Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine




April 25, 2023

The below is a work in progress:

One can overcome MV/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), Brain Fog, Malabsorption Syndrome, etc. Here is a draft:

Using persistence and determination I had to identify and resolve each of the following:

I found that it was necessary but not sufficient to identify and find a treatment for each medical issue. The correction of each medical problem could not be totally resolved because my body was overcome by all of the others.

Using medicinal herbs and TCM to:

restore Kidney and Liver functions, 

clear Wind and raise Chi and Shen.

Krebs cycle,



Urea cycle,



HLA-DQ2 Gluten-B-3-Intrinsic Factor,

B-3-Tryptophan-NAD Cycle,

Clear all long term toxins(phlegm, candida, water retention, etc).

Clear a number of bacterial infections (fungal infections, biofilm, Pylori infection, sebhorria dermatitis mallezia fungal infection, various other bacterial infections).