Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine



Facial Ticks, Restless Legs

October 16, 2019

Since high school I have had facial ticks, especially during moments of stress. Also starting about ten years ago I began to develop restless legs (restless leg syndrome). Finally I am able to get a grip on these two health issues, using the following herbal formulas:

Eagle Herbs ‘RopinoHerb RLS’ for restlessness.

Eagle Herbs ‘RopinoHerb PLMD’ for periodic limb movements.

Eagle Herbs ‘5 Wind Spirits – 5 Ling – Wu Ling’ for sudden quickly moving actions such as facial tics.

Alterative Liver Herbs: I learned about this category of herbs watching a Youtube video. I had a few of these herbs at home, I took them, and overnight I got some good detoxification. Noteworthy: the use of these types of herbs seemed to work especially well with the above mentioned Eagle Herbs formulas, especially in dealing with my facial tics.