Self-Hacking My Way To Mental And Emotional Health Using Complementary Alternative Medicine



Some Advances and Commentary

February 21, 2016

‎‎Three days ago I started a new herbal formula. From Life Rising. Its called QXR-Lower Damp Heat. I awoke early the next morning feeling like death. I was going through a genuine healing crisis. A few hours later after more sleep I awoke to experiencing all the surfaces and membranes in my cranium and lower body. All my remaining fog has been cleared away. Now I still have my dementia and short term memory loss. But it felt like a new day.

A short while later that surfaces and membranes experience settled into something less pronounced.  As of the time of this writing my head is still clearer.

Last night I felt a little depressed, identified it as a Nitric Oxide deficiency issue.  So I took 1 gram Citrulline and 500 milligrams each of Arginine and Ornithine.  This morning I awoke feeling refreshed and feeling better.  Also,  I felt that there had been a detox of my brain and cranium from those amino acids and a new found mental clarity.  And from this mental clarity a new determination to move forward with my life.