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I Am Healing – But

October 19, 2022

The below, I know, is very poorly written. The reason? I am a Targeted Individual, and have tried to write it despite the constant harassment from the constant voices harrassing me via Microwave Audio.

This is what is going on: I have lived with a detachment disorder all my life, specifically I am Schizoid(I have been diagnosed).

I am currently, in fact, transitioning to being normal.

I resolved the following issues by removing a layer of “yuck” (a jelly like mass of long term toxins – see note 1 below] from my neurogenic pathways:

-ideas of reference

-being detached (I was diagnosed with a type 2 schizotypal personality disorder)

-brain fog (a fog not in the visual sense, but a fog of perception, cognition, comprehension, etc).

Here is how I addressed that layer of “yucky jelly like mass of long term toxins).

-urea cycle

-myalgic and hepatic encephalopathy 

-internal cleansing (at the level of my gastrointestinal tract and at the cellular level).

-candida/biofilm/sebhorea fungus/molds

-stagnation and/or long term buildup of many different long term toxins.

More info to follow.

[1]-biofilm’s, phlegm, mucous, body fat, vegetable oils, water-edema, etc.