Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine



November 2018 – Week 2

November 11, 2018

My approach to clearing my brain fog has changed.  First, don’t focus my efforts on my brain fog. Instead direct my self-hacking efforts at optimizing the health of my body.

What led me to this change in approach is my use of three herbal formulas from Dragon Herbs. They are Frame Builder, Strength Builder and Strong Bones.  I eventually learned that the use of these formulas was just the start. Along with these formulas I have found that the use of Spleen formulas and Stasis/Stagnation formulas work well as adjuncts.

In addition:

-Correcting a chronic B-2 deficiency using R-5-P.

-Correcting a chronic sulphur deficiency using Taurine and MSM.

This self-hacking of my lifelong chronic brain fog has been a struggle. Worth it? Absolutely.