Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine



Patient Heal Thyself

October 13, 2015

So you might find yourself frustrated with the healthcare community.  You feel you need something more.  You want to ‘push the envelope’, climb higher.

I found that i had to become my own healer.  I had to become a layperson with respect to Complementary Alternative Medicine with respect to my own body and condition.  Through trial and error i had to gain a experiential familiarity with respect to the amino acids and traditional herbs.

Is it a steep healing curve?  Not really.  Consider how many food items you already have experiential familiarity with.  How many fruits and vegetables can you name that you have experiential familiarity with?  I can quickly name dozens.  How about beverages? Was it difficult to become familiar with them? No.  You just had to consume them.  The same holds true with respect to the vitamins, amino acids and traditional herbs.

At this point I must advise you act under the guidance of an experienced health care provider (naturopath or herbalist or both).  Then while learning about them remain mindful with respect to your body’s experience from taking them.  With respect to meditation, this is in the area of insight meditation.

The path I undertook was one of trial and error.  It was a matter of solving a puzzle with respect to my chronic medical issues.  But the effort was well worth the effort.  I have begun to feel states of health I have not felt since my preteen years.