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February 24, 2016


February 24:

A day ago I took a handful of B-12 and folic acid, and today I awoke to a high level of energy.  I felt like mopping the floors for the first time in years. Today I took more B-12 and folic acid.

At last Monday’s physical therapy appointment‎ I specifically asked my therapist to concentrate on my right shoulder and right side of my cranium (at the previous appointment he seemed to back off a bit in intensity, in that area and elsewhere).  He responded as I asked.  In fact during that very appointment, from that therapy on my upper right side I started to get drainage from my right sinus.  Today out walking I noticed an awakening in my arthritis in my right leg-i suspect this was due to an increase of stress on my right leg resulting from the physical therapy on my right side. Overall this is a significant development-i feel there was a blockage in my lymph dranage from the knots all along my right side which resulted in build ups of the gunk and resulting bad chemistry.

Today I thought of what I have to do going forward. A number of avenues to pursue. I’m still shooting for/hoping for/aiming for-that level of mental energy where i can write a thousand words a day, be happy, have good mental alertness, be comfortable around people, etc.‎‎

February 22:

The last few days I have felt sickly. Today it dawned on me-I have been undergoing a prolonged healing from the physical therapy I have been getting.  After the healing had diminished and I had recovered, I stopped for a moment to reflect. Looking back it felt like the process of healing was one of the excess water in my body being wrung out.

Also today it dawned on me: as I strip away all these layers of gunk (which accumulated in my body from way back) it seems as though I am restoring my health right to the actual cellular level. Why is this important? Its much easier, I find, from being mindful and using insight meditation, to cultivate my mind along the lines of buddhist thought (right intention, right action, right effort, right resolve, etc-this is the eightfold path).