least a large part of it.  I’m not completely toxin free yet, but getting there.

15 June, 2017,10:59:55 PM:I’m really feeling the vitamin C – why have i ignored this vitamin for so long? i thought i had sufficient levels – nope.  Also-this morning i went back to the drago herbs He Sho Wu formulation, Primal Yin Replenisher and He Sho Wu- i immediately felt the effects.  Also, I am writing again – why? I think it is all those E3a products.

14 June, 2017,7:18:55 PM:last night I took 3 capsules of E3a’s vitamin C and I immediately felt the diference.  I am going to try to get some vitamin C powder for both oral and transdermal assimilation.  Also yesteday and today Itook a bunch/variety of hormone formulas (DHEA, pregnenalone, testosterone, etc).

13 June, 2017,10:24:07 AM:this morning with soup I took one gram of tryptophan and 400 mg 5-HTP.  S hould take niacin/NADL with the tryptophan (re the NAD cycle-tryptophan is the precursor of niacin as well as serotonin).  Have to remember for the next time. 11:32:37 AM: yesterday evening, with juice, I took Samsara’s Biofilm (a biofilm detox powder). Also, yesterday I took one capsule of Nitric Oxide Pre-Sport, and once capsule each of E3Live’s E3AFA, Blue Majik, BrainOn and E3RenewMe!. Beginning this morning (and a little bit yesterday evening) I began to get this ‘3d’ ability to see out of my mind’s eye, except it seems as though my mind’s eye is at my eye level, and not at the location where my pineal gland is.

12 June, 2017,9:11:10 AM:two days ago I took two tablets of Co-EnzymeA, 2 tablets of Pantethine and one tablet of Pantothenic acid.  The B-5 is a really important vitamin.  Yesterday I took 1/8 teaspoon of ornithine-alpha-ketogluterate with juice-again this stuff breaks up the sugar-goop in my lower gut. This morning I feel that I need arginine (for my dark mood/depression).  Also-for the past couple of days I have felt the need to take some hormones (DHEA, pregnenalone, etc).

9 June, 2017,10:33:56 AM:this morning I feel something different – is it the Leucine?  Do I need to solve a Leucine probnlem before the other two BCAA’s wil work?  Also, forgot to mention – two days ago I took one tablet each of Garden Of LIfes Multi-B, Metabolic Maintenance’s Phosphoralated Multi-B’s and New Chapter’s EveryMan’s Multi-Vitamin.  Yesterday morning getting up from sitting on a couch I had the energy to get up without effort.

8 June, 2017,7:15:32 PM:this evening I took one capsule of Leucine complex (I have been getting better protein digestion over the past few days from taking the BCAA’s and thought – why not try just one of the three BCAA’s since I remember three onths or so ago I had that strong reaction to Leucine).  Also this evening I took more of the two new AMerican Dragon herbs with juice.  I’m still getting more detox in the front of my face from these new herbal formulas.  As I typ ethis I am really feeling the deep rooted candida/fungus infection that I still have.  But it seems as thought all the rest of my long term toxins are almost gone.

7 June, 2017,8:43:02 PM:yesterday I received two new herbal formulas from AMerican Dragon.  I already am feeling a healing detox in the front of my face. 11:01:19 PM:just took another dose of the two new American Dragon herbal formulas.  Also – i’m starting to work on my mental “blankness/dementia”.  Yesterday I took 2 capsules of Jarrow Formulas Neuro Optimizer (acetyl-l-carnitine, taurine, glutamine,cognizin, phosphatadylcholine, phosphatadylserine and alpha lipoic acid). Tomorrow morning I will add “a handful” of B-12 with my soup.  Also, I will use DMAE.  Maybe some PEA.

3 June, 2017,9:44:20 AM:this morning, with my soup, i take 3 capsules of BioTrust’s BCAA’s (a blend of regular BCAA’s, BCAA peptide and BCAA ethyl ester) and one capsule of BCAA 8:1:1. Over the past two days, directly from taking theBCAA’s, i feel cleansed of a sort of “sludge”, especially in my gut. This morning I eat one of my last bowls of curry soup. Going forward – my homemade soup will have no “heat” producing spices.

1 June, 2017,7:01:17 PM:yesterday I took one tablet of an 8:1:1 BCAA.  This evening I feel an increase in energy and clarity.  Is it the BCAA’s?

1 June, 2017,5:12:51 AM: I just took 2 capsules of DMAE.  Yesterday I mixed two capsules of magnesium threonate with juice. The day before I applied magnesium sulfate on my scalp, face and groin for transdermal absorption.  The next day my sugar cravings were diminished. Also two days ago I took 2 grams of aspartic acid.

Tuesday, 30 May, 2017,12:58:26 PM:I have an idea for a “core” group of nutrients, i.e., a group of nutrients that will “dry out/detox my core”.  That group is:

Pantothenic Acid, Pantethine, Biotin, riboflavin, riboflavin-5-phosphate, P-5-P, vitamin E, Tryptophan, 5-HTP, Alanine?, carnosine, the BCAA’s?, Threonine, Ornithine, l-Glutamine, the Krebs Chelates,

30 May, 2017,12:47:57 AM:yesterday evening I took 3 grams of threonine

29 May, 2017,1:30:27 AM: i’m feeling the pantethine/pantothenic acid.  Already. Its like a “brain glue” has been removed, sort of. Like a brain “molasses” that has been slowing my brain processes down has been removed.  Will this be the solution to my chronic brain fatigue?

28 May, 2017,11:07:15 PM: this morning i took 2 capsules each of the new four herbal formulas with soup. Just now I took two capsules of pantothenic acid/pantethine and 5000mcg of biotin sublingual. Earlier I took 2 caps of P-5-P. Yesterday evening I took one Krebs Chelates.

27 May, 2017,11:24:54 AM:this morning I took one capsule each of my new herbal formulas.  Just now, with a bowl of my soup, I am taking 5 tablets of dessicated liver, 3 tablets of Nature’s Life RNA-DNA (brewers yeast) and 3 capsules of Mighty Moringa. Also, yesteday and today I drank a protin juice mixed with Sustamine. Also with my soup: one krebs chelates, 2 mag asporotate and one mag glycinate.

26 May, 2017,9:50:38 AM:overnight last night i felt, in my lower gut area, a “melting” of congealed hardened gunk – and i think it is from the st john’s wort/kudzu tea.  I’m not saying that overnight this would work for everyone, but for me, after years of peeling away all those outer layers of gunk, this did work almost overnight.  I really working now at my inner most layers.  Now – what about those american dragon herbs?  I am hoping to get those today or tomorrow.

25 May, 2017,3:31:16 PM:this morning I took 10 capsules of Dr Mercola’s MSM.  I really do have a sulphur deficiency, and need to be mindful of this sulphur issue going forward.  I think I need to apply MSM to my groin and chest for extra absorbancy.  Also, last night I brewed a batch of St John’s Wort/Kudzu tea.  This morning I tasted it, it was really awful and bitter but I got this distinct feeling that it would help my serotonin problems.  SO I added it to some fruit juice and found it palatable.

23 May, 2017,9:06:35 PM:this evening i’m really feeling it, that early today one-capsule intake of medicinal herbs.  And I gained this insight.  How to put it? Past experience with Perilla Clear and Isatis Supreme was that the Isatis Supreme would do its anti-biotic thing and the Perilla Clear would ‘open my clogged channels (do I have this right?)’ which would enable the Isatis Supreme to clean those ‘opened’ channels.  What I didn’t also do was to replace those opened and cleaned channels with something else.  That something else, say, the Return To Youth formula herbs.  That is my theory as to what is going on.  I need to take that total blend of functional healing herbs.  And along with the Perilla Cler, Isatis SUpreme and Return To Youth I also took the Eagle Herbs Blood Mover and ’16 Herbs COmbination’ which is a lymph drainage formula.  All these herbs is what I am feeling.

23 May, 2017,10:58:50 AM:early this morning I took what I thought was my current TCM herbal formulas: one capsule each of eagle herbs Blood Mover, Eagle Herbs ’16 Herbs Combination’, and Dragon Herbs Shou Wu Formulation, He Shou Wu, Isatis Supreme, Perilla Clear, Return To Youth and Primal Yin Replenishr.  I then went back to sleep and awoke to recurring swallowing that was caused by all the herbs.  I might think about taking them with food or more water.  Going forward, perhaps, what I am thinking, is that definitely I need the Primal Yin Replenisher (which I use to get rid of a thin fog).

19 May, 2017,5:52:52 AM:I awoke this morning feeling a mind-body-connection clarity to my whole body.  Last night I took the B-1 vitamins (described in the post below) and drank this kidney tea called Water For Life Kidney Tea from Heaven and Earth.

18 May, 2017,7:20:17 PM:just took 3 capsules of Doctors Best Benfotiamine (450mg), 1 capsule of sulbutiamine (200mg) and one capsules of allithiamine (50mg thiamin tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide, 75mg calcium as dicalcium phosphate, 58mg phosphorous as dicalcium phosphate)

17 May, 2017,8:20:42 PM:yesterday evening I took one tablet of Vibrant Health’s Super Natural Calcium (100mg) and one tablet of Schiff’s Super Calcium (600mg calcium carbonate).  Also I took more CoQ10.

17 May, 2017,9:30:16 AM:this morning I awoke to an increased energy level, from the CoQ10.  I want to mop the floors, etc.  I still have this dementia, but I think that can be treated with choline and niacin.  We’ll see.

16 May, 2017,9:13:53 PM:I just took 4 capsules of Life Extensions Raw CoQ10 and 3 tablets of sublingual ubiquinal.  I am already feeling an increased energy level.  And just now I am, sensing increased brain function? Or not?  Here is my test (or one of my tests):can I “see” a complicated excel spreadsheet the way I used to be able to? Or – can I sit down and write prose in my book?  Time will tell. recently I am experieincing increassed dementia and am concerned.  Also, yesterday I took another three capsules of Dragon Herbs Return To Youth. Yesterday while taking these I looked at the label-a nice blend of TCM herbs. Also, of note-I am uping my intake of magnesium sulfate (epsom salts)-I really need to have a healthy level of magnesium in my body to accomplish what I am after.

15 May, 2017,3:12:26 PM:i just took a one gram level dose of my “ultraclear” formula:1.5 grams glutamine, 1.5 grams lysine, 1 gram each of MSM, phenyalanine, tryptophan, methionine, N-A-C, threonine and taurine.-

13 May, 2017,10:57:20 AM:last night i took 2 capsules of a new (eagle herbs) herbal formula: sixteen herbs combination, which is a lymph drainage formula.  ALl night last night i felt it clear away stagnated, impacted long term toxins.  This morning i took one capsule each of dragon herbs isatis supreme, perrilla clear, primal yin replenisher and he shou wu formulation.  The last two are for kidney assistance. Over the past few days I have learned that montiff’s All Basic Plus multi-amino acid’s help me reach a certain clarity and aids me in clearing away that brain fog.  I’m moving on.

2 May, 2017,1:04:23 AM:last evening with juice again I took sustamine and 500mg Taurine.  The sustamine is really helping.  Out at the movies I felt the glutamine part of the sustamine in my face and cranium.  I have this mal-absorption/metabolic issue and the sustamine is helping with that (sustamine is a dipeptide of alanine and glutamine)

11 May, 2017,10:35:48 AM:yesterday, with juice, I took sustamine and longevity warehouse’s Coffee Blast and Immortal Machine.  This morning, along with juice, I took sustamine and Longevity Warehous’s Chi City (a protein/herb blend). Today I feel the sustamine, expecially the alanine.

9 May, 2017,6:03:03 PM:last night along with soup I took 6 capsules of Dr Mercola’s MSM complex (MSM, R-Alpha-Lipoic acid and Methionine). This evening I am taking 4 capsules of the MSM complex.  Also, I’ve been taking three new herbal formulas from Eagle Herbs.  Of particvular note and effectiveness I have been taking their “Blood Mover” herbal formula.  It really is breaking up and clearing what feels like ‘long term toxins’ throughout my gut and cranium.

7 May, 2017,5:30:14 AM:last night before bed I took 3 capsules of Eagle Herbs “Blood Mover Tonic” and this morning I really have this clear mind-body connection to my blood and circulation. I remember a week or so ago researching the spleen (I remembered the spleen formula and its positive effect on me that I got from the Life Rising chinatown herbalist about a year ago) and finding out that that it is the spleen that plays a role in the cleansing of the blood and was the reason why I ordered this formula.

6 May, 2017,6:05:49 PM:last night I took 3 capsules of eagle Herbs “Free and Easy Wanderer” modified.  This morning I felt it, but it felt not quite right, as I felt a little congested from it, but I’m not sure so I will continue experimenting with it.  This morning I took one capsule of Eagle HErbs Digestion formula.  Havent felt anything yet.  Yesterday my instincts told me that I should try DMG.  The MSM and TMG I definitely need, but what about DMG.

5 May, 2017,11:30:49 AM:with soup Itook 1620mg MSM and 666mg TMG.

4 May, 2017,8:59:11 AM:this morning I drank juice mixed with SAMSARA’s Biofilm powder.  The powder is for biofilms, which I belive I have a lot of.  Also, I have been taking Taurine, Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate and Yogi’s Detox tea. Also, forgot to record, last saturday evening, April 29, I took 3 Dragon Herbs Young Lungs. Also, two nights ago I experienced a spontaneous drop of my right shoulder.  This was a major structural change.  This morning I felt, as a consequence, a sort of “shin splints” kind of pain in the inside of my left lower leg.  Also, the last two mornings I experienced a slight re-occurance of my left heel (I forgot the name of the condition) which I walked off.

30 April, 2017,1:11:22 PM:last night i took 1 gram of taurine and i immediately felt relief.  Early this morning I took 3.5 grams of taurine with my soup.  Looking good!

28 April, 2017,4:45:27 AM:last night I applied some ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate to my scalp, face, and groin.  All night I got this “drying out” sort of detox.  I just awoke and felt this very clearly. Also, last night I took some BIO-Film powder with juice. Also, two days ago I took 2 grams of trimethyl glycine, a methyl donor.  All that night I got this detox in my cranium from it.  I plan to also use some DMG.  Also three days ago I took 100mg of P-5-P.  Also three days ago I took two capsules of DHerbs sex organs cleanser.

25 April, 2017,11:51:09 PM:just now I drank a bottle of juice along with sustamine.  Last night I ate a large bowl of soup along with a “handful” each of B-12 and FOlic Acid.  Also along with my soup I took one (for liver support) capsule each of Life Extensions European Milk Thistle, Artichoke Leaf Extract and Palmetto Guard.

24 April, 2017,10:17:20 AM:last night I took 2.5 grams of Ornithine.  I read online that an ornithine deficiency can lead to a build up of ammonia in the body.  Boy did i have the mind-body i8maginings of Ornithine wrong.  I thought it along the lines of arginine.  Ornithine is different, and all last night I felt this drying out kind of effect.  Going forward I will treat arginine and ornithine a little differently.  Also, over the last couple of days I have gotten back to methyldonors.  Two days ago i applied MSM tpoically to my face, scalp and feet.  Yesterday with my soup I ate a “handfuls” each of B-1 and folic acid.

22 April, 2017,3:16:24 PM:just now i am eating 8 capsules of Seacure.  Two houes ago I took 3 Ginseng capsules.  Over the past few days I have been using a Ginseng extract in my juices.  This morning i felt a very mnd-body connection to my right hip, with no fog.

20 April, 2017,11:54:41 AM:two days ago I took 3 grams of l-glutamine.  Yesterday another 3 grams l-glutamine.  I feel this break down of that sugary, syrupy acidic gunk from taking the l-glutamine.

Also the last two days I have been taking one capsule each of six different Eagle Herbs formulas that treat bloating, redness and acid indigestion.  They are working but my jink food addictions continue to give me these simptoms.

Last night I disolved one capsule each of Clear Lungs, Clear Lungs Extra Strength and Dragon Herbs Young Lungs in water and applied the solutionto the front of my face.  All last night I felt this detox and clearing in the front of my face.  It is now much less congested.  I plan to continue to do this going forward.

17 April, 2017,7:13:10 AM:two days ago I took 2 grams of Lysine. Also two days ago I took 3 capsules of Young Lungs.  Yesterday I felt this clearing/detox all along my throat, face, nasal passages, etc.  I’m trying to clear that congestion around my mouth and nasal passages and it seems to be working.  Last night I took one capsules each of the following Eagle Herbal formulas: .  This morning I feel this ‘drying out’ in my gut.

15 April, 2017,9:56:00 AM:this morning with soup I took two magnesium sulphate, 1 magnesium chelate, 50mg niacinimide, 3 capsules NADH (30mg NADH and 600mg Ribose), two capsules pantethine (which has both b-5 and pantethine), 1 capsule tryptophan and 1 capsule 5-htp

14 April, 2017,10:31:52 AM:just took 2 capsules of argi8nine/ornithine (1250mg and 750mg), 2 grams citrulline and 3 capsules of all-basic plus

12 April, 2017,7:06:58 PM:I just took 200mg B-2 and 400mg riboflavin-56-phosphate.  Yesterday I took 3 capsules of Active -PK, and today I am really feeling the gynostemma extract, which I think (but am not sure) has flouride.

9 April, 2017,9:58:18 AM:last night I took 2 capsules (250mg each) of pantothenic acid and two tablets of Cardiovascular Research’s Pantethine (135mg each of patnothenic acid and 165mg each of pantethine).  Overnight I felt, all along my right side, this ‘drying’ or detoxifying effect.  This morning a lot of ‘gunk’ was available to scrape off my forehead and scalp.  I am sort of gaining an experiential familiararity to pantothenic acid, its sort of like an astringent, or surfactant, bitter.  Thats the feeling right now.  Perhaps I should disolve it in water and sip it to get a better feel. I’ll do that later today. But here’s another thing-I am now sensing the dirt and grime in my condominium.  Its like it just popped up into my awareness.  Like a layer of the brain fog was cleared away and there was the dirt and grime.

6 April, 2017,11:25:33 PM:its finally happening, with this NAD turnaround, what I have been INTENSELY working on, this spirituality and health, healawake, inner ecologic journey of mine that has taken everything i have had for over thirty five years, i hold my accomplishment dear and it is priceless, its an ingrained part of me.

6 April, 2017,8:44:55 AM:yesterday evening with my meal I took 2 grams of methionine and overnight I realized that i have been sorely missing this nutrient, as it is a crucial methyl donor and the body’s principal source of sulphur.  This morning I plan to take 5 grams of methionine and 3 grams of N-A-C.

3 April, 2017,5:02:39 PM:three or four days ago I took 1 gram thiamine mononitrate, two tablets of sublingual B-1 and two capsules of life extensions benfotiamine.  Yesterday morning I was fairly upbeat and positive as the B-1 had cleared up a B-1 deficiency.  I have to be careful to keep up with my B-1.  Also, yesterday I either thought the B-1 deficiency was pellegra or “someone” suggested thic condition to me.  I googled pellagra and found that pellegra was related to a niacin deficiency, and specifically, a nicotinide and NAD and tryptophan deficiency (i think the website said the tryptophan and nicotinide were precursors to the NAD cycle.  Going forward fromtoday I will work on this by taking tryptophan, niacin and NADH.  Also I am feeling the pregnenolone and DHEA-very good.  So in summary: kidney herbal formulas, B-6, magnesium, B-1 and tryptophan/niacin/NADH and hormonal therapy are what I am concentrating on.

1 April, 2017,10:06:11 PM:Just took 1 each of life extensions DHEA Complete and Pregnenolone, and two capsules of Dragon Herbs Endocrine Health.

31 March, 2017,11:29:50 AM:two days ago I took 3 tablets of magnesium chelates.  This morning I am taking, with my soup, one tablet of magnesium chelate, two apsules of magnesium sulphate, one table of magnesium threonate, two capsules of krebs cycle chelates, two capsules of potassium asporotate

29 March, 2017,6:29:09 AM:i started back on herbs two days ago: first with primal yinb replensiher, then yesterday with perilla clear, isatis supreme and microcosmic orbit.  Thismorning to a bottle of fruit juice I added three capsules of he show wu, one capsule of primal yin replenisher and a dropper full each of y9in replenisher and super yang jing.  Last night I dissolved two capsule of he show wu in water, and took a sip (very bitter), so added the rest to a bottle of healers tea.  Over night lat night I had this very nice effect from the he shou wu formulation.  Onward now with my kidney treatments (pretty much everything in this blog entry has to do with kidney).

26 March, 2017,11:31:48 AM:yesterday I drank more reliance tea (the one with ashwaghanda and nettle) and again felt its liver action and was reminded that i need liver support.  So just now I am eating a large bowl of my homemade soup along with the following liver aids: 2 capsules each of life extensions European Milk Thistle, PalmettoGuard (which has saw palmetto, and stinging nettle), artichoke leaf extract, and two capsules of Nature’s Sunshine Liver Cleanse Formula, 2 capsules of all basic plus, 20mg NADH, 500mg niacin, and 4 capsules of Health Naturally’s activated multi-B

24 March, 2017,12:13:19 PM:took 5 capsules of garden of life’s Raw D3, 4.5 grams l-glutamine, 4 grams l-lysine, 3 capsules all basic plus

22 March, 2017,8:13:07 AM:this morning with soup I take one tabler of Krebs Cycle Chelates, two capsules of All Basic Plus and one tabler of Nitric Oxide Pre-Workout

20 March, 2017,11:00:31 AM:i just took a shower and as I was washing my groin area i felt this wve of soap enter my system.  What to do?  Use the borax powder?  I have to think about this.  But – yesterday I though about  my infrequent showers and, yeah, it was my instincts to shower less frequently as i was doing my detox efforts.  My less that once a day showers began around 2005 or so.  I distinctly remember a co-worker comment on it.

20 March, 2017,6:27:32 AM:yesterday I took 3 grams of l-glutamine, 3 grams of l-lysine, and 4 capsules of Health Naturally’s “Activated B” – a multi-b vitamin.  Last night using some stretching exercises I am beginning to straighten out that knot in my right gluteal muscle.  Yesterday I thought:I should be concentrating on vitamin A (the water soluable beta-catotene kind).  RIght now I am mentally reminding myself to keep up the magnesium/B-6 levels.

18 March, 2017,11:58:06 PM:This morning I took 1 capsule of magnesium sulfate (155 mg) and one tablet of Nitric Oxide PreWorkout (1 gram of arginine alpha ketogluterate, 25 mg of ornithine alpha ketogluterate, 25 mg of glutamine alpha ketogluterate and 5 mg of arginine ketosocaprate).  I recently read that both B-6 and magnesium work together to enhance cellular activity so I am going to concentrate on both of these going forward.  Today, while out I really began to become aware of this ‘living organism’ inside of me that is this long lived candida infection.  I am getting the better of it and I am going to beat it.

17 March, 2017,6:11:56 AM:Two nights ago I applied Country Lifes P-5-P/PAK powder to my groin.  All night I had this transdermal absorption.  The next morning I felt that the PAK (this is Pyridoxine Alpha-ketoglutarate) was not good for transdermal absorption (I am not sure about this) as pyridoxine needs to be converted to P-5-P by the liver.  But-later yesterday I noticed this important clinical improvement.  Around 11:45, at the end of my thursday 11:00 a.m. therapists session, as I was getting up from my chair, I immediately noticed that I had energy in my groin and upper glueal muscles that I was able to arise from a sitting position without having to use my arms etc.  I was able to arise from a sitting position without effort.  This is very important.  I see a lot of elderly walking around with the aide of walkers, etc.  I worry about this and was afraid I was heading in that direction.  Could it be? A B-6 deficiency deep in the gut is one cause?  B-6 IS important for digesting proteins.  Perhaps I have not been digesting proteins adequately all these years.  I am after all not a doctor, I have never taken high level classes in biology, chemistry or other pre-med areas.  Anyway, I am currently keeping up the B-6 push.  Just now I had a bowl of soup and took 3 capsules (50 mg each) of ‘pure encapsulations’ brand of P-5-P.

15 March, 2017,11:22:13 PM:Yesterday very early I applied P-5-P powder to the right side of my neck, face and cranium.  All that morning I felt this transdermal absorption along my right side and a related healing.  Today, for the first time I hae had this dramatic change in my digestion.  Its hard to describe.  What I am feeling now is that as soon as I finish a meal I can sort of feel a sort of ‘discontinuity’ with respect to that meal.  I can feel a sort of ‘digestion of it’.  Before this I always had this feeling of one meal running into another with no seperation between.  This is a very big improvement.  Also today I had this upbeat feeling and a lightness to my step.  Tonight I will be using more of this P-5-P transdermal approach.

14 March, 2017,12:36:33 AM:yesterday morning with soup I took 4 tablets of P-5-P

12 March, 2017,8:59:34 PM:yesterday I took 4 tablets of Vitaminne Shop’s P-5-P (each tablet is 50mg of P-5-P).  I plan on buying P-5-P powder and using it as a talc for transdermal absorption.

10 March, 2017,10:55:55 PM: more p-5-p and b-6 healing.  Inside of me there has been this long term toxins buildup and now i relize that a large part of that build up is due to this life long b-6 deficiency.  After all, there was that diagnosis back in the early 1980’s of my pyridoxial deficiency.  The M.D.’s prescription was oral P-5-P among other things, but I had this huge malabsorption problem (i remember the M.D. saying “their passing right through you”.  He didnt think or had know;edge of the transdermal approach.  Perhaps, back inthe early 1980’s there wasn’t such a thing.

8 March, 2017,11:36:00 PM:last night I applied Urban Decay’s ‘B6’ “complexion prep priming spray”.  It really worked as a trans-dermal B6 infusion.  All last night I felt the B6 replenishment.  Tonight after a shower I applied the spray to my feet, groin, chest, face and scalp.  Also of note, I have been using Life Extension’s Palmetto Guard and Stinging NEttle in an effort to get my liver healthy.  I keep struggling.

7 March, 2017,2:12:28 PM:I just now took 4 capsules of RKMD’s OGF (a glutathionine producing formula).  Very early this morning I took 1 gram of Phenylalanine (a dopamine precursor and an essential amino acid).

7 March, 2017,1:11:51 AM:I just took 3 capsules of life extension’s PalmettoGuard-a Saw Palmetto,Stinging Nettle herbal formula for prostate health – The stinging nettle also for the liver. With respect to the interval between Feb 25 and March 5 entries below, I drank protein drinks mixed with BrainOn (a PEA product) and Goop’s Brain Dust.  Also took Arginine/ornithine and Citrillune for a nitric oxide boost.

5 March, 2017,12:47:31 AM:now I’m on to my liver.  Why? I started to drink this tea made from ashwaganda, holy basil, eleuthero (siberian ginseng), nettle, etc but mostly what I felt is this, over last night, this cleansing or detox of a sour, acidic slime from the front of my face/cranium.  Just now I took two capsules of life extensions European Milk Thistle and one capsule of Life extensions Artichoke Leaf Extract.  I feel this great need for liver support.  I think I have fatty liver disease. Over the next couple of days I’m going to figure out how to do an after shower body rinse of some kind of liver solution.  One thing, two days ago on the CTA I felt nauseous from the tea I mentioned above.  This liver problem goes way back to when I was 8 or 10 years old.

25 February, 2017,9:39:48 AM:yeah, i’m getting that ‘svelteness’ feeling back (no-i dont mean being slim-i’m still 40-45 pouinds overweight)-and this feeling is from the glutamine.  this morning with my soup I plan to take 6 grams, along with 4 capsules of Montiffs all basic plus multiple amino acids plus 3 capsules of nitric oxide boost.

25 February, 2017,12:30:11 AM:last night i took 4.5 grms of glutamine and today I felt the effects-it sort of reminded me of glutamic acid, sort of-anyway I need to continue to take this,(2) last night along with soup I took 3 capsules of DHerbs Sex Organs Cleanser and I really like this-it sort of has a full-body detox effect-tonight I boiled two capsules into a tea and drank it.

22 February, 2017,9:29:27 AM:Along with my homemade soup I just took 3 capsules of Vitality’s plant sourced  multiple B vitamin (to top off last nights B-2/B-3), 3 capsules of Pycnogenol (I dont know why, just a hunch) and 2 capsules of Bio-X4 (an aid to digestion). BTW-last nights B-2/B-3 worked fantastically-a sort of ‘drying out’ or relief of my ‘smarmyness’.  I still have a ways to go but this step was a ‘necessary but insuffucient’ step.

21 February, 2017,6:24:07 PM:i am just  now taking 1 gram B-2, 500mg riboflavin-5-phosphate, 2 grams niacin and 500mg NADH-to try to boost my ATP

21 February, 2017,10:05:07 AM:yesterday I took three capsules each of the eagle herbs digestion formulas Bu Zhang Yi Qi Tang, Gui Pi Tang (GInseng and Longan) and Gui Pi Tang (Codonopsis and Langan).   Early this morning I took one tablet of Iodine.  As I typ ethis I have a Nitric Acid deficiency based depression-so I plan to take three capules of Nitric Oxide Booster (the one with all those alpha-ketoglutarates).

18 February, 2017,9:24:51 AM:this morning after arising I too 200mg of B-6.  I think I am going to start taking B-6 once every 4-6 hours or so to avoid vomiting episodes and to increase the B-6 intake.  Do I or do I not have a B-6 problem.  But- Mensah and those lab tests will tell me that.  Which reminds me-yesterday I printed out those lab requisitions and the instructions say that I should fast 24 hours before the blood draw – so I cannot go today.  And that means I should suspend the B-6 intake plan and the following plan: here’s the idea-I think I once again have a lysine deficiency.  And a result of the gradual using up of my body’s reserves of the lysine is the using up of the nitric oxide arginine ketoglutarate/ornithine ketogluterate reserves-and when that happened I was experiencing those highs.  This is a theory.  So, my plan is to fast (from taking any supplements) these next 24 hours, have the blood draw tomorrow (nope-they do not have sunday hours), have the blood draw Monday, then start the lysine and the Nitric Oxide Boost (the formula with all those keto gluterates). Change of mind-I just took 3 grams of Lysine with soup, and two tablets of Cortisol Manager.9

17 February, 2017,6:13:03 PM:this morning, along with my soup, I took two capsules each of the three eagle herbs formulas Bu Zhang Yi Qi Tang, Gui Pi Tang (GInseng and Longan) and Gui Pi Tang (Codonopsis and Langan).  I belive I already feel a little different amd healthier in my gut, but lets keep at it and see for sure.  Also, a few days ago, but forgot to mention here in my Sci journal, I took two capsules of Lipotropic Factors (Methionine, Inositol and Choline).  Also, all last night I felt this bitter drying out sort of detox effect in my cranium.  Was it the iodine, the potassium asporotate, etc.  No matter, the importatn thing is – to keep up the progress.

16 February, 2017,1:09:52 PM:two days ago I again took B-6, this time 200mg Pyritinol and 200mg B-6 and again felt naseaus all day but did not throw up.  Yesterday I got the BIO-X4 and took 2 capsules.  Overnight I felt some relief.  Just now I took two capsules.  Also just now I took one tablet of ‘High Potency Iodine’ (16.75mg of potassium iodide) and one capsule (99mg) of Soloray’s Potassium Asporotate.

Tuesday, 14 February, 2017,10:13:35 AM:i just took 2 tablets of Lip[otropic Factors (methionine, choline and inositol).  Last night I took 200mg of P, 200mg of B-6 and 100mg of P-5-P.  Soon after (2-3 hours) I had a vomit episode.  What is going on?  ANyway, after wards, I felt this internal detoxified state.  I tseemed to me that I was vomiting u pfrom along my right side.  Is this toxic state a function of my right side structural imbalance?  This morning I drank a protein shake along with Longevity warehouses’ Coffee Blast, Immortal Machine and Goop’s Brain dust.

10 February, 2017,6:57:24 AM:feb 8 I took another gram of tryptophan-is it the tryptophan thathas lifted that depression-but in the last 24 hours I have been elevated from my depression like never before. Also-yesterday very early I awoke with a case of, i think, heartburn? or acid reflex? but along with naseau, so i took 3 capsules of acid-to-alkaline along with eagle herbs Linking Formula which treats heartburn. BTW-this decision comes from my years of experimentation and work with herbs and other nutrients. BTW-i havent written about my RNM experiences before here in my science journal, but this FDarth keeps promoting herself as the person who is planting these ideas ow what to take-but no,there is a difference between their effect and my own mind.  My own innate minds thoughts are softer, different from the darths which appear in my mind as just words.

7 February, 2017,8:45:16 AM:I just took 1 gram of tryptophan and 1.5 grams of threonine with soup, and yesterday I took .667 grams of tryptophan and 1 gram of threonine.  Why? My instincts – to try to get to that next level, to detox from that very inner layer of toxins.    One thing-I seem to have this sort of immediate level of knowledgeo f B-1’s and reduced glucose levels.  Have to stay on top of the glucose  by way of B-1’s.

6 February, 2017,9:13:16 PM:about an hour ago I took 2 capsules each of dragon herbs Profound Essence, Supreme Creation and Imperial Garden.  Yesterday morning I took 1 gram B-1 mononitrate, silbutiamine, benfotiamine and allithiamine – today I felt this glucose relief (B-1 aids in reducing glucose levels) – yesterday started to use Sustamine dilutied in juice.  Also yesterday, for bloating, I took 2 capsules each of eagle herbs Linking Formula  , Zhi Shi Ping Wei San, and Stephania & Astragalus Combination, today as a result I feel less bloating deep in my gut

5 February, 2017,4:11:34 PM:last night I took 4.5 grams of l-glutamine, and all night I got up to urinate-and this morning i felt more invigorated and detoxed-i guess it is the vitamin A and l-glutamine working to gether-just now I took 5.25 grams of l-glutamine (7 capsules of 750 mg each). you know what my instincts are telln gme? Glycine (for de-acidfying), glutamine and lysine (to reduce inflammation), citrulline and taurine (recommended by the head of montiff)-why this mix-its just my 35+ years of experience and experimentaiton and instincts.

4 February, 2017,1:44:51 PM:4 garden of life, 8 food carotenes, 4 mixed carotenes, 5 k and k2,

3 February, 2017,7:53:13 PM:this afternoon i took 1.5 grams of glycine to combat an extreme acid condition throughout my cranium and gut-i had previously red that glycine can remedy this. I just now took 1.5 grams of glycine and 3 grams of TMG

3 February, 2017,2:46:21 PM:I just took two capsules of krebs cycle chelates, and one capsule of VIP’s Nitric Oxide PreWorkout (arginine,ornithine and glutamine alpha keto glutarates)

2 February, 2017,7:23:23 PM: just took 3 capsules of IntraXcel and three tablets of 8:1:1 BCAA’s. I’m trying to get at that ‘detox the core’ formula.  This morning I took those vitamin A nutrients and, boy, are those absolutely necessary to detox the core.  Later today and this evening I’m wondering’do i need to amp up the vitamin A to detox that toxic hole in my gut?  I have to be careful-i seem to remember that excessive leels of vitamin A are toxic-but what about the water soluable kind? Back to do online research.

25 January, 2017,8:31:22 PM: today I took, for the first time, this liquid ionic zinc, i took 12-15 drops, in water, and within a few hours i reached a new level of physical and mental activity-today out on the red ling I wrote 4 to 5 pages of material for my book-i’m hoping I can get my energy level up continuously to the point where I can write every day

25 January, 2017,5:52:04 AM:just took 100 mg of magnesium sulphate and 200 mg of magnesium threonate

25 January, 2017,0:11:41:so-continuing on my journey of rooting out my inner ecological biological reason for my ADHD/personality disorder using complementary alternative medicine, which no one ever does (I mean there are many fictional characters which the authors presented to the reader as havin gan illness without there being a cure, much less a complementary alternative medicine cure-boo radley, chauncey gardener, bily bobbit, and what about the bill murray character in the ‘chesborger cheeseborger’ skit on saturday night live? (I consaider myself befor emy self cure as having led a life which was a blend of all of those characters)-so-how bigger can you get than to demonstrate that one can cure oneself from mental illness using complementay alternative medicine (I admit i made a lot of clnical errors along the way-these health care practitioners in this major city were worthless)-i mean there must be tens of thousands of mentally ill in this city-and how many more throughout the world?

24 January, 2017,11:56:11 PM:this morning after the last of my colonoscopy preparation I felt very detoxified inside, asi reported below, and when i thought of junk food i had this ‘ech’ kind of reaction.  Tonight I had two cokes – bad news-but this experience of being fully cleansed inside (from the colonoscopy prep) gave me an idea if tt=what to shoot for-i have to find a herbal, safe, healthy way to keep my gut as clean as that after the coloscopy prep (I already have ideas-i have here, in my pharmacopia, a box full of herbal colon cleanses and laxatives)-so, i, being fully motivated and persistant and relentless i continuie on my spiritual arc towards a buddhist like awakening and freeing of my mind

24 January, 2017,8:14:12 AM: I awoke this morning after doing yesterday evenings colonoscopy prep and I had this very detox like feeling.  I thought about junk food and felt this ‘yech’ reaction.  But, I thought, I cant do this routine every day-it isnt healthy.  I have a number of colon cleanser formulas.  Maybe in the future I should step this up according to my junk foods intake.  Meanwhile I think I need to up my B-6 doses, as I am convinced that I have lived my life with this Pyuloria condition.  I ordered a test kit, and I have a hunch that what with all of the progress I am amaking that the test will come back negative.  Anyway, the B-6 levels are aiding me in my efforts at “joining the living’.  The phrase ‘joining the living’ comes from a Dr Thomas Stone of the Center For Bio-Ecologic Medicine and Psychaitry (located in Rolling Meadows) where I spent five weeks as an outpatient way back in the early 1980’s.  Also of note-this morning I am feeling nauseated-i think all this detox is exposing an infection deep in my cranium-candida i think.

23 January, 2017,9:48:45 AM:this morning while out walking I had this B-6 vision of reality- I struggle to get in contact with reality – it constantly evades me.  THen I remembered-while in graduate school i encountered someone I knew in college and later learned that he had committed suicide-looking back I think he had pyloruia-he had this same kind of facial redness, altered chemistry and awkwardness.  I just ordered a Pyloruia test kit.  I’ll find out.

22 January, 2017,8:42:41 PM:just took 300mg B-6 and 150mg P-5-P

22 January, 2017,12:59:42 PM:last friday at 1:00 I started again with my musculo-skeletal therapy, and the therapist did a new manipulation that reached, for the first time, the area on my right side between my right ear and my right shoulder.  As soon as he did it i remarked to the therapist that he hit the right spot.  I dont know if the darths ppicked up on my ‘revisiting’ that area in the day or so since, but trhis morning I underwent this slow ‘airhammer’ like torment from their RF unilateral non-consensual useless therapies-where they ‘poke’ my brain iwth an intrusive thought, my brain reacts and they co9me back again in response, over and over and over again.  I’m lying there, and bingo, I see it now, their doing the air hammer thing again.  Did I see it before – yes – about a week ago when they had it going full force and in rapid file successsion, much faster pace then.  Now the darths are going to claim that this is what is ‘waking me up’ not my healawake, complementary alternaive medicine methods.

22 January, 2017,12:21:58 PM:last night i took gram level doses of methionine, cysteine, lysine, gluamine, threonine, and the BCAA’s.  This morning i woke up to a Nitric Oxide deficiency related depression, so I just now took 750mg arginine, 250 mg ornithine, and 1 gram of citrulline

21 January, 2017,1:04:13 PM:with soup I just took 2 tablets each of ashwaghandha and v.p.k’s Bio-Immune

21 January, 2017,12:16:55 PM:last night, after drinking two 120z cokes, I underwent a “water dilution of the sugar”-i dont know the clinical-medical term-and awoke with my head very dry and i did about 4 or 5 urine streams-these are sure signs of a diabetes thing-what caused this?  was it the carnitine-or was it that aryuvedic immune formula (V.P.K.’s bio-immune)- i took 3 capsules before bed last night.  Today I feel very brain impaired.  I still struggle and I dont know where my health will ultimately end up-I know I have something but I made so many mistakes-like not knowing about the candida acetaldehyde and my hormone imbalances.

20 January, 2017,3:59:08 PM:today I picked up a copy of the January 2017 issue of Natural Awakenings and read an article about weight loss and the article recommended carnitine-so I bouth both free form carnitine and carnitine tartrate (I dont know the difference3 between them)-so just now I took 750 mg of carnitine tartrate and 500 mg of carnitine. Last night I drank a fruit juice but with 1/4 teaspoon each of Goop’s Brain Dust, and Longevity Warehouse’s Coffee Blast and Immortal Machine.  All night I felt this protein infusion throughout my gut-i think from the Immortal Machine, which is a protein blend.  Earlier yesterday I took 500 mg of Niacin and 300mg of B-6.  Today I thought that I need to step up the B-6.

18 January, 2017,11:56:30 PM:yesterday I took 300mg of pregnolone and within twenty four hours i felt this gret advance wrt mind body connection to my body and increase3 in mental activity and cellular health-btw today i read online that the max recommended dose of pregnolone is 5mg per day-but life extension sells pregnolone by the 100mg per capsule extension is a top reputable nutrient producer and i have to assume they know what they are doing-but i know to be careful-now onward with the candida-acetaldehyde protocol(pantethine,pantothenic acid/biotin/molybdenum/r-alph-lipoic acid/N-A-C/dysbiocide/canXida,etc), sulphur amino acids/adequate protein/hormone replacment,B vitamins, etc.  It sort of is coming together.

16 January, 2017,7:05:51 PM:last night I took an anti-acetaldehyde mix, of N-A-C, Pantothenic Acid, Pantethine, Biotin, R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid, P-5-P, Molybdenum and dysbiocide.  Also I took 1 gram of niacinimide. I need to add to the anti-acetaldehyde mix Isatis Supreme, canXida, Microcosmic Orbit and Perrilla Clear.

Sunday, 15 January, 2017,11:34:34 AM:last nightr i felt this egg shaped, long axis in the vertical, sort of nebulous blob of toxicity collapse fro the front of myface.  This a.m. the left side of my face feels more, how to put into words, lets just say that i feel this mind-body connection to the facial skin of my left cheek and the left side of my nose.  very nice.  now-i still have that junk food problem-yesterday, again,   I think this is a result of the DHEA and the testosterone and the Er Chen Wan, etc.  And this evening I am going todissolve Er Chen Wan in water and apply it transdermally, as I think i have that isssue systemically in my cranium.

14 January, 2017,11:42:46 PM:just took 3 teapills of Er Chen Wan and two capsules of Eagle Herbs Er Chen Wan (note-the Eagle Herbs formula does not include the Ginger that is in the teapills).  Also just now once again diluted one DHEA tablet in water and applied it to my hands and feet.

14 January, 2017,8:45:46 PM:yum.  I’m am drinking Sapp’s Birch Water.  I definitely feel this “back to earth” kind of feeling.  The water is pure birch water and birch sap, and, as it says on the label, it is rich in minerals including manganese.  Very nice.  I will be drinking a lot of this going forward.

14 January, 2017,10:54:37 AM:whew! last night i disolved a DHEA tablet in water and applied it to my hands and feet.  Just touching the solution sent little electric shocks or currents through me.  All night I felt this tingling sensation throughout body, and this morning i feel enervated.  I’m still bloated from my junk food addiction.  Last night i ate almost a half gallon of ice cream.

This morning with my soup brakfast i am taking three capsules of Garden Of Life’s multi-B vitamins, 3 tablets of NewChapter’s multivitamin, and two tablets of New Chapter’s coenzyme B.

12 January, 2017,12:48:34 AM:I called a online herbalist and asked for advice and he recommended Er Chen Wan.  I found a source in chinatown, went there and bought a bottle and within a couple of hours felt the difference.  For the evening meal I took some more, and within a couple of more hours felt another gain.  This dyrining out of my lower gut.  Amazing.

10 January, 2017,8:34:08 PM:this evening I am having gram level doses of the essential amino acids.  All day today still feeling the effects of those testosterone herbal formulas-feels good. Today I talked to a herbal specialist-s(he) recommended the herbal formula er chen wan. Also I’m still feeling the positive effects of those sugar reducing herbs that i took two days ago.

9 January, 2017,2:09:58 PM:Last night I took 2 capsules of Eagle Herbs Linking Formula (for acid reflux and bloating) and 3 capsules of Dragon Herbs Primal Yin Replenisher.  WHat is this TCM Yin? Also in an effort to reduce my glucose levels I took 3 capsules of DHerbs Sugar Buster and 2 capsules of DHerbs Pancreas formula and one capsule of one other sugr ormula-and overnight i underwent this detox/healing and i awoke to a once again face that reflected reduced inflammation.  Just now I took a capsule each of Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster, LifeSeasons Masculin-T, LESLabs Male Health and Cavalier’s Daily Sexual Health Support.  Why? I saw this ad that linked excess body fat and obesity and declining testosterone levels.  Today, by the way, I was outside walking and I could, no shit, actually ‘see’ or connect to that blob of belly fat.  Now that I have established that mind-body connection to it maybe I can begin to work on it.

8 January, 2017,1:23:28 PM:this morning, upon rising, i felt really bloated (yesterday I drank two margaritas and two 12oz colas), so I took three capsules of eagle herbs Kudzu LV (for the alcohol) and while going through my box of eagle herbs formulas (I have about twenty different eagle herbs formulas) I saw this formula called Yi Guan Jian-Linking Formula.  On the label I hae written “for hertburn and overall Yin deficiency. Intrigued, and instinct told me to take 2 capsules as well.  Within a few hours I felt it – I need something for my Yin (here’s the unbelievable thing – I still dont know what TCM Yin is) – but if what I am feeling is true then I have just learned, experientially, what Yin is (after all what I am feeling could be from the Kudzu).  So going forward I will be testing this-I have a dragon herbs Yin formula that I will use this evening.  And – yesterday I thought about again taking Wu Ling (for damp heat) but the thought of taking it didnt feel right – I think due to my bloating.  Well now, with muy success with the ‘Linking Formula’ I now feel as though I should bget back to the Wu Ling.  This ongoing experimentation is sort of fun.  But one thing is for sure-diet is important and I still am not in control of it.

6 January, 2017,9:38:25 PM:this morning with soup I had “handfuls” of B-12 and folic acid, 500 mg each of MSM< methionine, N-A-C and taurine.  This evening I had one tablet of CanXida, this antifungal formula that just today came in the mail.  Also just now I had this cup of tea-marvelous! The tea is Dragon Herbs Dendrobium Tonic Bliss Tea.  This tea came in a small tin, and I just know tht I wil be ordering more very soon.

5 January, 2017,7:43:48 PM:for my evening meal i had a bowl of my homemade soup along with a handful each of folic acid and B-12, along with 3 capsules of NOW’s N-A-C (each capsule has 600mg of N-A-C, 25 mcg of selenium, and 50mcg of molybdenum).

4 January, 2017,9:52:39 AM:1 gram methionine, 2 grams MSM, 2 grams N-A-C, 1 gram taurine, 500 mg TMG

3 January, 2017,07:54:45 AM:overnight last night i gained this biotin healing throughout the front of my face-a drying out sort of healing.  Also, I have gained an experiential familiarity to Dysbiocide.  Very nice healng effect on my gut flora.

January 2, 2017,10:40:58 AM:i just now took 30,000 mcg of biotin (after printing an article on acetaldahyde and candida and found that biotin was recommended), last night i took r-alpha-lipoic acid, molybdenum, pantothenic acid (and pantethine) and n-acetyl-cysteine, all recommended for acetaldehyde and candida.  This morning I felt a definite difference, a definite improvement.

1 January, 2017,12:14:00 AM:forgot to record here-also on the 30th I took Dysbiocide-4 capsules-the next morning i definitely felt ‘less infected’ – but today after eating chocolate and yesterday having a coke the candida is back-yesterday on the internet i found some additional clues about how to go forward.

31 December, 2016,10:35:44 AM:i just took 2 gems of omega 7 caps and 2 gems of Dr Ohhirra’s essential living oils.  Last night I had a fruit juice mixed with 1/8 teaspoon each of longevity warehouse’s immortal machine, longevity coffee blast and Goop’s Brain Dust.  Last evening i had soup with four capsules of seacure (a specially prepared concentrate of whitefish).  This morning i am having soup  with 8 capsules of seacure. Yesterday, trying tocatch a cta train, ran up six to 8 steps and was breathing heavily.  last night I decided to everyday, run up some of the steps to the cta for exercise.

30 December, 2016,9:31:27 AM:last night I dissolved 8 Wu Ling Wan tea pills in water and drank the solution – this morning my lower abdomen feels cool, dry and healthier-i first thought of this a couple of weeks ago while on a short vacation-there I made a list of ‘things to try’-Wu Ling Wan was at the top of the list.  A couple of years ago I saw this naturopath on the near north side and he recommended this-back then I was much worse off-it worked for awhile then i stopped taking it-i guess i needed to clear away some layers of long term toxins before getting this current good result

29 December, 2016,2:04:10 PM:yesterday i dawned on me (from my years of ‘experiential experience’) that I needed lysine-so i took 1.5 grams.  All night – yeah – it did its work – it seems the problem is that without adequate lysine my detox efforts tend to get ‘scrunched up’ deep in my lower gut.  So going forward I need to add lysine to the MSM/methionine/cysteine/N-A-C/Taurine mix.  Then – overnight i got this feeling that next I have to add Proline.  Why? I’m not sure-its just my instinct and my years of experience.  But – this sulphur approach is what i believe is going to get at this very iner core layer of gunk.

27 December, 2016,11:02:30 PM:for the past week I have been on a sulphur thing-it started with methionine and MSM disolved in water to use as a foot bath and body rinse (groin, scalp, face, underarms, etc)-then two days later a methionine, cysteine, N-A-C, Taurine foot bath and body rinse-yes this foot baths-body rinse is necessary as I have a mal-absorption problem.  ANyway each day after my face is less inflammed and red-and over the past two days I have experienced a stability in the face of stress that i have not felt before.  Hooray!  Yesterday evening I took, with soup, gram doses of the sulphur amino acids listed above.  Noteworthy through all of this: the taurine has brought exceptional clarity in my perception.  Now there still is that congested scrunched up core of gunk that is very stubborn-but i am convinced the transdermal approach will eventually work.

22 December, 2016,9:45:02 AM:1 amino-mag,1 cogni-mag and 1 cal-mag asporotates, 2 all basic plus

Monday, 19 December, 2016,10:31:46 AM:just took 1250 mg arginine and 250 mg ornithine-all last night i underwent this magnesium sulfate induced healing a nd this morning i feel depressed-is it an nitric acid type of depression? hence the arginine-ornithine.  Also took 5 tablets of sublingual B-1.

19 December, 2016,12:07:50 AM:this morning I took 2 multi-B’s, 2 multi vitamins and three all basic plus multi amino acids.  THis evening I took a shower along with an epsom salt rinse.

18 December, 2016,8:03:54 AM:yesterday I – took two caps of magnesium sulfate along with longevity warehouse’ Coffee Blast and Immortal Machine in vegatable juice and had soup along with 3 acid-to-alkaline and 2 caps of alkalize, and after showering I appied a body rinse of magnesium sulfate in water all over my body

16 December, 2016,2:44:13 PM:from the past 2 – 3 days of junk food i am experiencing bloat: so – i’ll take 2 capsules of magnesium sulfate, 2 capsules each of the three eagle herbs bloat formulas, for morale (which is low now) 1 gram B-1 mononitrate and a capsule each of the three other types of B-1 (sulbutiamine, allitiamine and benfotiamine) and 3 caps of systemic enzymes and two capsules of life extensions digestive enzymes

15 December, 2016,9:06:19 PM:this morning I took 1 capsule of alpha-ketoglutarate.  Went to sleep, felt that this isn’t for me, then went out and felt a positive change from taking it. The sort of change that is dealng with the long term systemic gunk that had built up in my body since the age 7 or 8. So put this nutrient in the current basket.  I distinctly remember: this nutrient was prescribed for me way back in the early nineteen eighties by Dr Thomas Stone at the Center For Bio-Ecologic Medicine and Psychaitry.

13 December, 2016,11:19:38 PM:also sunday night I took 4 capsules of Garden Of Life’s Raw CoQ10.  This evening I took 3 tablets of A.T.P.

13 December, 2016,1:59:19 PM:woke up this morning – thought i overdid it with the a.t.p., but as they day is progressing i believe that i feel this ‘freedom from chronic fatigue’ kind of energy boost, a sort of ‘lightness on my feet’ sort of feeling.  I feel that that ‘dinginess in my condo from not cleaning enough’ will be resolved soon.  Also- that freedom from compusive sugar intake/addiction is still resolved from the use of epsom salts (magnesium phosphate).  Also – the musculo-skeletal physical therapy that i am getting, particularly with respect to my chest-to-cranium connective tissue therapy is really helping.

12 December, 2016,8:05:54 PM:just took 2 grams glycine, 1 gram serine, 4 tablets montiff A.T.P.  Sunday night I took 4 capsules of Xiao Yao (free and easy wanderer)

5 December, 2016,8:27:23 PM:yesterday I took 1 gram thiamine mononitrate, i capsule allithiamine, 1 capsule of sulbutiamine and 2 tablets of sublingual B-1.  Out today I felt that ‘inhabiting my crown chakra” feeling again, and felt free of that low morale kind of depression.  I think, along with Benfotiamine, all these forms of B-1 are distinct and are needed for me to regain my dementia/neurological damage from my life long junk food addiction.

Sunday, 4 December, 2016,10:26:18 AM: yesterday I found this vinegar based drink at Whole foods, read the label about its health benefits, started drinkin git, felt this change in my gut-last night I started to add vinegar to my soups, and last night i applied a dilute solution to my groin area – this morning i feel ‘drier’ in my groin and head.  Also, yesterday I drank two eye droppers full of Valerian tincture-diluted in water.  Also yesterday I toolk two grams of Niacin.  Starting a couple of weeks ago I gained the ability to convert niacin to NADH – and last nigconversion in my gut.

3 December, 2016,9:40:21 AM:very early this morning I took 3 grams of Lysine.  Last night I took a capsule of the following eagle herbs formulas (all of which are for bloating and redness and puffiness of the face):zhi shi ping wei san, stephania and astragalus combination, and lian po yin.  ALl night I felt this detox/drying out all along my right side.  THis morning while on the red line I felt restless legs in my right leg-this is different, and it feels related to this clearing along my right side due to the eagle herbs detox.  Hmm.

2 December, 2016,8:15:27 PM:today while out I thought/had insight into the following: I am too acidic, and two: i need glutamic acid-just now i took 1.5 grams glutamic acid-later tonight i will take acid-to-alkaline and other alkalinizing products-last night, with soup, i took gram level doses of ‘ultraclear’ amino acids, along iwth handfuls of b-12, folic acid and 500mg b-6 and 1 gram niacin-this morning i felt a ‘dryness’ at my base point chakra-i think this is from the b vitamins and their methyl donor effects, also earlier I took 3 capsules of milk related digestive enzymes to counteract the two p[ints of ice cream i ate last night

30 November, 2016,11:47:20 PM:within 24 hours I will report here “the state of my health”-i dont know for sure if my computer’s security is hacked or compromised – if it is compromised – then – to those who want to know, those ‘inquiring minds’-then,again, within 24 hours i will state here the state o fmy health – although i wonder why i have to say it since i have been reporting here in my science blog/journal and what the heck is the matter – but again, see you in 24 hours.

30 November, 2016,8:46:17 AM:Monday I took 200 mg of B-6 and overnight I underwent a mild healing crisis.  Yesterday very early I took 500 mg Niacin and late in the day I underwent a hard healing crisis (walking around downtown).  Also late yesterday I went to the library and wrote a few hundred words for my book-this brain might yet start up.  IMPORTANT: Within the past 3 – 4 days I have awoken to crystal clarity wrt to the world and its life activity-amazing and wonderful.

28 November, 2016,0:03:41:yesterday early I took 2 acid-to-alkaline, 3 Medicatrix Naturae Alkalize and 1 PHion’s Green Superfood-all in order to de-acidify my body, yesterday morning I took, with soup, handfuls of B-12 and folic acid, 2 grams glutamine, 500 mg cysteine, 500 mg N-A-C, 1 gram threonine, 1 gram tryptophan, 500 mg phenyalanine, 500 mg DLPA, 3 caps of BCAA,s and 2 tablets of 8:1:1 BCAA-just now i took 1 gram histidine

26 November, 2016,5:50:27 PM:took one life extension RNA, one RNA/DNA complex. one RNA/DNA tablet and one RNA/DNA nucelotyde complex

Thursday, 24 November, 2016,10:13:40 PM:just took 2 grams l-glutamine disolved in water and a protein shake, also took on tablet of MoZyme. Took 4 capsules of Life Extensions Peak Glycocarn With ATP.  Today I thought of ATP as a possible solution to my dementia/memory loss mental fatigue problems

Wednesday, 23 November, 2016,8:42:54 AM: last night I took 500 mg DLPA and 500 mg Phenyalanine.  This morning I mentally began to be able to play with dialogues in my book, due to the DLPA, etc.  I think I am going to need transdermal DLPA and Phenyalanine.  This morning I took 500mg arginine, 500mg Ornithine and i gram citrulline for nitric oxide boost. This morning I also took 2 capsules of the Eagle Herbs Kudzu formula for alcohol (yesterday I drank two margaritas). Yesterday I drank a protein shake. Monday I took a 1 gram level of all of the ‘UltraClear’ amino acids. I also took 1 capsule of GNC’s Leucine complex.

Sunday, 20 November, 2016-took 800mg leucine and 2 BCAA’s:still trying for that elite health-whats different? (1) I’m blending into my protein shakes a fresh carrot-the fresh vitamin A is what I am noticing-i’ve got to keep that vitamin A up-then this a.m. thought again about leucine and how it would do along with my latest status of health

friday eve-took 3 grams lysine-all night I underwent this profound infusion of the lysine-i slept for around 12 hours, i got up for 7 or 8 long uring streams in about as many hours-i got up to a good mind-body connection to my inner cell tissue and organs-i am much less waterlogged – booyah!

friday, nov 18-yesterday i had another physical therapy session-the therapist is reaching the end of work needed around my left shoulder balde-my right shoulder remains a tangle bunched up knotted mess

thursday, nov 17-1 gram niacin, 500mg pantothenic acid, 500 mg pantethine-overnight again a healing crisis, where the b-5 stuff cleared up some gunk and the niacin-well my digestion is advancing to the point where i can metabolize the niacin to nadh-yippee

wednesday, nov 16-2 daily excel, 1 gram sulbutiamine, 1.5 grams alanine

tuesday, nov 15-4 all basic plus, 3 host defense brain formula, 2 shilajit blend-this day I had a new revelation/insight-I saw what the buddhists were-simply put-they are absent all the negative’s-by the way- about two weeks before-i had this cognitive advance where i saw all human beings in a ‘granulated’ way or sense, is the best way to put it, where other races don’t ‘all look the same’-yes this is a joke but it is a sad human condition which leaads to fear and hatred

monday, nov 14, 8am-2 grams methionine, eve-dragon herbs blood tonic tea-overnight i felt the effects of this tea, as i then could ‘see’ my blood, i.e., i had a mind-body connection or re-connection wrt my blood

sunday, nov 13, am-1/2 teapsoon eagle herbs fantastically effective pills powder, also had this healin crisis from the combination of all four of the minerals together

saturday, nov 12-1 magnesium chelate, 1 zinc food complex, 1 manganese, 1 molybdenum, pm-3 eagle herbs kudzu formula,1 gram lysine, l gram glutamine,

friday, nov 11-4 kudzu-i’m feeling the drying out effects of the ku8dzu deep around my bottome 2 chakra points

thursday, nov 10-4 kudzu, on the theory that i was born with an acohol problem, theory based on (1) my mother drank when she carried me, and (2) caecelia maria winkler, the homeopath, kep after me about alcohol when, in the early 1980’s i was under her care-funny-back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s i hardly ever drank

wednesday, nov 9-wow overnight i had this healing crisis from the molybdenum and manganese, and the zinc from the day before, am-3 capsules of eagle herbs acceptance,3 rehmannia six

Tuesday, Nov 8-am-1 gram arginine, 1 gram ornithine, 1 zinc sulphate, eve-1 molybdenum, 1 manganese-this after feeling the healing effects of the zinc

monday,nov 7, eve-zinc powder to face and scalp-this after seeing a dermatologist at advocate health-he recommended head and shoulders shampoo (ugh-no way) because of its zinc content-light bulb-i need zinc

monday, nov 7, aft-5 omega 3’s

Sunday, Nov 6-eve-3 diamind mind, 2 imperial garden, 3 return to youth, 2 supreme creation, 2 microcosmic orbit, 2 buddhas yang, 2 easy qi

Sunday, Nov 6-am-6 garden of life’s raw enzymes

Saturday, Nov 5-500 mg Threonine, eve-1 each of all Dragon Herbs (see below), aft-stopped at the vitamine shoppe, took a sample of magnesium citrate they were giving out, light bulb-i need magnesium, eve-took magnesium chelate

Friday, Nov 4-eve-1.2 grams R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 1.6 grams Beta-Alanine

Thursday, Nov 3 am-1 each of all nucelotides, 1 carnosine, 1 gram alanine, 2 BCAA’s, 1 all basic plus, eve-1 gram carnosine

Wednesday, Nov 2-2 capsules of stephania and astragalus, 1 BCAA, 1 Alanine, 30,000 mcg Biotin, 1 PE RNA/DNA, 1 NW RNA/DNA Plus, 1 life extension Inosine, i invite nucleotide complex

Tuesday, Nov 1 am-1 each of bluebonnet nucleotide complex, invite nucleotide comp-lex, life extension’s RNA and Premiere labs nucleo immune

Saturday, Oct 29 am-4 Easy Qi, pm-3 capsules of Ceriva Huperzine/Proline peptide

Friday, Oct 28-2 capsules Carnosine, 2 tblsp rejuvenate in tomato juice, 7 capsules RNA-DNA, 3 caps eagle herbs Coptis and Scute Combo

Thursday, Oct 27-2 grams methionine, 1 gram alanine

Wednesday, Oct 26-3 caps Coptis & magnolia

Monday, Oct 24-10:00 pm-3 caps 4 marvels powder

SUnday, Oct 23 am-3 cambodgia garcinia, pm-2 grams alaanine, 3 caps BCAA’s

Friday, Oct 21-evening-all dragon herbs:3 supreme creation, 3 imperial garden,3 buddhas yang, 2 codonopsis and astragalus,3 diamond mind,2 profound essence,2 primal yin replenisher,3 microcosmic orbit,3 return to youth

Thursday, Oct 20-evening-2 IntraXcel, 1 GNC Leucine Complex, 2 Super Carnosine, 2 grams Alanine

Wednesday, Oct 19-very early 2 capsules of Magnesium Threonine, 1 capsules of magnesium Taurate

Tuesday, Oct 18-4 capsules of Pearl Shen

Monday, Oct 17-2.5 grams alanine, 2 capsules of GNC Leucine complex

Sunday, Oct 16-5 am, 2 grams alanine, 6:30 am-1.5 grams histidine,8 pm, 3 grams lysine

Friday, Oct 14 eve-2 capsules each of Eagle Herbs Stephania and Astragalus and Gentian Combo, Friday aft-1 Isatis in H20 on scalp and face, 4 calcium carbonate,2 grams arginine,1 gram ornithine,1 gram citrulline,1.5 grams cysteine,1.1 grams b-2 riboflavin

Thursday, Oct 13-4 capsules of Diamond Mind

Wednesday, Oct 12-3 capsules of All Basic Plus, 1 GABA 750 mg, 2 capsules of Glutamine 1.5 grams, 3 capsules of glutamic acid 1.5 grams, and 2 grams methionine

Tuesday eve-1 handful each of B-12 and Folic Acid, 2 capsules of Garden Of Life Multiple B, 2 capsules of Everyman MultiVitamin

Tuesday, Oct 11-2 microcosmic Orbit, 2 Return To Youth, 2 Imperial Garden

Oct 10, Monday-3 capsules of Isatis Supreme, 1 Isatis in H20 to groin and arms

Oct 9, Sunday-1 gram B-3, 40mg NADH, SUn eve-3 tablets RNA-DNA

7 October, 2016,8:47:03 AM:early this morning i took 200 mg of 5-HTP.  Just now I took 3 capsules of Co-Enzyme A.  Overnight-yes, I underwent a ‘healing/correction’ via Biotin and Pantothenic Acid-just now looking in the mirror I seem less inflammed.

6 October, 2016,8:35:32 PM: The biotin I took also contains dibasic calcium phosphate, 66mg per tablet (Natrol Biotin), and already this evening I feel both the biotin and the calcium.  The calcium I need because I keep drinking coca cola, which contains phosphoric acid, which leaches calcium.  And here I am, while typing this, drinking a 20 oz coke.  Also, ealrier this afternoon I took one tablet each of Nugenix and Cavalier, both testosterone boosters.

6 October, 2016,2:28:40 PM:I just took 90,000 mcg of Biotin-I have been eating a lot ofeggs lately, and about two years ago i was diagnosed with an egg problem, and i have a ‘stubborn deep inside me inner build up of something’ that i cant figure out how to deal with-lets see if this helps-oh by the way, last night i took 30 mg of NADH and 5 capsules of eagle herbs stephania and astragalus combination-to deal with bloating and puffiness-overnight i did feel some relief fro the bloating but it is not enough.  By the way, I have three other eagle herbs formulas that deal with damp heat etc that havent tried in 6 – 8 months or so – so thats on the agenda.

Wednesday 10/5/2016: 1.5 grams B-1, 3 capsules Dr’s Best Benfotiamine, 1.5 grams B-3 – on the EL to the library .  I realize that I need more B-3, in particular the NADH form of B-3

Tuesday 10/4/2016:6 ecoDetox

Monday 10/3/2016,evening:6 Eagle Herbs temperance

Sunday, 10/2/2016, 1:30 a.m.-handful of Folic Acid

Saturday, 10/1/2016: 3 veganzyme, 2 ultrazyme, 3 amino max 21 amino acid formula

Friday, 9/30/2016:Garden Of Life’s Multi B, EveryMan’s MultiVitamin

Thursday, 9/29/2016:1 capsule of Pyrrole PAK (150 mg B-6,Biotin and Zinc) and drank a protein shake,  in the afternoon: i capsule of Montiff’s SuperSports amino acid formula, 1 GlucaBalance amino acid formula, 1 GNC Leucine complex, 2 tablets of 8:1:1 BCAA

Wednesday, 9/28/2016:drank of protein shake

Monday, 9/26/2016:1.5 grams arginine, 2 capsules of Nitric Oxide PreSport

25 September, 2016,3:10:56 AM: Last Friday I had a very vigorous physical therapy session in the areas of my right and left shoulders.  THe immediate result:the removal of the tightness in my shoulders brought about a healing crisis in my lower back pain – i experienced tightness and lower back pain. For about 2 – 3 hours I was nearly doubled over from the pain. I just now awoke and the pain has gone away, and I feel yet again a little bit closer to that ‘centered inner core’ that I have been striving for.

Sunday, 9/25/2016: took 9 capsules of Garden of Life’s D-3, 6 capsules of Herbs d-3

Saturday, 9/24/2016: took 3 capsules of Garden Of Life Probiotis, 3 capsules of Garden of Life’s UltraEnzymes, 3 capsules of IntraXcel, 2 GNC’s Leucine Complex, 6 capsules of Bentonite

Friday, 9/23/2016:took 3 capsules of Dherbs Sex Organs Cleanser

Wednesday, 9/21/2016:6 capsules of Montiff’s All Basic Plus, 2 Vitamin Code’s Muti-B Comlex, 2 EveryMan’s MultiVitamin

Sunday, 9/18/2016:200 mg Of B-6, 400 mg of Pyritinol-later the night I spent over an hour of throwing up

Saturday, 9/17/2016: 3 grams glutamine, 1.5 grams Alanine, 3 grams of Proline, 2 grams of Taurine

Friday, 9/16/2016:1 tablet of 8:1:1 BCAA

Thursday, 9/15/2016:I took 2 capsules each of dragon herbs Young Lungs, Profound Essence, Primal Yin replenisher

Wednesday, 9/14/2016:2 capsules of All Basic plus

Tuesday, 9/13/2016:1.2 grams of B-2, 4 capsules of forskolin, 6 capsules of Temperance,in the afternoon I took 4 of gardenia cambogia, 1.5 grams of B-2

Monday, 9/12/2016:6 capsules of Eagle Herbs Temperance

9/9/2016:in the a.m. I took a handful of B-12, in the p.m. I took handfuls of B-12 and folic acid

9/8/2016:4 Herbs Pancreas Formula, 5 Garden Of Life D-3

9/7/2016:2 Herbs Pancreas Formula,2 acid-to-alkaline, 3 BCAA’s, one BCAA in water to body

9/6/2016:1 gram niacin, 400mg benfotiamine, 500mg B-1, 2 IntraXCell, 2 Leucine

9/5/2016:I applied valine in water to my face and scalp, I took 4.5 grams of Glutamine,at 11:00 am I took 2.5 grams lysine, 2.25 grams Glutamine

9/4/2016:11:30 am I took 8 ecoDetox, at 9:00 am I took AminoStarter

9/3/2016:I took 1/4 teaspoon of Isoleucine in water

9/2/2016:I took 2 capsules of Valine

below transferred from my macbook:

8/31/2016:6 ecoDetox, 3 CoEnzymeA,3 GNC Leucine Complex

8/30/2016:at 10:30 am i took 4 ecoDetox

8/29/2016:i applied eagle herbs “formula for redness” in water solution to my body

8/28/2016: took 15 Host Defense with soup

8/28/2016, evening:took 3 eagle herbs “formula for redness”

8/27/2016: 2 capsules leucine, 6 lecithin gems

8/26/2016:3 grams glutamine, 2 urinary maintenance, 2 JP-X, 2 Kidney Activator, 10 hos defense

8/25/2016:10 capsules host defense, 2 Carnitine app, 2 Optimized Carnitine, 4 carnitine alginate, 4 bentonite

8/24/2016:1:00 a.m. 3 capsules KB-C

8/23/2016:7:15 a.m. 1500 mg aspartic acid, 9:30 a.m., 1 capsule jing, 1 capsule super jing,1 capsule supreme creation, 11:00 p.m. 1 gram GABA, 3 capsules acid-to-alkaline

8/22/2016-3:30 a.m., 2 pantethine, 10:00 a.m., 1 gram taurine, 2 capsules intraexcel, 1 gram alanine,2 capsules carnosoothe, 11:00 p.m., 10 grams magnesium chelate

8/21/2016:2 grams lysine, 1 gram serine, 2 caps phosphatydil serine

8/20/2016:4 veganzymes, 3 Garden of life’s Ultrazymes, 1:00 p.m. – 3 garden of life’s ultrazymes,   3 garden of life’s once daily ultra, 5 garden of life’s raw      enzymes, 3 grams threonine, 8:30 p.m.,   200 mg P-5-P, 200mg pyritical, 200 mg B-6

8/19/2016 p.m., 750 mg Magnesium Taurate

8/18/2016: 10:45 a.m.-500 mg pyridine, 300 mg Pyridoxine

8/17/2016: 3 grams glutamine, 1.5 grams alanine, 1.5 grams proline, 500 mg 5-HTP

8/16/2016: 2:00 p.m. 1/2 tablet krebs mineral powder on scalp and face, 8:00 p.m, 2 grams threonine

8/14/2016, 1:00 pm., 4 Rehmannia 6, 2 Eagle Herb’s Acceptance, 7:30 p.m., 3 IntraExcel, 3 Carnosine,  4 chelated magnesium, 2 krebs cycle chelated minerals

8/13/2016, 11:00 a.m. 15 Dherbs Folic Acid, 7:30 p.m., 7 St John’s Wort

8/12/2016: 7:00 a.m. 6 Buddha’s Yang, 6 Primal Yin Replenisher, p.m., 500 mg tryptophan, 30 mg Melatonin, 500 mg 5-HTP

8/11/2016:10:00 a.m. – 2 Garden Of Life’s Raw B-vitamin, 2 Garden Of Life’s Raw Multivitamin, 4 denbrobrium, 4 Buddha’s Yang


8/9/2016, 12:10 a.m.: 3.5 grams methionine, BrainOn in protein shake, 1:00 a.m.: 50,ooo msg Biotin,Lysine powder to scalp and chest, Montiff’s Amino Starter in water

August 9, 2016,11:53:43 AM:it dawns on me (I always knew, but did not connect the word to me) – wrt my lay-level knowledge of herbs and naturopathy: i am an autodidact (having knowledge or skills acquired by one’s own efforts without formal instruction:merriam-webster).  Btw:having a transformation wrt lysine-where will this lead?

8/8/2016: 4 eagle herbs Temperance, 2 Denbrobrium

Aug 7:1:00 am I apply MyCommunity mushroom complex powder topically,9:00am I take 2 capsules of Kidney Activator, 2 capsules of JP-X (a kidney herbal formula) and 2 capsules of Lymphomax, 11:00am I take 1.5 grams Lysine, 1.5 grams Lysine Orotate

Aug 6: 2:30 am I take 2 tablets of Magnesium,8:30am 1o capsules of MyCOmmunity mushroom complex,5 capsules of ecoNutrients MycoPhyto (a mushroom complex)

Aug 5: 7:30 am I take 6 tablets of co-enzymated B-1, 3:30 am I take 2 grams Arginine, 9:30 am I take 5 capsules of DHerbs D3, 5 capsules of Life Extensions D3. 7:45pm I take 10 capsules of MyCommunity, a mushroom complex,12:30pm I apply Dr Mercola’s D3 to my scalp for transdermal absorption.

August 5, 2016,9:30:35 PM:shortly I’ll report on my recent nutrients I have been taking.  But-here are three objective signs/standards/levels that will tell me that i have ‘overcome’.

1-I have chronic fatigue-my condominium smells and is dingy-because i cannot keep it clean.

2-I have chronic mental fatigue(pre-senile dementia, the diagnosis from a major integrative medicine clinic, as of 2009)-if I get to the point where I can re-write my very bad prose writing in my book.

3-If i can get to the point where I can maintain a close intimate relationship-really this does require certain social skills.

It takes everything out of me to concentrate on my health and my efforts to reach these goals.

July 30: 3 Rolaids, 1 rolaid powder on right arm – I immediately realized that I was very acidic – I need to take steps about this.

July 29:

July 28:3 capsules Sulbutiamine, 1 gram Arginine, 2 capsules of All Basic

July 27:5 gelatin capsules of Life Extension’s EPA/DHA, 250mg Niacin,2 capsules of Picamilon 150, 2 pills of Enada NADH, later 1 gram Tryptoiphan, 1 gram Phenylalanine, 1 scoop Amino Starter in water

27 July, 2016,12:21:57 AM:yesterday (7/26) morning I drank water with Amino-Starter.  Is this why I am getting that ‘mindfulness – in the moment’ feeling that I had about 3 days ago but lost?  Also, yesterday I was really feeling that Proline.  Just now I took  4 capsules of Garden Of Life’s Digestive Enzymes With Probiotics and 2 capsules of Garden Of Lifes Probiotics Ultra.

July 25: this morning another protein shake with EC3’s Renew (chlorella, spirulina, algae, etc), this evening 4 grams Proline (today while at the movies it dawned on me that I had been ignoring this amino acid and Proline is the body’s third most prevalent), and tis evening I took one tablet of Mironova’s EGT+ (a mushroom extract)

July 24, 2016,11:20:21 PM: here’s a summary of the supplements I have been taking:

July 24:2 grams MSM, 2 grams Taurine, 2 grams Threonine, 8 capsules of Life Extension’s N-A-C (600 mg each)

July 23:8 grams Methionine

July 22:4 capsules of 5-HTP, 2 capsules of Pantethine, 3 capsules of Biotin (20,000 mcg), 4 capsules of Host Defense MyCommunity (a blend of 17 mushrooms), 3 capsules of Eagle Herbs Acceptance, 3 capsules of Dragon Herbs Rehmannia 6, 2 capsules of Clear Lung (a blend of traditional chinese herbs)

Friday, 22 July, 2016,11:44:00 AM: I just had two long urine streams, and why?  THis is a big deal for the aged.  So anyway last night I took 4 capsules of Host Defense’s MyCommunity, a blend of 18 mushrooms. Very nice.  It sort of reminds me of the effect of throwing sawdust on a greasy oily garage floor.  The mushrooms just sort of cleared away or soaked up or ‘degreased’ the gunkiness that enveloped my lower gut.

July 21:1 gram alanine, 2 grams Intraxcel, 4 capsules of Digestive Enzymes

July 20:2 handfuls of Foplic Acid (note-a ‘handful of folic acid’=3 capsules of Dherbs Folic Acid, 1 capsule of MegaFolinic, and (1 capsule of Jarrow Formulas folic acid, 2 capsules of L-S-MTHF and 1 capsule of Country Life folic acid) 3,200 mcg of (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolic acid

July 19:1 handful of folic acid

18 July, 2016,7:42:09 PM:I have been taking large doses of folic acid. Twice yesterday and once the day before.  I use all three forms: herbal form (DHerbs), a methylfolate form and a calcium folate form.  I have been deficient of folic acid since a very early age.  And- today I felt for the first time a distinct lessening (alost an absence of) that congestion of gunk in the front of my face.  Also of note I have felt a presence of calcium.  I suspect this is the calcium folinate.  And what with all of the cokes that I drink (which have phosphoric acid in them, which tends to bind with calcium) I have become extra deficient of calcium.  I checked-I have only one bottle (Source Naturals MegaFolinic) and its only half full so I better replenish this form of folic acid.  Today I went to The Vitaminne Shop and looked for this form and they did not have it.  I did buy, from the Vitaminne Shoppe Life Extension’s Optimized Folate, Solgar’s Metafolin (l-methylfolate) and Country Life’s Folate (as organic lemon extract peel!?). Amazon definitely has the calcium folinate.  Tomorrow I will go to another health food store-if they dont have it I will order it at Amazon.

July 18:2 protein shakes, both with BrainOn

July 16:1 gram Phenylalanine, 650mg Tryptophan, 3 capsules of Probiotics

15 July, 2016,6:05:18 AM: a couple of days ago I noticed that, upon taking vitamin B-3 I had a noticeablt diminishment of my tendancy to be ‘walking fast’.  I do havve about five different forms of Niacin, so this morning I took 2 capsules of each.  Hope this theory works.  Also, I have a few other things going on, I will post a detailed summary, from my handwritten journal, here in a few days.

July 15:3 capsules Garden Of Life digestive enzymes, 2 capsules of probiotics,3 capsules of Picamilon 150

July 13:3 capsules NADH, 2 cpsules Picamilon 150 (a niacin-GABA peptide), 2 capsules nicotinamide riboside

July 12:1 gram alanine, 1 gram beta-alanine, 2 capsules Intraxcel,5 tablets Excretion Support

July 11:took sustamine with protein shake

10 July, 2016,1:21:09 AM:all day yesterday (Saturday) I underwent an intense healing crisis, and this evening while sitting in a movie theatre I felt its effects: a new more intense and real ‘mind-body’ connection to my lower body, frame, digestive tract, and cranium.  It sort of feels like that seleno-cysteine selenium product, a sort of earthy, loamy, soil like feeling, a healthy feeling. Now wrt that ‘lava-lamp’ like fixed-in-pace distribution of layers of ‘long term toxins/bacterial slime/fungus infection/phlegm/old dental amalgam/gunk’ get ever diminished i rise and progress through inner directed/self-inner motivated mindfulness and insight meditation.

I’ll type up a detailed list/sumary of all of the supplements I haver been taking since june 23 (my last entry below)-but of significance recently I have been taking a Garden Of Life probiotic/digestive enzyme combination, a new Dragon Herbs ginseng herbal formula, a new amino acid formula (Montiff’s Amino Starter) and a sulpher-vitamin B-1 peptide (Allithiamine and Sulbutiamine).  But just as likele it was these thing on top of all the healng that I have attained before.

July 10:handful of B-12, handful of Folic Acid

July 9:1 gram lysine, 1 gram arginine,

July 8:3 capsules Garden Of Life’s Enzymes,3 capsules Dragon Herbs Codonopsis And Astragalus, 3 capsules Buddha’s Yang, 2 capsules Allithiamine, 2 capsules Sulbutiamine

July 7:1 capsule GlucaBalance, 1 capsules Amino Athlete, 2 capsules BCAA’s

July 6:3 capsules VeganZymes, 3 capsules UltraZymes, 3 capsules NeuroOptimizer

July 5:1 teaspoon Amino Starter, 2 capsules GLucoBalance, 2 capsules AminoAthlete

July 4: 4 capsules GLucoBalance, 1 gram Arginine, 2 grams Lysine Ethyl Esther, 1 gram Niacinimide

July 3:2 capsules Mitochondrial Optimizer, 1 capsule ecoDetox, 3 capsules OGF, 1 capsule Sulphur Plus, 4 capsules NADH, 3 capsules nrf2, 2 capsules pterostilbene

July 2:2 capsules Temperance, 2 capsules Chelated Magnesium,1 capsule Magnesium Asporotate

July 1:2.5 grams Glutamine, 1.5 grams GABA

June 30:2 capsules Lactase Digestive Enzymes,

June 29:1 gram Lysine Orotate, 1 gram Lysine, 1 gram Alanine, 1 gram Beta Alanine, Protein Shake w/ Garden Of Life Fit

June 28:4 capsules Calcium, 4 capsules Systemic Enzymes, 2 capsules Quadralean, 2 capsules AntiAdipocyte, 4 capsules FucoThin, 3 capsules Mediterranean Trim, 2 capsules LeptiBurn

June 27:3 capsules FucoThin, 1 capsule QuadraLean, 2 capsules Mediterranean Trim, 4 capsules Pycnogenol, 1 capsules Allithiamine, 1 capsules Sulbuthiamine, 1 capsules Bentothiamine, 1 capsules B-1, 2 tablets sublingual B-1

June 26:2 caosules VIva Lab’s chelated magnesium, 2 grams lysine, 500mg Beta Alanine, 500mg Alanine,20mg NADH

June 25:3 capsules of Buddha’s Yang, BrainOn in a protein shake

June 24:3 capsules of BCAA’s, 1 cap Forskolin

23 June: 1 gram threonine, 500mg DLPA, 500mg Tryptophan, 50mg 5 HTP, 1 each of Life Extension’s Anti-Adipocyte, Life Extension’s Mediterranean Trim and Garden Of Life’s fucoThin

22 June: 3 tablets dessicated liver, 2 E3Live’s BrainOn, 2 E3Live’s Renewal, 2 tablets Viva Labs Chelated Magnesium (note-I think I am liking this magnesium the best-I need more experience with it, but it just feels right. Note-this magnesium is magnesium bisglycinate chelate).

21 June: 500 mg Glutamic Acid in water applied transdermally

20 June, 2016,9:03:39 AM: here is the summary of recent herbal/naturopathic stuff:

June 19: Upon feeling a creeping depression I took 500mg each of Histidine, Beta-Alanine, Alanine, Glutamine, Lysine and Lysine Orotate – Almost immediately I felt relief.  I am zeroing on my very own specific amino acid formula.  Along with the above I think I need Tyrosine, Glutamic Acid and Aspartic Acid plus a multi-amino acid.

June 19: 2 tablets of Wheatgrass, 1 capsule of Moringa, 2 capsules of E3Lives Blue Majik

June 18: 3 tablets of dessicated liver-I really abosorbed this and felt the B-vitamins and B-12.

June 17: Dragon Herbs 8 Immortals applied topically on ankles.  Later I felt this – will it help me with my restless legs?

June 16: I had the priviledge of speaking on the phone with an authority on Amino Acids.  He recommended 2 grams of Citrulline, 1.5 grams Taurine in water for a Nitric Acid boost. This really works.

June 15: 1 gram of Ornithine.

June 14:4 capsules of Life Extensions flor-assist mood.

June 13:1 capsule of Radiant Wonders Liver 3000, 1 capsule of E3Lives BrainOn, and 1 capsule of Liver Cleanse, all in a protein shake.

June 12:2 capsules of Natures Sunshone Lymphomax, 2 capsules of Natures Sunshine Kindney Activator and 2 capsules of Natures Sunshine KB-C.  WIthin a day I got a really big boos with respect to my energy levels, presence of mind, etc.

June 11:3 capsules of Cal-Mag Asporotate.  This really helps, although I need to take care with respect to the Aspartic Acid part.  Aspartic Acid is an excitatory amino acid.

June 10: Glutamic Acid applied transdermally, 5 grams of l-Glutamine, i capsule each of E3Lives Renewal and E3AFA.

June 8:5 capsules of Glutamic Acid orally, 1 capsule of Glutamic Acid in water applied topically.  After taking this I had this revelation: I really need Glutamic Acid for brain detox.

June 4: 3 capsules of Life Extension’s Tri-Sugar Shield-This stuff really works.

June 4: 3 capsules of Dragon Herbs Jing.  Within a day I got a lift.

June 3: 1 gram of l-Glutamine, 3 grams of l-Lysine, 1 gram of Alanine, 1 gram of Beta-Alanine,1 gram of Histidine.

June 2: 3 capsules of Life Extension’s Flora-Assist.

june 2:Garden Of Life Fungal Defense, orally and transdermally.

June 2:I drank a protein shake with Dragon Herbs Super Jing, Supreme Creation.

May 31:3 capsules of Berberine Complex for glucose/sugar control, 2 capsules of Sulbutiamine (a thiamine-sulphur peptide),Bentonite in water solution applied to chest and groin.

May 30:2 capsules of Cal-Mag Butyrate. From my experience with Magnersium Threonate and this stuff I have learned that all magnesiums are not the same.

MAY 29:1 capsule of Magnesium Threonate.

Sunday, June 19, 2016,11:11:29 PM:a number of recent advances-all written in my handwritten journal-i’m zeroing in on an amino-acid formula specific to my inborn metabolic issues-i will record my advances here shortly

May 28, 2016,4:04:07 PM from my handwritten journal:

May 28 1pm I take 3 NADH and 2 capsules of Lipotropic Factors (basically this is just methionine and Inositol)

May 28: 12 am i take 2 capsules of a lactose specific digestive enzyme, 2 capsules of a gluten specific digestive enzyme and 2 capsules of VeganZymes (a systemic enzyme)

May 27 3 am: i took 3 grams methionine, 1 gram Arginine, 500 mg Ornithine, 1 gram Alanine and 1 gram Beta-Alanine-Wow-it is later that i have this ‘inner clearng of a blockage’ revelation

May 26 i took 1 capsule of MethylSP, 1 ecoDetox and 1 Sulphur Plus.  Wrt my musculo-skeletal imbalance-during the night I got a release in a ‘wrinkle’ in my right gluteal muscle.

May 25 at 2 am I applied AllBasic Plus (a multi-amino acid) powder to my face and scalp (note-later that day on the subway I had a very real ‘in contact with reality’ experience), at 8 pm I had two cups of White Lotus tea (note-I got this giddy high from it-and to this day it is still healng me to the point where I am avoiding another cup)

May 24: at 1pm I took 3 capsules of ExTox II, at 3 am I applied l-Glutamine powder to my face and scalp for transdermal absorption, at 11:45 pm I took 4000 mcg of Biotin

May 23, 2 am:took 3 grams of L-Glutamine (note – i really needed this and yes another thing to keep track of)

May 22, 1 am: 2 capsules of ecoDetox

May 22, 2 am:2 capsules of Alkalizer, 1 capsule of Acid to Alkaline

May 22, 9 am:2 500mg capsules of Tyrosine, 2 capsules of 5-HTP

May 22 11 am:2 capsules of ecoDetox, 1 capsule of MethylSP, 1 capsule of CoEnzymeA, 2 capsules of Life Extensions Mitochondrial Optimizer

May 20, 11:00 am:1 capsule of Dragon Herbs Buddha’s Yang disolved in water-note-i disolved it in water because i wanted to attain a mind-body sense of what this formula is and does

May 20 6 PM: took a handful of B-12 (3 dherbs B-12, 2 Intrinsic -12, 3 Garden Of Life B-12-note to myself:B-12 is a VERY important methyl donor and I have to keep aware of this)

May 19, 10 pm:1 New Chapter Everyman Multivitamin, 1 New Chapter CoEnzyme B Food Complex, 1 capsule of Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw B Complex, 3 grams Lysine, 500 mg Alanine, 500 mg Beta-Alanine, 1 gram Histidine

Note-within a day, from the above, I attained a higher level of wakefulness (sorry thats the best i can describe it-try this shit yourself if your confused) from the Lysine

May 19 A.M.: 1 Nitric Oxide PreSport, 500mg Arginine, 250mg Ornithine, 1 protein shake with E3 liquid, 1 capsule of E3AFA and 3 capsules of E3 Renewal, 2 capsules of Rhemmania 6, 2 capsules of Eagle Herbs Acceptance

May 18, 2016,8:46:17 PM summary from my handwritten journal (all notes are of the results from my own inner mindfulness of ways to get inner ecologic healing):

5/18: yesterday I had this realization: 2 to 3 days ago i had a burst of energy where i decided to do a full mop of all the floors of all the rooms of my condo-the energy i nw  realize is from the E3 products.

5/18:4 capsules of Garden Of Life Vitamin D, 4 capsules of DHerbs Vitamin D, a body rub of 8 Immortals in water, and wrt Testosterone hormone, 1 capsule of Les Labs Male Health, 1 capsule of Life Seasons Masculine-T and 1 capsule of MACA750

5/17:I have slept all day with what I surmise is a seeping in into the front of my cranium of the Reishi from the 8 Immortals

5/15: 3 capsules of Garden Of Life Primal Defense, 1 dropper full of Dragon Herbs 8 Immortals in tomato juice, at 10:30 p.m. 8 capsules of Primal Defense

5/14:3 capsules of E3 BrainOn, 1 capsule of E3 Renewal, 1 capsule of Nitric Oxide Pre-sport

12 May, 2016,9:31:29 AM summary of advances since last entry, from my handwritten journal:

5/12: very early this morning i took 2 tablets of Vibrant Health’s Super Natural Calcium.  All night i felt this battle between the calcium and the phosphoric acid (from all the cokes i have been drinking)-as of the time of this writing i feel more brain energy-is the calcium what i have been missing wrt my goal of ‘1000 words a day of ‘not bad’ writing’?


5/10:i took two capsules of Douglas Laboratories Seleno Methionine.

5/10: i drank a tomato jiuce blended with walnuts and 1/4 teaspoon each of Klamath Products E3 Live (liquid form) and Brain On (powder form).  Brain On is an extract of Phenylethylamine and Phycocyanin.  I immediately felt this as something very much needed.  The next day (5/11) I went to the health food store and bought more (in capsule form).

5/8:i took 500mg of niacinamide, 20 mg NADH,2 capsules of Garden of Lifes multi-B vitamin,4 tablets of sublingual co-enzymated B-3

5/5:morning i took 2 capsules of Life Extension’s Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine.  All through the day and night i got this cysteine restoration-the cysteine felt smooth and comforting.

May 6, 2016,11:01:56 AM:this morning I took two capsules of Crave Control along with soup. I went back to bed, and as i lay there I realized that i had congestion inside cells that could be corrected by Life Extension’s Mitochondrial Optimizer.  I also thought that i needed to get back to Alanine and/or beta-alanine.  And I thought whiule I was at it I should take Aspartic Acid.  So here i go.Btw-it was the Phenyalanine in the Crave Control thatg has me writing again.  The Phenyalanine somehow brings my brain alive, at least, the higher finctions related to writing.

6 May, 2016,1:32:44 AM:i tried LifeExtension’s Selenium, in the form of Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine.  Overnight i got this absorption along with this pleasent, smooth, buttery Cysteine effect.  This product is definitely going to be used going forward.  Cysteine is very important for detoxification, etc.

5 May, 2016,12:54:20 AM-i just took 3 caps lif4e extension selenium

5/4 morning-i took 4 capsules of dragon herbs Pearl Shen, after reading an article from mQI magazine about Shen. The article mentions that Shen assists with mental function

3 May, 2016,11:13:10 AM:from my handwritten journal:

5/3 afternoon:already feeling the ATP-i’ve been imagining scenes in my badwriting book all afternoon. I just ate 4 gems of reishi spore oil (after reading the winter 2015 issue of QI magazine).

5/3-questions on my mind-(1)there is something in the dragon herbs Buddha’s Yang formula that is important wrt my goal of getting in contact with reality-i will have to investigate which herb it is,(2) what about the alanine/beta alanine/histidine/carnosine issue?,(3)i still have this phlegm issue,(4) i still have my goal of being able to write 1000 words a day of ‘not bad’ writing – its this dementia/a slight chronic fatigue

5/3 later this morning: as i lay in bed i realize that i have an ATP and mitochondrial problem-so i get up and take life extensions PEAK ATP (2 caps) and Peak ATP with glycocarn (2 caps). later today i will take some Life extension mitochondrial optimizer

5/3: around 2 am, i took 1 capsule of molybdamine and 1 cap of manganese-both trace minerals necessary for healthy cellular/enzyme function

5/2:500mg threonine,500mg cysteine,6 caps of RKMD DGL (a glutathione formula)-here is a new approach to ‘ultraclear’:use RKMD DGL plus threonine, lysine and cysteine(since the DGL supplies the glutamine and N-A-C)

5/1:2.5 grams lysine(within 24 hours i felt a profound effect-yes the same lysine issue-i have a chronic problem here)

4/30:1 gram alanine and 1 gram beta-alanine-wow – within 1 day and my ‘puffiness’ congested cranium problem went away-this amino acid has to be in my mix for going forward-questions:do i use alanine or beta alanine or both? do i use it along with histidine?(alanine and histidine combine to form the peptide carnosine-which is useful for combatting the effects of sugar and type 2 diabetes

4/29:4 capsules eagle herbs acceptance(within a day i felt a change like never before-i’m getting ‘cleaned’ at the core-i now see this herbal formula as the ‘cure’ for being ‘crippled inside’),took a handful of B-12,took a handful of folic acid,ate a protein shake,drank 1/4 teaspoon yuan zhi herb  mixed in juice (to break up phlegm-this particular herb is the main ingredient in my new custom eagle herbal formula-which i found isnt right for me-the yuan zhi drink did work a little on my phlegm problem but it wont do the trick on its own)

4/27:3 P-5-P(150mg total),300mg B-6,dragon herbs gecko rock climber tincture in juice(within a day I felt a subtle change in muscle tissue, but this effect isnt a pressing issue)

4/26-4 omega 3’s, 2 life extension carnosine(1gram total), 3 BCAA’s,2 beta-alanine(1.6gram total)

26 April, 2016,9:25:20 AM:fromn  my handwritten journal:

4/25;4 capsules of systemic enzymes,500mg Niacinimide,30mg NADH,300mg B-2,30mg riboflavin 5 phosphate,30mg sublingual coenzyamated B-3,3 tablets sublingual NADH

4/24:3 capsules QAll Basic Plus Multi-amino acids,for a nitric acid boost:1 gram Arginine,500mg Ornithine,500mg Citrulline,for constipation:1 capsule cascara sagrada, 1 capsule Bowel care, 1 capsule Dherbs Colon Formula

4/23:for sulphur boost:1 capsule coenzymeA,1 capsule MethylSP, 1 capsule ecoDetox,1 capsule of RKMD OGF

4/22:3 capsules CoEnzymeA,3 capsules N-A-C,1 protein shake with 3 capsules of Dragon Herbs OptDigest

4/21:protein shake

4/20:3 capsules Silbutiamine (thiamine-sulphur peptide)

4/18:3 capsules of Dragon Herbs Buddhas Yang (this helps me with my problem with contact with reality)

4/17:5 capsules of Biotin (I have realization that i have had a lifelong systemic problem with biotin deficiency-probably all those egg-nogs i drank when i was 9-10 years old-note-egg whites combine/bind with biotin)

4/16:I applied Biotin powder on my scalp, face and chest, acid-to-alkaline and 1 capsule of Alkalize,3 capsules of dragon Hewrbs Temperance

4/15:500mg B-1, 1 Life Extension Mega Benfotiamine,1 cpsiles of Silbutiamine, dragon herbs Profound Essence disolved in water, 4 Multi B Vitamikns with meal, 1 capsule of a multi-mineral

4/13:protein shake,2 calcium

13 April, 2016,7:19:27 PM:last night i applied 5-HTP powder to my scalp and face

last  night i took Eagle Herbs Liang Xue Qing Fei Yin Modified and Long Dan Xie Gan Tang,  both formulas for redness of face

this morning i took my special anti-depressant formula (Eagle Herbs Acceptance, Radiant Wonder’s Replenishing Essence and Dragon Herbs Rehmannia Six)

13 April, 2016,4:59:33 AM:from my handwritten journal:

4/3:N-A-C 2 capsules, 500mg Taurine, 500mg Lysine, 500mg Proline

4/4: 2 capsules Eagle Herbs Temperance ANX

4/5: Eagle Herbs Custom formula

4/5 and 4/6: R Alpha Lipoic Acikd powder as a talc

4/7:1 gram Phenyalanine, 1 gram Tyrosine

4/7: B vitamins with meal, 1 tablet Methyl SP wth meal, 2 grams Threonine with meal

4/7:3 capsules DragonHerbs  Primal Yin Replenisher

4/8: 2 capsules Dragon Herbs Will Power, 1 gram DLPA

4/9: I mixed 2 capsules of the Primal Yin replenisher in water-then drank it-the taste established a mind-body connection to what it was-i immediately knew this is what i needed-i had a ‘wow’ reaction

4/10: I awoke to a spontaneous release of the right side of my cranium-this a result of my vigorous right side physical therapy session i received the friday before

4/11:500mg tryptophan, 100mg 5-HTP

4/12: 500mg Niacin, 20mg NADH-in 24 hours i experienced increased mental clarity-i definitely have a Niacin problem-I should keep attention to this

4/13: protein shake

4/13: 2 tablets Calcium

2 April, 2016,7:03:58 PM:more advances:

-last night i ran, for a block or so, without any groin area neuropathy or tremors

-the last two days I began to take lactose specific enzymes, and they have been eatingf away old, very old caked up milk up and around my cranium and the front o f my face, and probably all along my intestinal tract

-I began to take olive oil, a teaspoon at a time, in juice, for the past couplle of days, but am stoppin as I feel it building up without effect-what i really need is omega-3’s (EPA and DHA)

-two days ago I took a gram of Proline (which is produced by ornithine and glutamic acid) and that build-up of acidic like toxins in the center of my body began to be dissipated

31 March, 2016,1:53:40 AM:summary of stuff:

3/29 evening-i took 3 Eagle Herbs Temperance ANX formula (its supposed to be for alcohol recovery, but i find it helps for sugar recovery)

3/30 a.m. took Eagle Herbs custom formula

3/30 p.m. took 5 tabs of sublingual D3 (5000 IU each)-I immediately got some brain function back, but not all brain function back

3/31 a.m. took 4 capsules of Garden of Life D3 (2000 IU each)

29 March, 2016,9:35:00 AM:more on aspartic acid:when i was at the center for bio-ecologic medicine and psychaitry dr thomas stone m.d. said that my “brain got squeezed”.  This was from (1) my straining efforts at detoxing myhself and (2) my homeopathic remedies i got from that homeopath i saw in winthrop harbor.  At that time there was a disagreement between dr stone and dr caecelia maria-winkler (the homeopath) over which treatment should be done first.  Also dr stone sasid “something is interfering with your citric acid metabolic cycle”.  I think it was this squeezing of my long term toxins.  This is where aspartic acid comes in.  As the patient who  is healing himself detoxes from his own efforts aspartic acid should be used accordingly (be careful, after some research there are some concerns re aspartic acid and overdoing it).

Last night I broke open a couple of CoQ10 capsules.  I wanted to place it directly on my tongue/in my mouth to get a first hand experieince of what it is.  Another revelation: I really need this, and have an absorption proble with it-so I am going to order a liquid form for traansdermal applicaiton.

28 March,2016,6:40:43 PM: today while out walking i had a revelation or thought-i need aspartic acid. I remember this from those weeks at the center for bio-ecologic medicine and psychaitry-so i took 2.25 grams and all throughout my afternoon nap i got a sort of ‘cooking’ or detox of a deep layer of gunk.

3/24:last night I drank a protein shake. this morning i took 2 capsules of the eagle herbs gentian combination, last night i took 2 tablets of life rising water metabolism

3/23:last night i took 2 gems of phosphatidyl serine, the next morning i felt a replacement of some of the airiness in my brain with a lipid feeling

the night of 3/23 i got a significant release of my right gluteal muscle via a ‘pushdown’ exercise-the next morning i got a cognitive shift-that the world is populated the world over with people all the same.

26 March, 2016,10:54:43 PM: here is a clinical summary of sci stuff since 3/21:

3/26:this evening i took t capsules of a new eagle herbs formula that is supposd to deal with a phlegm issue.

3/23 evening-i applied two capsules of sulbutiamine (two thiamine and one sulphur) powder to my scalp, chest and groin and the next day felt that i got good absorbtion. Today I felt that I should do this again, as I feel that i have a chronic systemic sulphur problem

3/21 evening: i took two gems of CoQ10 anf two capsules of R-Alpha-Lipoic acid-the next day i felt better chemistry in my cranium-today i felt that i definitely need more of the r-alpha-lipoic acid.

21 March, 2016,11:11:07 AM:here is a summary of last week:

3/21 around midnight: I take 3 capsules of Eagle Herbs Long Dan Xie Gan Tang. All through the night I get a ‘clear’ like cleansing of more gunk, and am left with a liver like healthy sensation throughout my body.  At least with respect to two of the four latest eagle herb formulas i struck gold.

3/21: today I sense the relief of the ANX, an increased cognitive ability of the details of the contents of my condominium. Like a layer of the fog/gunk had been lifted.

3/20: 1:40 a.m.:I take 3 capsules of Eagle Herbs ANX. All through the night I get some healing.

3/18: From instinct and learned experience I sense that i need chioline brain support so: I took one capsule each of Alpha-GPC and CDP Choline and Choline.

3/17 a.m.: my mucus buildup is  melting away.  I clear my throat and sinuses and the phlegm comes out.

3/16: took Dherbs mucus buster tea. Took one tablet each of Pau d’arco and grapefruit seed extract for candida/fungus infection. All that night I fgot candida/fungus relief from the  front of my face and mouth area.

3/16 p.m.:wow, the threonine really did something. I felt a glimmer of that ‘500 words a day of not bad writing’ energy level.

3/16 later that morning:I took 3 grams Of threonine and 3 capsules of All Basic Plus multi-amino acids (threonione is necessary for all the nutrient stuff to ‘cook’ together, i think i remember that).

3/16, 3:15 a.m. i took 3 capsules of Allithiamine (a fat soluable B-1), took 3 mucus buster herbal formuals. At 5:15 a.m. I took 500 mg each of Arginine, Ornithine and Citrulline (I sensed that I had a nitric acid issue).

15 March, 2016,9:18:06 PM:my journey? why the inner joy mixed with the anger/angst? the inner joy-at my discovery (around 1980 resulting from my experimenting with megadoses of niacin) that my lifelong pain of being out of touch with reality and being different from the rest had a biological origin/basis. The pain/anger/angst? the pain of healing and fighting the inner ecologic illness (candida/fungus/buldup of phlegm/TCM miasmas,gluten and milk intolerances,etc) and frustration at not getting it right.

14 March, 2016,12:51:27 PM:its more methylation via riboflavin 5 phosphate and pantethine

I took 500mg niacin, 2 tablets NADH 10mg, 500 mg riboflavin and 5 capsules of thorne’s riboflavin – 5 – phosphate 36.5mg


this a.m. i took 3 BCAA’s, 1 grm alanine, 3 grams lysine

last evening i took 5 capsules of crave control

12;10 p.m. i drank a tomato juice protein smoothie

also took life risings gallbladder(3), gallbladder ten(3), brain-s(3), and water metabolism(5)

also took eagle herbs stephania and astragalus (for bloating)

also took 1 gram phenylalanine

11 March, 2016,11:19:22 PM (from my handwritten notes):

Note-somewhere around a few days ago or so I took 1 gram of vitamin B-1 and two capsules of life extensions mitochondria optimizer.  Also during this time I took eagle herbs temperance (note-during a fucked up operation wrt my computer and unwanted interference I lost this science journal and had to recoup what i lost-i houd do backups more often)

3/11:earlier today i took 3 capsules each of four different brands of probiotics and within hours i felt a growth of probiotics in my gut.  it looks like i am going to be taking probiotics for awhile.

in the evening i took three tablets of three different formulations of phlegm clearing herbs.  The next day I felt a loosening of areas of remaining phlegm in my cranium.

Note-over the pat few days the darths have given me 2  hints wrt certain areas of my health i should be addressing: (1) the rash in my groin, (2) the phlegm-the darths might be ‘getting good at their work’.

3/10:(1)in the a.m. i took 3 capsules of dragon herbs diamond mind and two caplsules of dragon herbs mirocosmic orbit.  All the next few hours i felt a ‘cleansing’ or detox of the front of my face. a sort of cleansing up of ‘drud’ or gunk in the area that leads to my brain.

(2) 10 pm i just ate pasta with cream sauce and my cranium immediatly filled up with gunk-but this is temporary toxins not long term toxins.

3/5:(1)I am really coming out of my fog.  AT my appt with Life Rising I was direct, forthright, honest about my personality disorder (at my previous appt the dr said to me “your smart right?” i did not answer as i have a longstanding communication problem) but my internal ecologic changes are enabling me to communicaate better

(2) yesterday I took MarsVenus Mens multimineral amd one Bentonite.

(3)today at brynmawr and winthrop i encountered three males and i felt ‘in touch’ or a ‘sameness’ or ‘part of the herd’, i.e., not out of touch with reality-i am making headway

(4) my face is becoming more and more dried out and less greasy and oily and waterlogged.

3/4:(1)this am i took life risings DHT, DHT-INT,  XDH-2 and DHZC-2.

(2)all last night more ‘seeping in’ of B-6 into the front of my cranium

(3)this a.m. I felt the changed environment in the front of my face-my first impression was that the changed environment was P-5-P based.  Later upon reflection I thought it was an uncovering of a layer of dental cement.  In either case i felt the change ws a definite improvement.

(4) yesterday I began drinking pretein/tomato juice smoothies

27 February, 2016,9:59:49 AM:yesterday I took a missing nutrient – manganese, and it has had a profound effect.  I’ll write more later as I want to make sure if it has had a long lasting effect. But I can say that, as i awoke to the actual experience, my body felt more defined, less “foggy”, “svelte” (I put this in quotes, as i am overweight, but i feel this “svelteness”).  Also took more herbs.  I’ll report in detail about all this later. One this though-for a long time i have felt this problemm of not getting that stuffiness feeling outr from my cengter, to get a hold on it, and it looks like the problem was one of not having enough minerals.  I do remember Thomas Stone M.D., all those years ago in the center For Bio-Ecologic Medicine and Psychaitry, around 1980 or so, saying something about “heavy minerals’ or was it ‘heavy metals’.  I have all thos emedical records.  I might get those out and see if i can find any record of what he meant.    

25 February, 2016,5:30:20 PM-another advaance: certain minerals are necessary for methylization-manganese, molybdenum.  Well, yesterday i took a tablet each of manganese, molybdenum as well as magnesium and zinc.  All through last night, and today (which i spent sleeping from the healing crisis) o fgpt detox and guess what-i have increased clarity in perception.

23 February, 2016,11:27:41 PM:a few advances:

(1) a day ago I took a handful of B-12 and folic acid, and today i awoke to a high level of energy-how do i know this? I felt ike mopping the floors, for the first time in years

(2) today I took mofe B-12 and folic acid

(3) at last Monday’s physical therapy appointment i specificaly asked my therspist to concentrate on my right shoulder and right side of my cranium (at the previous appointment he seemed to back off a bit in intensity) – he did, and during that very appointment I started to get drainage from my right sinus  – today outg walking i noticed an awakening in my arthritis in my right leg-i suspect this was due to an increase of stress on my right leg resulting from the physical therapy on my right side.  Overall this is a significant development-i feel there was a blockage in my lymph dranage from the knots all along my right side which resulted in build ups of the gunk and resulting bad chemistry

February 22, 2016,11:43:21 PM:the last few days i have felt sickly.  Today it dawned on me-I have been undergoing a prolonged healing from the physical therapy I have been getting.  Today I thought of what I have to do going forward.  A number of avenues to pursue.  I’m still shooting for/hoping for/aiming for-that level of mental energy where i can write a thousand words a day, be happy, have good mental alertness, be comfortable around people, etc. Today another metaphor came to mind-as i strip away all these layers of gunk accumulated from way back i thought of computer programming-the lowest level of programming commonly is referred to as ‘programming to the metal’-it seems as though i am restoring my health right to the actual cellular level.  Why is this important? Its much easier, i find, from being mindful and using insight meditation, to cultivate my mind along the lines of buddhist thought (right intention, right action, right effort, right resolve, etc-this is the eightfold)

February 18, 2016,12:09:44 PM:Just yesterday I started a new herbal formula.  From Life Rising. Its called QXR-Lower Damp Heat.  I awoke earlier feeling like death.  I was going through a genuine healing crisis.  A few minutes ago I awoke to experiencing all the surfaces and membranes in my cranium and lower body.  All my remaining fog has been cleared away. Now I still have my dementia and short term memory loss.  But its a new day.

15 February, 2016,10:34:24 PM:I just took 3 grams lysine, 2 grams glutamine, 1 gram N-A-C, 500mg Threonine,500mg Cysteine-i am experiencing an awareness or sense of presence, the second time in the past 2 or 3 days-i am thinking it is the taurine

15 February, 2016,12:51:05 PM:yesterday I took 1 gram of Taurine, i gram of N-A-C, 500 mg of MSM to replenish sulphur and to aid in getting rid of all the phosphoric acid from the cokes, (2) two days ago i applied one capsule each of life risings nose regulator, lung regulator and liver regulator to my scalp and face and got good cranium detox, (3) three days ago i took 3 capsules of eagle herbs Temperance ANX (this is for alcohol abuse but i am betting its good for sugar abuse) and one capsule of DHerbs sex organs cleanser and i got good detox in my core, (4) two days ago i applied life risings Bin Pen cream to my scalp and got some healing to my scalp and  face

11 February, 2016,8:32:18 AM: Monday I took Life Risings Nose Regulator, Lung Regulator and Pelvic Support herbal formulas. Tuesday I took Life Risings Multiple relief and Peach Seed Complex herbal formulas.  Wednesday I took 2 capsules each of Cognizin Citicoline and CDP Choline. Yesterday I began important physical therapy. This morning I took 2 capsules of AlphaGPC.

8 February, 2016,8:50:55 PM:i have ascended up from a degenerative state.  Key to this? My digestion, a key that I always knew was important.  This has happened in just the last few days.  My whole gut area feels – what? – healthy. This morning i ate a donut (made with gluten) sand i lost that healthy feeling.  This evening (in just about 6 – 8 hours) i have recovered to that ‘healthy gut’ feeling. I’ll post this over in healawake shortly.

8 February, 2016,5:28:18 PM:Some recent approaches:

(1)today I took 3 tablets of Life Rising’s Water Management and one capsule of eagle Herbs Stephania and Astragalus Combination (for stuffiness, puffiness and bloating)-i am reaching the last stages of the detox of long term  toxins, and while out today for a walk I noticed a watery layer slightly clouding my perception

(2)last night i took 4 tablets of Solgars P-5-P –  thought I was deficient in vitamin B-6, earlier that day I took 4 capsules each of B-12 and folic Acid

(3)two days ago I took 4 capsules of Riboflavin-5-phosphate and one tablet of Pantethine, later that day I took 500mg of Glutamine and one capsule of Crave Control

(4)two days ago I took 3 grams of Lysine-i do have a chronic problem of lysine deficiency-i cant seem to get my levels up to optimum and keeping the levels there-how can i tell?-i check my brain-is it out in the clear or is it ‘in a fog of gunk’?

7 February, 2016,11:41:21 AM:(1)i’ve advanced in the perception/in contact with reality department-still have problems with junk food/diet,(2)last night:more gunk came out from within my cranium-this a.m. i’m getting definition inside my cranium-i perceive more surfaces, although the surfaces aren’t entireley clear of gunk yet

2/6: I took 1 gram Niacinamide, 20mg of NADH, 500mg of vitamin B-2. Niacin abd vitamin B-2 are both co-factors of ATP.

2/5:a gram histidine, 1 gram alanine, and three tablets each of life Risings Nose Regulator II, Lung Regulator and Pelvic Support. The histidine is having an effect of giving me an ability to sustain attention or short term memory.  evidince of this is an increase in my ability to play the online game of mahjongg.

2/4:500mg arginine, 500mg ornithine

2/3:two capsules of life extension’s Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer, 1 capsule of Co-Enzyme A, 1 capsule of ecoDetox

2/2:3 or 4 capsules of Vitamin A and Vitamin D

2/1:3 grams of Lysine

1/31: From stretching i gained a straightening of the kink in my right gluteal muscle.

31 January, 2016,12:28:29 PM:yeah, the vitamin A transdermal approach is working-a phlegm/bacerial slime/candida/fungal infection centered on my nose/front of my cranium was acting as a blockage-this blockage gradually cleared throughout the night, it isn’t altogether cleared yet-but one thing i felt: that dementia is clearing, and my frontal lobers are being turned on-now if i can get this area totally cleared and keep it cleared-that is what is now on the agenda (along with attaining and keeping whole body optimum health)

31 January, 2016,1:36:34 AM:last night i took one capsule of each of (a total of 4 capsules, from among the following five, i forgot which):Solaray’s Dry A, Solaray’s Food Carotene, VegLife’s Vegan Carotene Supreme, Solgar’s Beta-Carotene and Country Life’s Carotenoid Complex. The total effect was one of a sort of ‘drying out’ (for lack of a better way of describing it, its just the feeling I have)

29 January, 2016,4:32:35 PM:the vitamin D is provoking a healing crisis, i took some digestive enzymes – i thouoght i had a build up of “unprocessed” supplements.  I  managing this transition the best i can.

29 January, 2016,12:32:21 PM:A number of things are going on: Herbal formulas, Amino Acids, B Vitamins and Vitamin D.  All are contributing towards my reaching optimum mental, emotional and ecologic health.  I haven’t reached that point yet. But this inner ecologic journey, started long ago in the late 1970’s, continues.

28 January, 2016,9:32:31 AM:more B vitamins (this morning:4 capsules of multiple B vitamins), plus 1/2 teaspoon of eagle herbs temperance (to resolve the margaritas i have drunk in the past week), plus life rising pelvic support an digestion aid herbal formulas. I still have this inner layer of milk/gluten gunk that interferes with neurotransmitters, which i plan to address with glutamine and tyrosine and phenyalanine, etc.  Also, I have occasional headaches, which i will need a herbal formula for.  So, in summary, there are still some puzzle pieces I have to resolve.    

27 January, 2016,2:46:34 PM:back to the B vitamins, this morning i took a handful of the B vitamins, yes, what i need along with these new herbal formulas

Tuesday, 26 January, 2016,11:52:15 PM: the pubic support herbal formula is woorking already-my groin feels drier, but theres still a ways to go, but this step ahead health wise is critical-a critical step to get at resolving my chronic waterlogging/dampness problem.  I have discovered/become aware of an old layer of milk underneath that affects my chemistry and neurotransmitters.  I think another visit to a herbalist will be needed-in one or two weeks.  I still have a dementia/memory problem, but i dont think it is unsolvable.  This morning I awoke to realize that i needed lysine-the key is if i feel my brain is ‘isolated’ or ‘free’ (its kind of hard to describe).  I still have amino acid issues-or is it that heretofore hiddeen layer of old milk crud that still lingers?  So its more of the inner ecologic struggle that i am constantly thinking about, and my constant meditation with purpose to cultivate my brain.

26 January, 2016,12:43:15 AM:yesterday (Monday) i started three new herbal formulas (prescribed by my herbalist).  Significantly, one has to do with the constant chronic dampness in my groin (the name of the formula is XDH-2-Pelvic Support-2). My instinct tells me that my head dampness is tied to my pelvic dampness.  Also, I am back with the amino acids (glutamine, threonine, cysteine, N-A-C, etc).  Also, I am trying to get back to two soups a day (this is very important, my daily diet is playing a important role now that my long term toxins are almost cleaned out). Also, since i go to films a lot, i have to find a way to eat better there (no more pretzels, cokes, popcorn).

25 January, 2016,2:55:51 AM:the N-A-C is really helping.  It absorbs really well and seems to be ‘drying’ me out in my groin and deep gut. In the last few hours I too 3 grams of Cysteine orally and 500mg N-A-C as a talc for transdermal asorption.

23 January, 2016,6:09:32 AM:that Cysteine opened a channel just inside the right side of my nose, i have brain function unlike before, last night i took 1.5 grams N-A-C,onward now with health and spirituality

January 22, 2016,11:44:50 PM:

-(1) two days ago I took Dragon herbs OptDigest and Life Rising Intestinal Support and Blood Circulation Lower Intestine for assistance with my digestion-i feel as a result that toxic hole healing, (2) Last night I took 3.5 grams of threonine and while out  for walk I felt closer to reality-note that threonine  is one of the 4 or 5 ultraclear amino acids, (3) this morning I took 1.5 grams of cysteine and and while sleeping i got another ‘ultraclear’ detox, so the next step is perhaps N-A-C, or Lysine, why? to get at this last remaining film of gunk and last remaining congested old milk/gunk-yes I am getting there, all due to my own inner motivation and own insight and in the face of ignorance

21 January, 2016,3:53:53 AM:so I think I have a clue to the problem of my depression malaise/pathetic/’sadsack’/blues problem: the clue is the two eagle herbs formulas I just bought and took: (Eagle Herbs ‘Xiao Feng San’ and ‘Liang Xue Qing Fei Yin’)-the thing is-the effect is only temporary, but i’ll pass on the clue to my herbalist at my next appt, also, I only took one capsule of each, and only once.  Suppose I take 2 or 3 capsules three times a day? My instincts tell me to approach this slowly, so there it is.

January 20, 2016,2:35:40 PM:(1) i have reached the point where daily diet is apparent-yesterday i ate two candy bars and its enough to keep me from a previous ‘peak’ or optimum desired levels of health-so its a steady ‘mindfulness’ effort at diet and desires for better health, (2) a new development on the herbs/naturopathic front-its a matter now of experimentation and effort to get at that next level,wrt this in the last day or so i have found a significant clue

19 January, 2016,4:32:24 AM:first my left and just yesterday my right sinus seems to have cleared-very good.  The Life Rising herbs are doing that.  Significantly though, is that my right side sinus seems to have cleared.  My right side, structurally unbalanced all my life, had produced a sort of impacted congestion.  Yesterday while out shopping I felt a perceptual clearing, to more normal chemistry, away from an acidic/sour like long term toxic layer.  I’m just saying, this is what it felt like.

Also, what is on my mind now is that i need either gall bladder herbs or kidney-as there is a stubborn thin watery film of stuff pervading everywhere.  Just now I took two tablets each of two Life Rising Gall Bladder herbal formulas.  Also just now I took a couple of tablets of calming amino acid formulas (phenyalanine, theanine, 5htp, tyso rosine, etc).

17 January, 2016,4:51:41 PM:last night I took one capsule each of Eagle Herbs ‘Xiao Feng San’ and ‘Liang Xue Qing Fei Yin’.  I bought both to deal with redness of my face, but on their website in their description they both ‘dispel wind’ and ‘dispel heat’.  Today I had this ‘wow’ experience, and I think I am getting what this ‘TCM wind’ is.  I’m still confused about ‘wind’, ‘heat’ and ‘fire’.  I think.  Anyway, I feel this calmness and stability, and at another level this immediate mind-body experience/connection to cell tissue.  Also, I am beginning to ‘get’ TCM ‘Yin’ (from using dragon herbs Primsal Yin Replenisher), ‘Yang’ (from using dragon herbs Buddha’s Yang), and ‘Essence’ (from using dragon herbs Profound Essence).  I’m still at the laymans stage, but these concepts I am beginning to associate with distinct human levels or experiences of health.

January 15, 2016,11:05:19 PM:some developments:

(1)this a.m. I took 500mg of Niacin and 20mg of NADH-yes I have established a one-to-one relationship between the niacin and my energy levels-if i keep up the niacin my energy levels keep up

(2) more phlegm clearing, especially from that new ‘TCM Lung’ formula.

(3) I took some sulphur/methyl/glutathionine formulas, didn’t do much-i think its the herbal formulas that are on the agenda now

(4) the skin on the right side of my face is beginning to feel ‘liver’ ish, that is, non-oily, and healthy

(5) took systemic enzymes, I have to keep in mind and remember that taking too many ‘supplements’ may be hard to digest without enzymatic assistance

(6) took dragon herbs formula ‘Buddhas Yang’ and it resolved a particular issue with respect to my inner cell tissue, a sort of ‘waterlogging’ or ‘airiness’ of tissue.

(7) a couple of days ago I also took Zembrin  and lithium — both seemed to help with my depression

January 14, 2016,11:20:33 PM:some developments-will report on them here later

12 January, 2016,11:15:06 PM:I had a serious, stressful healing last night after taking two new herbal formulas related to relieving phlegm.  Just now, I’m trying to think about my current depression: is it B-1 (morale) related? No, as I took B-1 this morning.  I am thinking it is N.O. related, so I just took 500mg Of Arginine, ornithine and Citrulline-all of which promote N.O. (nitric acid).  It also could be realted to all the chocolate candy I have been eating: not only is the milk bad, but chocolate interferes with Argining receptors. If the N.O. doesnt work- then its on to the Dragon Herbs Rehmannia 6/Radiant Wonder Restore Essence/Eagle Herbs Acceptance approach.

January 11, 2016,10:38:40 PM:some developments:

-three new Life Rising herbal formulas-that are releasing a build-up of a crust of old phlegm from beneath the front of my face, a day later i felt that the herbs were not reaching my face so i ground the herbs into a powder and applied the powder to my face and scalp, the ne3xt day i felt the phlegm disolve even more-i have been sniffling and there has been nasal drip all the last few days-two days ago I began to ‘see’ or ‘perceive’ humans in a new way, seeing or perceiving their digestion as normal bodily functions. today i saw my herbalist and got two new herbal formulas: one a nose formula, the other a ‘lung’ formula (in TCM ‘lungs’ mean the lungs, skin, everything that breathes). I also checked with my herbalist-he said it was okay to apply the herbas as a powder to my skin. The effect of all this release of my phlegm buildup to bring me closer in contact with reality

-a day or so ago I took eagle herbs bloating digestive formula, and i immediately got some relief in my digestion.

7 January, 2016,12:29:35 AM:I stepped up with folic acid. I took 10 capsules (5 times the daily recommended). Last night I went out for a walk and felt that I could walk all the way downtown, i had so much energy.  I ate three candy bars and promptly lost some of it, but the effect of eating the candy bars just emphasized the negative role of milk has had on my health, all my life(after all, upon weaning I was moved to cows milk, wheat based baby food cereal, etc).  I also ran, yes, ran, about 10-15 yards, without as much as breathing hard.  Very promising this development.  The area of healing is around the second from the bottom chakra point.  Also- th3e three new herbal formulas are braking down another layer of congested long term gunk.  The effect I liken to feeling ‘present’.  Or ‘in the moment’.

4 January, 2016,6:41:41 PM:i seem to have stalled. Last night: two margaritas, macaroni and cheese, popcorn and a coke.  That’l do it.  Today:three new herbal formulas from my herbalist. I’ve decided to step up with folic acid.

3 January, 2016,10:46:24 PM:whew, another distressing healing crisis-pretty much due to all the B-12 i have been taking-and the B-12’s methylation effects:methylation is the way to go for detox.  Also in the methylation mix:Methyl-SP(by Apex Energetics).  This product mostly has TMG, but also MSM and the B vitamins.  This evening I went out to the movies-and once again I am closer in contact with reality-another layer of fog/film has come away, this time from the front of my face and cranium.  Significantly, it is wrt to human bodies that i ‘see’ or percieve the reality of humans, mammals, bodily functions, etc.  Its this bio-chemistry that is changing.  And, I dont exagerate: this issue has been with me as a lifelong systemic issue.

3 January, 2016,2:05:53 AM:i am on the verge of correcting a lifetime chronic B-12 deficiency. I can feel it.  This evening my energy is – well it also feels on that edge – or ready to take that step. My gut area – around the bottom two chakra points is – feels – ’empty’, that is – free of long term toxins.  Tomorrow more B-12 and multiple b vitamins as well as other methyl donors.  What is becoming apparent, underneath all that ecologic cleansing – is some waterlogging.  Perhaps I will have to visit that herbalist again for advice.

2 January, 2016,11:07:20 PM:this morning/afternoon, along with my soup, i took a handful of B-12, nadh, a multiple b vitamin, and a methyl formula.  This evening I realized that i should try to up the B-12, maybe double, maybe double twice a day.  Starting tomorrow.  My body continues to become chemistry-wise healthy, and i ) becoming more in touch with my body, more in touch with reality.  For example, I wont feel as estranged, like for example, i have always been bathroom shy, that is going to change, all due to my own ecologic efforts.

1 January, 2016,12:18:00 AM:i can feel, in the area of my bottom 2 chakra points, a ‘cleansing’ or detox of the gunk there-how?-by B vitamins.  First I think it was the Niacin/NADH.  Then or very recently it is the B-12.  Last evenings meal I took another large does of B-12, plus Folate plus a couple of Multi-B’s.  Its the Methyl-donors from B vitamins that I am concentrating now.  Plus, while out at the theatres – realized that I still have water issues.  So its back to Life Rising water metabolism herbal formula. The struggle continues-and yes,btw, I am making headway.

30 December, 2015,10:26:18 PM:over the past 24 hours: (2 capsules of Cognizin Citicholine, I capsule Alpha GPC-I feel that part of my dementia is related to choline issues), (500mg Niacin, 10mg NADH-i recognized that my energy levels had come down from that niacin based boost of energy), and this evening 6 capsules of DHerbs B-12, 3 capsules of Garden Of Lifes B-12 and 3 capsules of Intrinsinc Factor B-12 (I recognized that I had a B-12 problem, in my gut and lack of brain activity-dementia)

29 December, 2015,9:14:19 AM:one more item i missed in belows posts: digestive enzymes.  I’m taking 3 – 4 tablets a day.

29 December, 2015,2:04:17 AM:(1) forgot to mention in the post below: i took some vitamin E (I read that vitamin e assists with non-alcolic fatty liver disease), (2) I took pyritinol and neuromend

28 December, 2015,1:07:53 PM:

-last saturday evening i applied 5HTP powder to my right side to get at what i perceived as a deficiency in my right side

-yesterday i took 4 capsules of dragon herbs Primal Yin Replenisher.  I had this layng around, wondering what Yin was, waiting for an opportune time to try it.  At first I didnt feel anything, so decided that I didnt need it.  This morning it felt different, as i felt a ‘solidity’ where before i felt an ‘airiness’.  Very nice.

26 December, 2015,3:12:45 PM: i took 750mg of GABA this morning, and it feels like just what i needed, a calmness (I forget the science and neurotransmitter stuff at the moment).  ALong with the GABA I took 5HTP with the same feeling: just what I needed for calmness, neurotransmitters, etc.

25 December, 2015,02:35:55 AM: (1) yesterday afternoon I took 4 – 5 capsules of DHerbs Folic acid, (2) this evening I took (to correct an acid imbalance) i capsule of Medicatrix Naturae Alkalize and one capsule of ph-ion Balance Green Superfood, (3) i have been taking digestive enzymes, and this evening out to a movie I felt that the last remaining gunk had been disolved in my cranium (at least it feels that way, it feels very ‘dried’ out), and (4) earlier I went to see a film and it dawned on me that i need Rehmannia.  What triggered the memory is the Adrenal Tea from longevitywarehouse, which is primarily made up of rehmannia and Pau D’Arco.  So I ordered both, plus for my adrenals, I took two tablets of Integrarative Therapeutics Adrenal-Ccortex Fractions and 1 tablet of NewMarks Adrenal Balance. Getting my adrenals bck is the next step.

25 December, 2015,12:19:16 AM:way back, say in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s I have this distinctive memory: either someone said it to me or i read it: that someone spent their entire life working on their body to the point where they got in touch with every internal organ and its function-they were just driven to do this.  Annd lo and behold-I am another such individual.  I don’t know about this ohter person-whether they had severe gluten and milk intolerances and also got started late in life and also didn’t do the right things at the start (and thus i got worse before i got better)-so sorry to the ‘world out there’-i am driven to be healthy, and right now i am not, i am sort of in this bipolar/ADHD/dementia world but am getting better at my ‘skills’.  It takes everything out of me, i have nothing left, this is my drive and quest.  Yes, i think the world of ‘health and spirituality’ is world changing.  Always thought so.  Factory food isn’t healthy for human beings. Profit before medical care for all isn’t healthy for human beings. Profit before the well being of humans isn’t healthy.  Yes, progressive thought and practices are the answer.  A sweep election in Nov 2016 will go along way to that goal.

22 December, 2015,12:12:33 AM: (1) yesterday morning I took B-1, to reduce a build up of glucose, and to address a ‘morale’ type of depression I was having. (2) Yesterday afternoon, while out walking, it dawned on me that the issue of a particular problem of digestion I was having was that with all the herbs and amino acids and vitamins i was taking i wasn’t getting the enzymes to break them down-so i bought two bottles of digestive enzymes and yesterday evening i took a total of 6 tablets (2 of one type, 2 of one tybe, and 1 each of two other types).  By now as of the  time i am writing this i can already feel the difference in my gut.  I remember, was back in the early eighties when i spent those weeks as an outpatient at that bio-ecologic pyschiatry clininc that i was prescribed pancreatic enzymes.  I was so out of it that its role didn’t dawn on me.  These nutrients, if you really get into them and take them regularly need to be broken down by sufficient enzymes. (3) I am still experiencing niacin healing.  I haven’t taken any in a couple of dasy, to give me a rest, as the healing is depressing and painful.  In the next couple of days i’ll get back at it.

21 December, 2015,1:19:18 AM: i got tired of trying to reach a psychiatrist for much needed sedative and antidepressant.  It dawned on me that i had a number of herbal formulas that dealth with mood, so I gathered them all together: Adaptra Stress Relief, Radiant Wonders Calm Spirit, ProHealths L-Theanine Calm-Plex, Metagenics Serosyn, Dragon Herbs Tao IN A Bottle, Radiant Wonders Nirvana In A Bottle, Dr David Williams Zembright Mood Plus, and Source Naturals Zembrin.  Two evenings ago I chose the Tao In A Bottle and Nirvana In A Bottle.  It worked, but I didn’t get where I wanted to go.  Then, early this morning I took Zembrin and I am thinking, if i keep at it this could be very helpful.  Zembrin is a single herb: Sceletium tortuosum.

Also, upin rummaging through my pharmacopia I saw my bottle of Co-Enzyme A, remembered i once thought I needed it-so I took a capsule.  About an hour later i felt its effects, an energy.  I even thought up a scene in my book.  I went to a restaurant and had a meal, and the meal interfered with it (the meal was pasta-a nono as I shouldnt eat gluten).  But I have a new goal: keep this level of metabolism-which will require strict dieting.  A note: I havent had more than the equivalent of a 12 oz coke in the past week.  So the trend is positive.

19 December, 2015,10:30:06 PM: So two days ago I took a small amount (1/8 teaspoon) of Pyritinol (two Pyridoxine molecules bound together by two sulfur atoms).  I got a painful/stressful healing throughout the night, mostly in my cranium.  Then all last night and today, in and out of sleep, I continued to get painful/stressful/depression like healing from the NADH.  Tonight out walking I realized: i have attained a mind-body connection to my lungs! Amazing.  Mostly my right lung.  My left lung is still in a slight fog.  But as a result my cranium is once again freerer still from that fog over my perception.  Yes, I am getting closer, freerer from that life long depression, from that life long fog, from that life long bewilderment of what it is all bout.  Closer to that experiencing normal existence that everyone else has.  Closer to being  normal.

17 December, 2015,3:37:02 PM:

-yesterday evening i took Dherbs 1 capsule of Candida Optimizer(i’m constntly thinking about my poor digestive biota), one capsule of Sex Organs Cleanser(it cleanses my groin area) and one capsule of Healthy Appetite(I have been having a poor appetite)

-I am still having distressing healing.  Yesterday around noon I took 1 capsule of Life Extension’s NAD + Cell Regenarator and 2 tablets of sublingual coenzymated B-3.  My experience tells me that i no longer need the non-NAD niacin, as it has done its work.  So from here on I concentrate on the NAD forms of niacin.

-This afternoon I applied a little bit of the NAD+ Cell Regenarator powder to my nose and face.  I had then a painful healing in that area.  This ‘gunk’-what is it?  I have been thinking of the possibilities: old dental amalgam, candida, caffeine(from all those cokes i have been drinking), old phlegm,etc.  Also, i thought it might be from the GABA formulations that i have been taking.  Why? I saw on the web a warning about Phenibut, that it can cause extreme irritability.  I haven’t been takig Phenibut, but i have been taking Picamilon, which has a form of GABA, so i am careful in this area now.  But-after this afternoon’s experience with the NAD+, i draw the conclusion that my painful irritability and depression of late is of the healing crisis of late due to the NAD, not the GABA stuff.

-In the last couple of days it has dawned on me that I need to drink a lot of water, and reduce all the juices that i have been drinking.  My gut just needs to be hydraged with water.  This is my years of experience and instincts and experiential familiarity wrt my body that tells me this.

-the establishment of niacin in my body and  cranium is laying the basis for an establishent or turnign on of ATP.    The co-factors of ATP are B-2 and B-3 (see Biomicotek’s ATP Cofactors, a B-2/B-3 formula with a 5 to 1 ration of Niacin to B-2).  This, if i can get it done, will go a ways to relieve my dementia.

-I have poor appetite, and have to force myself to eat the two meals a day that i have been averaging.

17 December, 2015,12:58:31 AM: some advances, recorded in my handwritten journal-i will report them here shortly

14 December, 2015,9:58:23 PM:to catch up:(1) yesterday I took 2 tablets of Aminoguanidine(for diabetic neuropathy), and 2 tablets of Uridine(increases dopamine and choline in the brain), 2 tablets of Picamilon and 2 tablets of NADH.  I am now starting to sense what feels like GABA between my internal organs.  Tonight I went out and had two shots of espresso and two donuts, and I immediately felt the problem-the gluten, milk, etc from the donuts threatening to undo what i have so far accomplished. But these daily dietary indescretions are temporary, and my struggle is with a lifetime buildup.  So the struggle continues.

(2) last night/very early morning I awoke with a revelation: i need kidney support, and along with it: gall bladder support and excretion support.  These three together.  I have two Life Rising gall bladder herbal formulas (Gall Bladder Regulator and Gall Bladder Regulator Ten), so I took two tablets of each.  Plus I also took 2 tablets each of Life Risings Xiao Hao, Regulate Water Metabolism, Excretion Support.  So I think (i emphasize-i think) I have the path forward.  But the depression and painful healing, and external pressures.  It is taxing. I take it day by day.

(3) Yesterday I took 4 tablets of Phosphatidyl Serine.  I felt it in my body, But i dont think this is what i need.

14 December, 2015,3:41:02 PM:more painful, stressful, depressing healing overnight last night-from the Picamilon and NADH.  This morning I wlked outside and i was elated.  I felt/perceived my body with no fog.  My body is gaining a solidness.  And with it a new stage of health.  But the work isnt finished.  I’m afraid that i am going to have to endure more of the same.  My lower body is attaining health, but my upper body, expecially my cranium and brain still has its fogginess and the long term toxins that produce it.  As this all unfolds, I am further convinced that the painful process is related to old dental amalgam.

Sunday, 13 December, 2015,10:19:44 PM: this afternoon and morning I underwent an extreme healing crisis, as another layer of long term toxins came out.  Then, at the movie theatre, after eating popcorn, which temporarily halted the healing, i emerged into a new clear perception. I am thinking this layer of long term toxins are dental amalgam, but i’m not sure.  The main nutrient that is causing the healing detox? Picamilon.  Somehow this Picamilon, which is a formulation of niacin and GABA, is exactly what i need.  It just leaves the area cleaned out as feeling very natural.  Now its more of the Picamilon, plus NADH, NAD+, etc.  And as a result more depressing healing.  The depression is acute.

12 December, 2015,11:13:38 AM: yes, there is something to, with respect to any particular nutrient, to, at one time, use all their different forms-so yesterday afternoon it dawned on me-i needed niacin, and not just plain niacin, but in nall its forms, which, i have in my pharmacopia-so lst night i took:500mg plain ol Vitammine Shoppes’ niacin(inositol hexaniacinate), 1 tablet(or 25 mg) of Source Naturals coenzymated B-3,1 capsule (100mg) Life Extension’s NAD+ Cell Regenerator(nicotinamide riboside), and 1 capsule of Cognitive Nutritions Picamilon 150, which is a niacin-GABA formulation.  This morning I realized that there is one more niacin formualtion that i did not take, so I took 2 capsules of it, which is Now brands NADH, which is reduced b-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).  SO i gathered all these niacin related products and put them in one basket.  This morning upon waking I felt a calm, cleared area from my nose and up through my forehead and brain, a sort of clearing of a foggy/cloudy/fuzzy layer of toxic stuff throughout the area.

Also in the past 3 – 4 days:

12/8:took 2 grams of histidine, 2 grams alanine, 500mg of beta-alanine and 1 gram carnosine

12/9:too 7 grams of lysine-yes, i needed this, i always have this problem of lysine, and without it my detox efforts get ‘stuck’ deep in my gut and are not eliminated

12/9:i first noticed my weight was a around 195-197.  For the past year it had been hovering between 200 to 210 or so.

12/11:I took a tablet of clonazepam, a sedative.  I felt its effects, it works sort of, but I don’t like it, but i’ll keep around in case of emergencies.

12/11:noticed today that my gut and digestive area felt ‘cleaner’ than ever.  I think this si from the tryptophan/5htp/melatonin did a ‘cleanup’ job there.  Just a feeling.  And I think i now have a base level of this important neurotransmitter mix to go forward with, but i have to keep my ‘eye’ on it.  In this vein, there are other neurotransmitter avenues to do the same: the phenyalanine/tryptophans, the glutamine/glutamic acid/GABAs, etc.

12/11:today I made a mental note to start on the GABA/glutamic acid path.

10 December, 2015,12:40:37 AM: i am not sure if i still have a lysine problem.  So this evening i took 7 grams.  The problem is, that i work so hard at the detox, and they get ‘stuck’.  I think it is the lysine deficiency, or maybe it is phenyalanine.  Tomorrow i take phenylalanine.

9 December, 2015,7:24:27 AM: last night I took 1.5 grams of Alanine (not beta-alanine) and a revelation.  This is what i need to get that vacantness or airiness out of my head, to replace it with ‘solidness’.  But I suspect this is going to take a slow slog, and another ‘healing crisis’.  And – I have to coninue with the tryptophan/5HTP/melatonin to keep that healing going.

December 8, 2015,11:20:58 PM: it now feels as though I am getting absorption of the tryptophan/5htp/melatonin chemistry in my gut.  That is the ‘feeling’ or perception i have – the feeling of these aminoacids.  The ‘bitter’ feeling.  That coating is whatg has been causing my distress and jitteriness that i have been feeling.  This is the healing crfisis.  And a portent of what is in store.

Tuesday, 8 December, 2015,10:23:09 PM: all day today and last night i have had more of a ‘healing crisis’ level detox of long term toxins.  I  have intense emotional distress, i feel jittery, and, yes, its mixed in with the other drama going on in my life, but: today while out I noticed again a new level of clarity and a new closer being ‘in touch with reality’.  The bricks, facades, etc of buildings seem very real and close.  I almost felt elated, a joy, at what is coming shortly.  Tonight I feel a new level of ‘cleanliness’ in my gut.  Also, I weighed myself, 195lbs, the first time i have been under 200lbs in over a year.  I  am certain this process is still from the tryptophan/5htp/melatonin that i have been taking in the past few days.  I have been deficient of this trio since, i am convinced, a very early age.  This from my years of gaining experieintial familiarity with respect to my body and, in this case, of amino acids.

Last night it dawned on me that my detox process was ‘stuck’, that i couldnt get deep into my body, and that the solution, which i found months ago but had been forgotten, was beta-alanine, pantethine, etc.  I still have daily dietary issues, but it is the long term stuff that is causing all the fog over my perception.

8 December, 2015,2:48:01 AM:

-i took B vitamins yesterday aft

-I just now took a handful of water soluable vitamin A

-I just now took 2 grams threonine

-I just now took 2 grams beta-alanine(remembering that this amino-acid is necessary to get that healing deep inside the body

December 7, 2015,11:19:48 PM: all day today i got a healing crisis detox from the tryptophan/5htp/melatonin.  I took these amino acids both orally and transdermally.  I am making progress from the only way possible: inner transformation via inner ecological change-see my website.

7 December, 2015,7:30:32 AM: i just took 2 capsules ech of tryptophan(1350 tryptophan peptides and 500mg tryptophan), 5htp(75mg total) and melatonin(10mg each).

7 December, 2015,6:31:49 AM: i just took 4 capsules of life extensions benfotiamine with thiamine (25mg thiamine and 100mg benfotiamine each capsule).  This, the b-1 vitamine also known as the morale vitamin, and i have been having this morale depression.  The tryptophan amino acids are still doing there work.  I reminded myself this morning that all this chocalate i have been eating is interfering with arginine and Nitric Acid, so I have to be mindful of this problem.

7 December, 2015,04:43:54 AM:just woke up.  My face is paler yet again.  All night i felt the amino acids creeping in, replacing the citric acid sour like layer of gunk in my cranium just below my face.  A sort of salty feeling is what the amino acids feel like.  I have slept now – oh, only just over 7 hours straight.  It has felt like 12 or 15 hours.  Anyway, a nice sleep.

Sunday, December 6, 2015,9:27:25 PM:  wow-another healing crisis/detox event.  Its from the tryptophan/5htp/melatonin that i applied earlier.  So now my skin and cell tissue feel cleaner, healthier, and ‘freerer’ than before.  And i am drained of energy and feel exhausted.  The problem: i did not understand the nature or substance of these important amino acids.  Its hard to put into words.  Now whats next?  I am thinking the BCAA’s, or the all-basic plus.  Maybe the life rising ‘easy wanderer’ herbal formula.  And – now my perception is also clearer, freere from that fog or mist or ‘brain cataract’ or’perception cataract’.  And even that ‘one human among a herd of diverse humans’ is gone.

Sunday, December 6, 2015,11:52:45 AM: while out wlking this morning i realized that i was mistaken that the next push was with tyrosine.  I realized that the next push was with tryptophan, 5HTP and melatonin.  So today i shower off the tyrosine powder i put on yesterday, and apply a mix of the tryptophan, 5htp and melatonin as a powder.  After that i am thinking its back to all-basic plus amino acids, with its crystalline form (which i still dont know what that is).

6 December, 2015,3:49:02 AM: woke up a few minutes ago.  Yes, that advance, that perceptual advance gained yesterday, after intense tyrosine action, is still here.  And i think it is here to stay.  I ‘see’ or perceive myself amongst ‘herds’ of fellow human beings, no, not fellow, just me amongst human beings (no i dont consider myself as one of them yet, i am still ‘different’).  But this is profound.  I ‘see’ diversity, differentness, everyone unique.  Before i ‘saw’ the many humans as individual ‘problems’ for me to overcome if i came in contact with them (this was a lifetime perception).  In the current issue of New Scientist there is an article called ‘uploading depression’.  The article describes the many attempts, today, of building cognitive behavioural websites.  I dont think they go deep enough.  Truly, the inner transformation via ecologic health, or healawake, is the answer.  And it requires one to adopt a different lifestyle.  A lifestyle that is centered around complementary alternative medicines, herbs, adaptogens, spiritual practices, etc.  The benefits, if one pursues them, are a liberated mind, ala the buddhist mind.  Free from inner turmoil, conflict, etc, all of which are mentlly and emotionally draining.

5 December, 2015,9:01:39 PM: yes, the tyrosine, which i now see as methionine lite.  Yesterday I powdered my face and scalp with it.  This afternoon i felt that my gut was filled with toxins.  I think this is detox from my cranium as a result of the tyrosine.  I washed it off this afternoon to give things a break.  This afternoon I went out, and – a new level of perception. Another later of fog has lifted.  I now ‘see’, or perceive the world i live in as one populated with people, all different, herds of people, and it feels as though ‘they’ no longer get ‘inside’ me.  Its still shaky, since i still am not in control of my diet, so the short term stuff gets in the way.  Now for another attack on the long term stuff-tonigh, a shower, and after more tyrosine, on scalp, face, chest, underarms, groin, and feet.

3 December, 2015,6:29:06 PM: today on the el i felt that the phenyalanine had crept into the space along my right side that had been recently uncovered by the massage therapy and my own exercises (see my Thursday, December 3, 2015,12:18:03 AM: post below)

3 December, 2015,4:56:21 PM: (1) earlier this afternoon i took 2 grams of lysine-i still struggle with this, but the feeling i get when i am deficient of it is that toxins that i am trying to eliminate (which are eliminated via stools) accumulate and get stuck in my lower gut, and (2) I just took 4 capsules of pycnogenol, a pine bark extract.  The reason is that i have constant Nitric Oxide deficiency, which results in a form of depression.  There are a number of ways to boost nitric oxide levels: Arginine and/or ornithine and/or citrulline, or beets, or this product.  This is the second time i have taken this.  The first a few weeks ago, i remember left me with a mild, safe, nitric oxide boost. yes

3 December, 2015,7:21:43 AM: baed onmy own insight and years of experieince, i just took 1 gram tryptophan, 1 gram l-glutamine and 1 gram phenyalanine

Thursday, 3 December, 2015,7:08:38 AM:i took 1 capsule each of glucosomine/chondroitin/msm  and n-acetyl-glucosamine-yeah, the pain in my right knee went down.  I have on order another formula for arthritis from eagle herbs.

Thursday, December 3, 2015,12:18:03 AM:

-A few days ago I had a massage and got some important release in my right shoulder.  Two nights ago, while lying  in bed, face down, I did a “right side of  abdomen” pull over to the center exercise and got a release.  This moved me closer to having my body more centrally aligned.

-I continue to get releases of old, long term toxins from my body.  Especially from the inside of my face.  Today/this evening I am getting more mind-body connection to my nasal passages and the ‘barriers’ or ‘surfaces’.  This is the goal of the inner ecology work-to get the inner body ecologically healthy to the point where there is a mind-body connection to all of the inner internal organs ‘surfaces’.


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